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Coronavirus may cause conjunctivitis / Photo

As you learn new coronavirus COVID-19 scientists are learning more and more about the disease. In particular, it turned out that even after removing the virus from the human respiratory tract, the infection can persist for a long time in the eyes.

Researchers studied cases of infection in China and Spain and found that after successful treatment, particles of coronavirus infection were found in patients in the eyes, DailyTimes reports. Moreover, SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA was isolated in eye smears a few days after analyzes showed its absence in samples from the nose.

At the same time, it is clarified that there is very little evidence supporting the ability of coronavirus infection to spread through the eyes.

How can I catch coronavirus through my eyes?

  • If an infected person sneezes or coughs next to a healthy person, and drops of moisture fall on his eyes. The virus then travels through the airways to the lungs.
  • If a person touches a contaminated surface, then rubs his eyes with dirty hands.

“We have yet to learn about the effect of the virus on the eyes, however, some studies have already shown that it can cause conjunctivitis,” the authors concluded.

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Recall earlier it turned out that hand disinfection with an antiseptic not a panacea for coronavirus infection. Moreover, excessive or improper use of antiseptics can lead to bacterial resistance to antiviral drugs and even COVID-19 mutations.


scientists from Brazil claimed to have a medicine capable of stopping COVID-19

Experts from the Fiocruz Development Center analyzed Atazanavir, a drug used against HIV that could be effective against coronavirus.

A group of Brazilian scientists from the center Fiocruz could have found a medicine against coronavirus. This is Atazanavir, a remedy used to treat HIV-infected patients.

This medicine has an anti-inflammatory function, since it helps to reduce the inflammatory process in the lungs. According to recent research, the drug may inhibit viral replication of SARS-CoV-2.

Recall that this center is located in Brazil and is currently one of the largest medical research centers in Latin America, working directly with the government of that country.

Coronavirus: Brazilian scientists claimed to have a medicine capable of stopping COVID-19

Coronavirus and Brazil

As a result of the investigations and monitoring that has been done to the virus, the experts noticed several characteristics. One of the first is that Atazanavir is able to stop the multiplication of the coronavirus in the body.

This would be achieved thanks to its anti-inflammatory capacity, which is why it is used to face AIDS.

As Atazanavir was exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, it showed a positive reaction. According to a statement delivered by the Institution, the drug managed to “reduce the proteins that are linked to the inflammatory process in the lungs.”

Coronavirus: Brazilian scientists claimed to have a medicine capable of stopping COVID-19

The direct intervention of the drug can affect the reduction of the serious clinical picture generated by the coronavirus. Although the investigation is still preliminary, it may be a door for a possible drug to face the pandemic.

In the words of Thiago Moreno, Fiocruz researcher and one of the project coordinators, “Testing for drugs already approved for other uses is the fastest strategy that science can offer to combat COVID-19.”. For his part, the expert also emphasized that social distancing is also another essential measure.

For their part, experts will continue studies to analyze the long-term effectiveness of the drug. It is hoped that the utility may increase with the combined use of Ritonavir and Atazanavir, which are targeted medicines to treat AIDS.

Coronavirus: Brazilian scientists claimed to have a medicine capable of stopping COVID-19

Possible medication for the disease

Researchers at the Center for Technological Development in Health believe they have found a more effective mediation than Chloroquine. According to them, Atazanavir causes better bioavailability in the respiratory tract. This situation can be transcendental in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 and its reproduction.

This means that the drug manages to occupy the cleft of the active substrate during molecular analyzes. With this, it could block the advance of the virus.

Coronavirus: Brazilian scientists claimed to have a medicine capable of stopping COVID-19

The researchers will continue to test the reaction through various cell types using in vitro assays. Those that will be dealt with will be the following:

  • Lung cell
  • Human epithelial cell
  • Human primary monocytes


Lack of this vitamin may complicate coronavirus

Irish scientists have found that vitamin D
can protect the body from coronavirus. Deficiency of this vitamin weakens
human immunity and makes him more susceptible to infection with COVID-19. If the sun
not enough, vitamin D can be found in foods.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the fight against
respiratory functions. In addition, the saturation of the body with vitamin allows
use less antibiotics. It should be noted that vitamin D
generally strengthens the immune system.

Irish scientists have shown that people with a deficiency of this
Vitamin A was observed susceptibility to infection with coronavirus. If in your
the terrain is not enough sun, this vitamin can be obtained in foods. Specialists
advised to eat eggs, liver, fatty fish, milk and cereals.

In addition to vitamin D deficiency, at risk
there are people suffering from asthma, obesity, chronic lung disease. Inactive
lifestyle can also help coronavirus take over the body.


There are 1,688 positive cases in Mexico – Noticieros Televisa

Health authorities reported that until the cut of today, April 3, 2020, the death toll from coronavirus in Mexico rose to 60, while the confirmed cases rose to 688 thousand.

In today’s press conference, from the National Palace, José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, pointed out that in the last hours there were 10 more deaths than yesterday and in terms of positive cases there are 178 more.

As for suspicious cases, the figure stands at 5,398.

He called on the population over 60 to stay home to prevent them from getting coronavirus.

With information from Televisa News.



They clarify that there will be no seca dry law ’in Nuevo León

“Do not make panic purchases, beer and alcohol will be of no use to you, please, do not do that,” commented the governor of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón.


Given the federal guidelines that have been given by the Covid-19 pandemic, and for not being considered an essential activity, the beer production in the entity will stop its production from April 3, although it is not considered to be established as ” Dry Law”.

Through a statement, the government of Nuevo León reported that despite the fact that the Heineken brewing company announced the stoppage of its production in the entity, and consequently its distribution, Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón mentioned that it is not a “Dry law” and the sale of beer in the state will continue normally,

“So that the issue of the seca dry law’ or not seca dry law ’will not be misunderstood; This is in the national agreement, it is not a provision of ours, it is a national agreement, the beer companies will not work, the distribution will not work, it is not an essential element, therefore there will be no product to sell, “expressed the State agent.

He added that after day 3 there will be no distribution, therefore there will be no sale in the beer and alcohol businesses.

The Governor called on the population to avoid panic buying.

“Do not make panic purchases, beer and alcohol will not serve you anything, please, do not do that,” he said.

“If we are saying that it is a national agreement to safeguard your health and if you go out, they conflict the problem, the virus is already with us. If you are going to fill the shops, the businesses to buy a Tecate six, don’t scrub it, it’s not okay. ”

Rodríguez Calderón said that what is sought is to safeguard the health of the people of Nuevo Leon and not to reach curfew situations as is already happening in other cities.

“If you continue doing this, we are going to have to take more extreme measures that we should not take if we are all aware,” added the governor.

Although he clarified that this measure will bother many people, it is a federal decree that was taken for the good of the population.

He said that it is not necessary to reach the situation that exists in other countries for not complying with the provisions of the authorities.

“We are talking that for these 30 days, we have to have a discipline in order to have less mobility on the street; if we have less mobility on the street we can beat the virus, ”said Rodríguez Calderón.


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911 receives reports of domestic violence – Noticieros Televisa

Authorities of the Ministry of Health reported that the number of emergencies 911 will be receiving reports for domestic violence during quarantine by the coronavirus.

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At today’s press conference from the National Palace where it was announced that in Mexico there are eight deaths from the coronavirus, the authorities indicated that during the confinement due to this pandemic, cases of domestic violence, so they asked to raise the corresponding reports on the 911 emergency telephone number.

Authorities asked “not to carry women by the hand” during the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Nadine Gasman, President of the National Institute for Women (Inmujeres), called for reflection on the job roles carried out by women and men, and expressed that it is necessary to carry out the redistribution of activities in the homes, taking advantage of the fact that families remain at home for the National Day of Healthy Distance.

“Being at home … is not a reason to accept any type of violence,” he said.

He called to express the positive emotions and for the whole family to collaborate in household activities, to maintain a healthy coexistence with the family.

Meanwhile, Dr. Karla Berdichevsky, general director of the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health, noted that during the contingency for the Covid-19 The children’s entertainment centers installed in the medical units will remain in operation for those who require it, although the ideal is that they do not go to hospital centers with minors.

He mentioned that for people who require contraceptive methodsThey are guaranteed and available for free, secure and confidential.

On pregnant patients, infected with coronavirus, stressed that so far there is no evidence of transmission of Covid-19 in the womb, but it is important that the baby be evaluated by a doctor.

He reiterated that the specialized services in attention to the violence, adopting prevention measures.

For more information, you can contact Planificatel to the phone 800 624 64 64 and for orientation in pregnancy and lactation to 800 628 37 62.

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Coronavirus. Cases in Mexico by state, map as of March 25

Mexico City /

The pandemic of coronavirus officially spread throughout Mexico, after Tlaxcala will report his first confirmed case of Covid-19. The Ministry of Health reported that the number of infections of coronavirus in the country since the pandemic increased to 475; while so far six people have died from Covid-19 in Mexico.

The agency detailed that there are 1,656 suspected cases and that 2,445 have been ruled out so far.

Meanwhile, he explained that a person died in Durango, one more in Jalisco, one in San Luis Potosi and three in the Mexico City due to illness.

According to the dependency data, there are 128 cases of coronavirus by contact, of which the origin of the contagion of 13 is unknown.

Of the 129 cases per contact, 35 were added in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus cases by state

Mexico City continues to be the entity with the most cases of coronavirus in the country, followed by Nuevo León and Jalisco.

Further, Tlaxcala It has already reported its first case of coronavirus, so the pandemic has already spread throughout the country, as all 32 states have detected at least one contagion.

According to the data offered, the case of Tlaxcala is a 19-year-old woman who traveled to the United States and presented symptoms on March 19.

Latest reported cases

In the last 24 hours, 70 new cases of coronavirus were reported, the majority in Mexico City.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 23 entities reported at least one new case in the last 24 hours.



‘If I have it, everyone should have it’; man with Covid-19 walks around Walmart

In the video hosted on YouTube and currently reaching over 4 million views, Justin M. Rhodes spoke of the other places he visited that day. Photo: Special

In the video hosted on YouTube and currently reaching over 4 million views, Justin M. Rhodes spoke of the other places he visited that day. Photo: Special


Justin M. Rhodes, who said he tested positive for Covid-19, was arrested in North Carolina, United States, after he was recorded walking through a Walmart store and said: “If I have it, have it all.”

In the recording, which according to local media took place last week, Justin M. Rhodes assured that he was asked to be quarantined, but “I also have to eat, so they have to deal with it.”

“If I have it, everyone has it. To hell … all of you, this is how I feel about it,” he added.

In the video, which is hosted on YouTube and currently reaches over 4 million views, Justin M. Rhodes talked about the other places he visited that day.

After the images appeared, the Albemarle Police Department launched an investigation, which concluded that in Stanly County, a site from which Justin M. Rhodes hails, no one tested positive for coronavirus.

On Instagram, Justin M. Rhodes posted an apology in which he said that “he had not taken the virus seriously.”


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US CDC Admits to Misdiagnosing Coronavirus Patients

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted to misdiagnosing some patients with # COVID_19, this according to a tweet from Lijian Zhao, a Chinese politician and current deputy director of the Information Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

According to Zhao, several people were diagnosed with the flu instead of COVID-19 during the 2019 flu season.

Given this, Zhao encouraged the authorities to get patient 0 since the COVID-19 virus has been around since September of last year.

According to CDC statisticsBetween October 2019 and February 2020, the flu affected some 34 million people, of whom an estimated 12,000 died. On the other hand, the coronavirus has infected more than 300,000 and a total of 14,611 people have died. The World Health Organization (WHO) It has identified more than 150 with cases of coronavirus.


Coronavirus: Only six leagues are active in all of America

With the suspensions of Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador, there are fewer active soccer leagues in America, despite the coronavirus pandemic that killed more than 6,000 people worldwide.

This weekend, Liga MX, the Brazilian Soccer Confederation – the governing body of tournaments in Brazil – and Liga Pro in Ecuador decided to stop as a form of virus containment.

In all three cases, the pressure from soccer players took effect, especially in South American countries, annoyed at having to put their health at risk.

Although there are still six countries with active soccer on the continent, it is expected that more leagues will continue to close this week, given the advance of the deadly virus.

Here are the six countries that still have active tournaments on the continent.


Costa Rica: Deportivo Saprissa is leader with 33 points, after tying one with Pérez Zeledón on date 15.

Schedule 16 is scheduled for next week. The Costa Rican is a twelve club tournament.

Guatemala: Communications continues to command the National League by defeating Municipal 3-0 on Sunday on the 13th.

Matchday 14 would take place next weekend. The Guatemalan championship is twelve teams.

Nicaragua: Diriangén assumed the top of the Nicaraguan first division, after defeating Real Estelí 2-0: he reached 17 points, after Managua’s draw to one against Municipal Jalapa.

The tournament is ten teams and the date nine would be played this Wednesday.


Argentina: In the Argentine Soccer Association there is a debate on whether to play behind closed doors or to suspend the Super League Cup, the current competition in dispute.

The powerful River Plate did not want to play this weekend to prevent its footballers from suffering the effects of the coronavirus: the rest of the clubs did not support him.

The President of the Republic, Alberto Fernández, suggested that the teams take action behind closed doors and that the channels open their broadcasts to the public.

Bolivia: The Strongest is the leader of the Bolivian championship, after beating Aurora 2-1 on matchday 12.

The Tigers have 21 points, with the same amount as Always Ready but with a better goal difference.

Date 13 is scheduled for next weekend. The league has 14 teams.

Chile: Everything continues in the Chilean first division, with Universidad Católica at the head.

The Crusaders defeated Cobresal 1-0 on Saturday, reaching 19 points. This Monday follows date eight, and the ninth begins on Thursday.

The austral tournament has 18 clubs.

Recall that the parties that were suspended over the weekend –Palestino vs. Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo vs. Santiago Wanderers- were motivated by the social protests that still shake the nation.

Tournaments suspended by the coronavirus in America

Until now, in the Concacaf: Panama, El Salvador, United States, Canada, Mexico.

In the Conmebol: Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador.