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Municipalities to resume activities on May 17: AMLO – Noticieros Televisa

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), announced that on May 17 classes could restart in 900 municipalities in the country not affected by the coronavirus COVID-19, as long as the established measures such as the healthy distance journey are met.

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While in the case of the large cities most affected by the pandemic of the COVID-19It could be until June 1 when normalcy in educational and productive activities recovers.

In the conference this Thursday, the federal president clarified that the restoration of normality in the public life of the country will depend on the instructions to stay at home and keep a healthy distance being maintained.

The return to classes is being proposed on May 17 in the municipalities where there are no cases of coronavirus, the 900 municipalities. For that, of course, if and only if we have the discipline, if we maintain the discipline that has been observed so far, if we continue to act as good citizens, ”he indicated.

In the rest of the country, this of course includes the large cities, which are the most affected, the restart of educational activity, the return to classes and all productive activities will be from the first day of June, as long as, I repeat Let’s continue complying with the measures, ”said López Obrador.

He added that this Thursday the names of the 900 towns that would regain normality from May 17 will be released.

To the authorities of those municipalities to help us establish sanitary cords. This is already being done in many municipalities in the country, it is to delimit the areas very well and help to avoid contagion.

The head of the federal Executive said that in those parts of the country, it would return to normal with the only limitation that older adults, pregnant women, people with diabetes or hypertension, “They have to continue taking care of themselves.”

In this sense, he emphasized that the behavior of the Mexican population is what will allow normality to recover in the country.

That is what has helped us the most, it certainly implies a sacrifice, but it is the most efficient. These epidemics are not cured only in hospitals, they face people, with citizens, with our families, and that is the proof. ”

That is why we were not exceeded and we will not be exceeded and we will not be short of beds and ventilators and specialist doctors and we are going to save many lives, all of us, by acting in a conscious and responsible manner. This is what we have to continue doing to return to normality, “he concluded.

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They are already preparing for the worst case scenario in eight states

With purchases of thousands of body bags, support for funeral expenses, opening of new crematoriums, expansion of cemeteries and even the excavation of a mass grave, at least eight states are ready for a catastrophic scenario due to the covid-19 crisis.

Baja California Sur, Mexico City, Durango, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and Veracruz have thus responded to the increase in deaths and infections.

In La Paz, BCS, the director of Panteones, Carmen Benítez, reported that a new crematorium will be opened and they are waiting for an oven – which they have just bought – to arrive next week.

Within days of entering the most critical stage, according to the estimation of the Ministry of Health, CdMx will publish in the official Gazette an aid protocol for funeral expenses, cremation and use of cemeteries.

The capital’s Ministry of Inclusion and Social Welfare reported that all that remains is to formalize collaboration agreements with funeral companies to provide the service.

In Durango, body bags have already been purchased, confirmed the state Secretary of Health, Sergio González, and commented that they already have a stock of ready-to-use material, “but hopefully it doesn’t come to that. You have to think about solving the issue. ”

The Official Branch of the Hidalgo government published the day before yesterday in its Official newspaper the call for public bidding for the acquisition of 1,760 bags for adult and children’s corpses.

These are 950 bags for adult bodies, made with odorant stabilizing plasticizing polyvinyl chloride resin, and 810 children’s bags with the same characteristics, in addition to another 42 biodegradable ones destined for hazardous waste and the same amount for infectious solid-biological waste from low density.

Another city council that is already preparing for the possibility of massive deaths from the pandemic is Querétaro, whose local Ministry of Public Services reported that it will make crypts available for victims of covid-19.

Once the council authorizes it, a thousand 24 places will be put up for sale that were built in the Cimatario Pantheon between November and December, as part of the maintenance work and expansion of spaces on the premises.

The authorities of Culiacán, Sinaloa, are looking for a land with at least a thousand spaces for those killed by the virus.

In Matamoros, Tamaulipas, a mass grave is enlisted to temporarily deposit corpses, in case the deaths from the coronavirus soar.

This week the excavation and preparation of graves began in the municipal pantheon of Santa Cruz, on the Matamoros-Reynosa highway.

The mayor of Xalapa, Veracruz, Hipólito Rodríguez, said that they are working on the expansion of cemeteries in case more spaces are required, as happens in the Bosques del Recuerdo pantheon. In addition, the Oaxaca government acquired 200 airtight bags for the victims for covid-19.



Over the next few days, the Secretaries of Health and the Interior will publish the criteria for the management of corpses and cremation will have to be eliminated during the health emergency in view of the reality of enforced disappearances that exist in Mexico.

The undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, assured that from the beginning of the talks the impossibility of applying cremation was identified, since there is a provision in the General Law of Victims that prevents it.

“It is inadmissible to consider cremation despite the fact that it is recommended in health terms, but it does not substantially affect the removal of this requirement in terms of protection against contagion,” he said.

He explained that the provisions establish that at all times there must be the possibility of searching for and identifying the disappeared; therefore, this guideline will be eliminated, despite the fact that it was contemplated in phase 1 and 2.

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Coronavirus. Medical personnel will use special trucks in the face of attacks

With medical personnel as a priority in fight against the coronavirus in Mexico, the director of Medical Benefits of the IMSS, Víctor Hugo Borja Aburto, reported that a 20% bonus of salary to employees to care for people with covid-19, from treating doctors to cleaning staff; The measure will be effective from March 16. Accompanied by the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, Borja Aburto said that so far nine IMSS workers have died because of the disease.

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Barbosa requires mayors to withdraw informal commerce- 13:25

After several weeks of being established despite the health contingency due to the coronavirus, the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, demanded that the 217 mayors remove street vendors and street vendors from public roads, since they are a focus of contagion for the rest of the population.

Coahuila adds 15 deaths; reports the first in Torreón- 13:10

The Health Department of Coahuila reported the first death by covid- 19 in Torreón, it is a 55-year-old man from that municipality, with a total of 15 deaths in the entity, and a total of 203 cases at 12 new virus positive patients detected.

Trucks will transfer medical personnel to avoid assaults- 12:57

After a day of more than eight hours of work, health personnel from the General Hospital of Mexico found themselves at the exit with trucks that they will bring them to Metro stations, streets and roads near their homes, or will transfer them safely to this medical unit, to avoid contagions or attacks on their way by treating personnel affected with the coronavirus.

In total, there are 15 trucks of the FSTSE that began to be located, in addition, at the Adolfo López Mateos Regional Hospital, the 20 de Noviembre National Medical Center, the Primero de Octubre Regional Hospital, all of the ISSSTE. Likewise, at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER), the Zaragoza Hospital and the Juárez Hospital, which are covid-19 medical units.

Jalisco readies 500 tests of covid-19 per day- 12:45

The Jalisco State government and the University of Guadalajara announced an active case detection model of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes covid-19, which is named Radar Jalisco. Will be made 500 PCR tests per day for one month With the support of laboratories and UdeG personnel, 12,000 exams of this type are enrolled at the start.

Morena presents new initiative to cut 50 percent to parties- 12:35

Morena’s parliamentary majority in the Chamber of Deputies presented a new initiative for constitutional reforms to Reduce public funding by political parties by 50 percent and allocate 2,619 million pesos to health and economic recovery programs to mitigate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

Another Poblano dies in New York due to coronavirus- 12:20

The Secretary of the Interior (Segob) of Puebla, David Méndez Márquez, reported the death of a poblano in the United States due to covid-19, so the number of deceased migrants increased to 28. He is a 52-year-old man originally from Atlixco, but who lived in the city of Queens, New York, the same as will be veiled there because the US health authorities prevent the return of bodies to Mexico.

Calderón asks AMLO to focus on covid-19 and “not be distracted” – 12:10

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed to advance the revocation of the mandate to calm his opponents, Felipe Calderón said that the president must be fully focused on responding to the emergency by the covid-19 and the economic crisis unleashed by the pandemic.

Up to three years in prison for deliberate contagion in Edomex- 11:50

The president of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Mexico, Ricardo Alfredo Sodi Cuellar, pointed out that the crime of contagion of disease is provided for in the Penal Code, so that people who do so intentionally can be punished with up to three years in prison.

He explained that this offense applies to different diseases such as the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes covid-19 disease, HIV or AIDS, either by sexual contact or any other.

Chihuahua registers 18 deceased- 11:38

Chihuahua added 75 confirmed cases of covid-19 and the death toll rose to 18, informed the director of the Ministry of Health in the North Zone, Arturo José Valenzuela Zorrilla. Of the infected people, he indicated that 47 belong to Ciudad Juárez, 19 to the state capital, two from Bachíniva, two in Cuauhtémoc, one in Ojinaga, two in Namiquipa, one in Meoqui and one Julimes.

They report another death in Oaxaca- 11:25

The Secretary of Health of Oaxaca, Donato Casas Escamilla, reported that a 67-year-old man died of a coronavirus and was originally from Tlaxcuapan, Puebla, who was a maintenance worker at a hospital in Juchitán de Zaragoza, adding up to five deaths in the state. .

PAN Governors Issue Demands to Federal Government- 11:15

The governors of the PAN in the country assured that if it were not for the actions of the state governments the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic would have worsened, for which they demanded from the federal government five concrete actions ranging from a transparent and truthful inventory of hospital capacity and existing equipment and its immediate delivery, even extraordinary resources to deal with this crisis.

Besides, they asked that the emergency not be minimized, because they assured that the states have made “a great budgetary, institutional effort, of creativity, innovation and austerity”.

Caintra announces 15 mp fund for companies- 11:00

The Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Nuevo León (Caintra) reported that it will allocate a 15 million pesos fund to support companies of the state, especially focused on microenterprises, in two weeks.

In addition, he launched a program called Adopt a Micro, during the conference on the situation faced by Mico, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the economic consequences that the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic will leave in Mexico.

Another police officer dies in CdMx due to coronavirus- 10:45

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) reported that the first inspector, Víctor Manuel Ortiz Márquez, Chief Amilcar, passed away after being diagnosed with covid-19 coronavirusTherefore, the agency reported that it will provide all the necessary support to the family and will monitor their health.

Airbnb suspends service in Mexico- 10:30

Airbnb will suspend its service to the general public and will only accept reservations for medical personnel in Mexico due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, informed the director of the company in the country, Central America and the Caribbean, Ángel Terral.

Chief of bodyguards of BC governor died of coronavirus- 10:13

The Deputy Director of Social Communication of Baja California, Rogelio Lavenánt Sifuentes, confirmed the death by coronavirus of the chief of escorts of the governor Jaime Bonilla. This is Commander Rigoberto Rodríguez, approximately 63 years old, who became ill in early April.

Toluca reports first death from covid-19; 28- 09:41

As of yesterday night, 28 confirmed cases, 51 suspected cases, and one death from the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes covid-19 disease had been registered in Toluca, State of Mexico.

The mayor Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez, through a video broadcast on his social networks almost at midnight, mourned the death of a citizen and asked the population to make a significant effort, as well as to keep false information at bay.

Plane takes off from Spain to CdMx to repatriate Mexicans- 09:20

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, reported through his social networks that the special Aeroméxico flight took off from Madrid, Spain, in which 274 Mexicans who were stranded in that country will be repatriated in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

CdMx judiciary extends suspension of work until May- 08:52

In the event of the covid-19 emergency, the Mexico City Judicial Council determined extend the suspension of work until May 5 and procedural deadlines in the various areas of law, except in criminal law so as not to interrupt the administration of justice.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences, in turn, must maintain the autopsy practice service with medical and administrative personnel guards, and the Guide to Forensic Medical Care of Suspicious, Probable or Confirmed cases due to coronavirus should be disseminated among them.

Pemex reports 13 suspects on the oil platform in Campeche- 08:46

Mexican oil (Pemex) reported that on April 11 it carried out 31 medical examinations of workers on the Abkatun-A platform, of which 13 were defined as suspected cases of covid-19 coronavirus and two others were referred to the Ciudad del Carmen General Hospital. The production company indicated that two workers were taken pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal exudate for viral isolation to determine if they had coronavirus.

By covid-19, very difficult weeks are coming, says rector of UNAM- 08:09

The rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Enrique Graue, warned that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, “they have very difficult weeks.” As “for the health and safety of all,” he called on the population to remain isolated and abide by the pertinent measures to control this epidemic.

In Yucatan, they announce an emerging plan of 1,500 million pesos- 08:00

The Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila, announced an emerging plan of 1.5 billion pesos in the entity to face the covid 19 pandemic and mitigate the effects that the pandemic will have on its inhabitants. In interview with Héctor Zamarron for Millennium Television, the president explained that during the next two months his government will support the payment of water and garbage bills; In addition, 50 percent of the electricity payment will be subsidized to those who consume less than 400 kilo watts.

At the end of the week we will see if the transmission is still very active: López-Gatell- 07:38

The Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, commented that at the end of the week it will be seen if the transmission of covid-19 is still very active and warned that phase 3 it is unavoidable.

“It is impossible to suddenly stop the epidemic, what we can do is slow down transmission and the fundamental purpose is that when we enter phase 3, fewer daily cases of people requiring hospitalized treatment,” he said at a press conference in Palacio. National.

They report one more death in Querétaro; 4 deaths go- 07:18

The Querétaro Health Secretariat reported a new death in the state due to covid-19, with which the number of victims rises to four.This is a 46-year-old man, with obesity, who was seriously hospitalized. At the moment, in the entity there is an accumulated of 62 confirmed cases, after in the last hours a person gave a positive test for this condition.

In three months, an injection of money in the country: AMLO- 07:00, April 14

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that in May, June and July an “injection of money for the benefit of the population” is foreseen as part of a strategy to recover the country’s economy in the face of the coronavirus contingency covid-19. Likewise, recognized that citizens are complying with the recommendations in the face of the coronavirus health emergency in Mexico without the need to implement a curfew.

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Coronavirus April 13. Breaking news

With more than 4 thousand cases of patients with covid-19 in Mexico, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell pointed out that guaranteeing hospital care for those who test positive It’s fundamental. In the same sense, hours before President López Obrador reported that the two private hospital associations will make available to the health sector 3,300 beds for a month to avoid saturation of public institutions during the most critical phase of the pandemic.

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Coronavirus cases by state

Map of deaths by state


Due to coronavirus, return to classes in Chihuahua will be virtual- 20:36

In order to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus in the school sector, starting next Monday, April 20, more than 735 thousand basic level girls and boys in Chihuahua they will resume their classes in a virtual way through the Distance Education strategy.

In one day 353 cases and 36 deaths were added- 20:24

The Ministry of Health explains that 58 percent of the infected people are men and 42 percent are women; while the age group of people over 65 years is the one with the most cases of coronavirus has and exceeds 600 contagion.

See here the map of the coronavirus in Mexico

“There is no reason” for missing medical supplies: López-Gatell- 20:10

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, stated that there is no reason for lack of medical equipment to attend covid-19 because supplies brought from China have already been distributed.

For coronavirus, IMSS will give financial bonus to medical personnel- 19:47

Due to the high risk posed to doctors working in hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic, the IMSS will deliver a bonus to the staff who is in contact with covid patients, 19, reported Víctor Hugo Borja, director of benefits at the Mexican Social Security Institute.

Having coronavirus and listening to information every day is torture: Fayad- 19:33

Hidalgo Governor Omar Fayad, who was diagnosed with covid-19 on March 28, stated that having the virus and hearing new daily information about their behavior is torture, since many aspects of the disease are unknown.

They report death of 332 people by coronavirus- 19:05

The Ministry of Health reported that 332 people have died from coronavirus in Mexico; while the cases increased to 5 thousand 14.

Senators ask the Health Council for more supplies for medical personnel- 18:45

Opposition senators met with the secretary of the General Health Council, José Santos Preciado, who they demanded to guarantee greater protection and supplies to health personnel on the eve of phase three being declared, who said that part is correct.

IATA asks AMLO government to stop construction of Saint Lucia due to covid-19- crisis 18:22

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) requested the federal government, headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stop construction of airport at Santa Lucia military air base, because the coronavirus crisis will cause many changes in the industry, such as low passenger demand.

The governor of Queretaro is discharged by covid 19- 18:10

Last weekend the Governor of Querétaro was discharged, Francisco Domínguez Servién, after overcoming covid 19, of which he was diagnosed on March 30.

Increase to 19 cases of coronavirus in Zacatecas- 18:00

The Secretary of Health of the State Government, Gilberto Breña Cantú, confirmed the positive case of coronavirus number 19 in Zacatecas. This is a 76-year-old man, a resident of the municipality of Jerez de García Salinas, who was in contact with another positive case.

Due to coronavirus, they suspend public transport in Pajapan, Veracruz- 17:51

After a probable case of coronavirus was detected in the municipality of Pajalpan, Veracruz, the city ​​council decided to suspend public transport starting this Monday to avoid spreading the disease in the locality.

They denounce death of 3 health workers by covid-19 in Sinaloa- 19:34

Sinaloa medical personnel pointed out that in the entity three of his colleagues have died from covid-19, of which two were reported in Culiacán and one more in Navolato.

Mexican ambassador to the UN tests positive for covid-19- 17:24

The Mexican ambassador to the United Nations, Juan Ramón De la Fuente, reported that tested positive for covid-19, so it maintains a rigorous quarantine despite the fact that it has remained practically without symptoms.

Covid-19 detected in 20 health workers in Guerrero- 17:16

Secretary of Health in Guerrero, Carlos de la Peña Pintos, reported that there are 20 public and private health workers infected with covid-19, among which there are doctors, nurses and administrative employees.

IMSS doctors in BC “fall like flies” due to lack of protection: Bonilla- 17:08

The doctors who work at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) “they are falling like flies because they were not given protection“To attend covid-19 patients, Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez accused in his morning conference via the Internet.

Murat accuses theft of medical equipment during contingency for covid-19- 16:47

The Governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, accused that more than 20 medical teams and at least seven mechanical ventilators to attend to cases of 7coronavirus in the state. were stolen from hospitals, which he said is already being investigated by the corresponding authorities so that those responsible are punished.

“There is no discrepancy”, López-Gatell clarifies doubts about cases of covid-19 in CdMx- 16:20

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, assured that there is no discrepancy between the data from Mexico City and the federal government on cases of covid-19 coronavirus. The official assured that the government of the capital presented the sum of confirmed and suspicious data while the Ministry of Health reports only the confirmed ones.

Walmart will condone rents on its premises for two months for covid-19- 16:01

As part of the actions to mitigate the impact of the covid-19 in small businesses, Walmart de México, through its real estate business division, announced that two months of rent will be waived for its nearly 11 thousand commercial premises in the company’s units.

Court extends suspension of activities until May 5 – 15:49

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) determined to extend until May 5 the suspension of jurisdictional activities, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, just as a few hours earlier the Federal Judicial Council announced it.

Due to coronavirus, Nayarit closes borders with Jalisco and Sinaloa- 15:37

Derived from the increase in cases of covid-19 in Nayarit, which registers 26 positives and five deaths, Governor Antonio Echevarría García ordered the closure of borders between the limits with Sinaloa and Jalisco.

In Nuevo León the number of cases of covid rises to 208- 19- 15:25

After a weekend without reporting deaths from covid-19 in Nuevo León, on Monday afternoon it was announced that the number of deaths in the entity from this disease reached 7; while the cases increased to 208.

They transfer inmates with a covid-19 from a prison in Cuautitlán to Nezahualcóyotl- 15:14

After confirming five positive and 19 suspected cases of covid-19 in inmates and staff of the Cuautitlán Penitentiary Center, the Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico (SS) activated the sanitary protocol and he transferred the four inmates with the disease and the 19 with suspicion to the Nezahualcóyotl-Norte Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center (CPRS), which is enabled as a specialized hospital to house up to 200 people and provide medical care to those affected during the pandemic.

PAN will denounce alleged irregularities in the purchase of fans-14:55

The PAN announced that it will present before the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), as well as before the Ministry of Public Function, a complaint for alleged irregularities in the purchase of 2,500 fans to attend seriously ill patients of covid-19, which was done through a contract of more than 2,223 million pesos.

PRD alerts on risk of spread in migratory stations-14:50

The fraction of the PRD in the Chamber of Deputies alerted to the overcrowded conditions and lack of medical attention that make migration stations a “breeding ground” for the spread of covid-19, for which reason it called the National Institute of Migration ( INM) to guarantee hygiene in these places and respect the human rights of migrants.

UNAM will resolve doubts about covid-19 by phone-14:42

The Faculty of Medicine and the General Directorate of Computing and Information and Communication Technologies of the UNAM opened a service center with 63 doctors who will respond and answer medical questions about covid-19, in order to provide verified information to users about how to take care of yourself, how to prevent the disease and when to see a doctor in a timely manner.

In CdMx, inmates of the third age and pregnant women would have pre-release-14:20

The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that pregnant women and senior citizens who are being held in prisons in Mexico City could have a pre-release due to the risk of getting covid-19 coronavirus. After a video call with mayors of the capital, he commented that depending on crime is how the pre-release of inmates would be handled; however, this would have to be analyzed with the Judicial power of the Federation (PJF).

Federal Judiciary postpones work until May 6-13:13

He Council of the Federal Judicature (CJF) determined to extend a couple of weeks more the suspension of work in the courts, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Derived from an agreement, hearings could be resumed, as well as running procedural terms and terms, from May 6 and not next Monday, April 20 as planned.

Mexican airlines will lose $ 5 billion due to coronavirus-12:51

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated that Mexican airlines will register losses of 5.3 billion dollars due to the coronavirus crisis for this year, so you need a liquidity aid and deferment of taxes from the federal government. In a video conference, IATA Vice President of the Americas, Peter Cerdá warned that if government support measures are not in place, all companies in the sector are at risk of bankruptcy, which means that an aid package needs to be in place as soon as possible.

The death toll rises to 31 in Puebla-12:38

The Ministry of Health of Puebla reported that the number of deaths in the entity by covid-19 as well as a total of 267 infected. Jorge Humberto Uribe Téllez, head of this dependency, said that for now there are 66 people hospitalized, of which, 16 are serious and require assisted ventilation to stay alive.

They will give a grocery voucher for Liconsa beneficiaries at CdMx-12:20

The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinabum, and the 16 capital mayors presented the voucher Mercomuna, which will be a direct support for 330 fortnightly pesos during three installments which will benefit 458 thousand families. For this, 500 million pesos will be allocated, resources that will be for the Liconsa registry.

Return of bodies of Mexican migrants in the US ready12:13

The director of the Oaxacan Migrant Institute, Aida Ruiz, reported that the bodies of two migrants who died after getting the covid-19 in New Yersey will be repatriated, U.S. The official said that, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the transfer procedures have already begun.

Protocol activated at Pemex refinery in Oaxaca-11:57

Without affecting the production of fuels, the Pemex located in the port of Salina Cruz, in Oaxaca, activated the contingency protocol to avoid contagions by the covid-19. The plan has cut staff on the ground floor and in administrative areas by half. Meanwhile, sanitary filters and restrictions have been placed on the exit and entry of personnel.

Announcement of sanitizing gel production-11:24

The Secretary of Public Education (SEP) and the National Technological Institute of Mexico (TecNM) collaborate to strengthen hospital services in the country’s medical units by preparing sanitizing gels, masks and masks in its different schools. To assist in the health emergency due to covid-19, the Biochemistry department of the TecNM, Morelia campus, produced five thousand liters of sanitizing solution for people and surfaces.

Second death reported in Aguascalientes-11:13

In Aguascalientes, the number of deaths from coronavirus rose to two after this morning one more person died from this virus, this according to the technical report of the state Secretariat of Health, while the number of infected people in the state rose to 66.

They publish in CdMx call for doctors and nurses-11:03

The Ministry of Health (Sedesa) published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City the call for health professionals to join, for up to three months, services to support the care of the population before the covid-19. He online registration it is from today; The notification of results will be on April 17 and the presentation of the selected person in the assigned health unit from April 18.

They issue recommendations for the use of mouthguards in public transport-10:45

The Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) of Mexico City issued a series of recommendations for the proper use of mouth masks in public transportation. These are washing hands before putting on the mouthpiece and after removing it; not to touch the fabric with your hands but the elastics; check which is the correct side for placement with thick inward seams.

Announce salary increase for health personnel in Michoacán-10:25

The Governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, announced the salary homologation of almost 1,500 health workers in the state, which he said means a salary increase of 60 percent to medical personnel in the entity. The president said that this increase “is directed at those who are in this first line of battle against the covid-19.”

Walmart will accept dBanorte deposits and payments-10:20

Banorte and Walmart signed an agreement that will allow their clients make cash deposits and pay bank credit cards in the more than 2,500 Walmart stores and clubs across the country, starting tomorrow, April 14, in order to support its customers during the coronavirus contingency.

ISSSTE doctors require supplies at CdMx to work-09:53

Doctors and nursing staff of the Regional Hospital Primero de Octubre del ISSSTE they block Avenida Instituto Politécnico Nacional, at the height of Colector 13, in the Mayor Gustavo A. Madero. Protesters denounce lack of supplies to work and care for patients with covid-19.

Priest blesses patients in Tijuana-09:47

A priest in Tijuana, Baja California went to clinic 1 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to bless dozens of patients, some with symptoms of covid-19. The priest Eduardo Lozano brought holy water to spray making the sign of the cross on the forehead of the parishioners who were around the emergency medical area.

CdMx government will apply public health study-09:33

The government of Mexico City, researchers from the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and telephone operators Movistar and Telcel, agreed to join efforts to prepare a public health study that will allow estimating how much the inhabitants of the city adhere to the measures of physical distancing and isolation to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Today, Trump’s response to the sale to Mexico of fans and monitors-07:50

At a morning press conference in the National Palace, the President commented that the government’s response will be given today. U.S regarding the sale to Mexico of ventilators and monitors to serve patients with covid-19.

AMLO thanks doctors and nurses; asks the population to take care of them-07:43

The President thanked the doctors and nurses, as well as all the personnel in the health sector, for their work in caring for patients with covid-19 e made a call to the population to respect them and take care of them, in some cases of physical attacks against them for believing that they could infect other people.

Diagnosis and removal of quarantine-


The President commented that next Thursday there will be the definitive diagnosis of specialists to know the behavior of the epidemic and “to know the most difficult moment and when it begins to subside so that, based on that decision by the specialists, they begin to gradually lift the quarantine always listening and respecting the purpose and recommendation of the specialists “.

AMLO announces agreement “All together against covid” –07:00, April 13

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the agreement “All together against covid”, between the public health sector and private hospitals with the purpose of adding resources to face the coronavirus epidemic covid-19. He also thanked “on behalf of the people of Mexico to the owners of private hospitals for this gesture, for this decision they have made.”

“In 15 days this plan would begin and at this time, the beneficiaries and the entire population will be informed. The one who already had an appointment to be attended at the ISSSTE, in the IMSS You will be informed where you are going to be treated now (…) This will allow us to free up spaces in public hospitals, I repeat to be prepared and when the most critical moment arises we have all the beds and all the equipment that is needed to save lives, “he said.

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Ensuring hospital care is the challenge for the imminent arrival of phase 3 of the coronavirus

Mexico.- At the conference on panorama of the coronavirus in Mexico, Health Secretary Hugo López-Gatell pointed out that the main challenge in the imminent arrival of phase 3 of the contingency is to ensure medical care due to overload.

López-Gatell reported that there is no exact date when phase 3 will begin, but that “hopelessly we will get there

There is no linear sequence between passing from a specified, pre-specified time of how long each phase lasts. From the preparations we made in the first two weeks of January 2020, we identified the three fundamental scenarios

The undersecretary explained, in response to whether the phase 3 of the Covid-19 contingency. “In due course the 4th, 5th and 6th will come, which will have to do with the end of this first outbreak, with the recovery and with the restoration of normal activities and obviously the social and economic recovery,” he added.

“When we anticipated this case containment measure, it was going to be either ineffective or inefficient because there would be more than several dozen cases, and considering the inflection point of the epidemic curve, it was that on March 13, a Friday, we anticipated 15 days the decision to institute phase 2 measures, “explained López-Gatell.

He noted that the phase 2 of the contingency It was formally declared on March 30, considering the characteristics of community outbreaks and cases that could not be traced to its source of contagion.

The phase 3 that we will inevitably reach, as we say every day, we are going to arrive very soon, is characterized by two fundamental elements: one, by the dispersed spread where there are several community outbreaks that are beginning to conglomerate

He reiterated that phase 3 is characterized by health care system overload, particularly hospitals, including intensive therapy. Therefore, the challenge for this phase is to ensure that there is availability of space for care.


Coronavirus April 11. Breaking news

Mexico City /

The number of deaths from covid-19 in Mexico amounts to 233, Health authorities reported during the daily press conference to talk about the situation in the country facing the coronavir pandemicus. Likewise, the head of the National Commission against Addictions (Conadic), Gady Zabicky Sirot, called not to increase the consumption of alcoholic beverages, since could raise levels of distress and stress in the face of uncertainty.

Still on MILLENNIUM minute-by-minute coverage with breaking news on the coronavirus in Mexico today Saturday April 11.

Coronavirus cases by state

Map of deaths by state


SRE will repatriate 160 Mexicans stranded in Latin America- 11:40

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) announced that 160 Mexicans will be repatriated on the humanitarian flight that the Mexican government sent to Argentina and Chile with 386 foreigners stranded in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Strengthen security in CdMx hospitals- 11:08

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) monitor the exterior of some capital hospitals, such as the General Hospital of Mexico, after a doctor from the IMSS clinic in Azcapotzalco was attacked by family members of a person who died from covid-19.

Air Force plane flies to Argentina with foreigners stranded in Mexico- 09:40

An aircraft of the Mexican Air Force He left at 04:00 this Saturday with 161 foreigners to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the Boeing 737/800 plane with registration 3527, 123 Argentines and 38 Uruguayans who were stranded in Mexico were transferred in the midst of the coronavirus health emergency.

Fences are placed in the National Palace before covid-19- 08:50

To avoid congregations, the government of Mexico City, in coordination with the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), placed metal fences in the National Palace to restrict access before the outbreak of covid-19 in the capital of the country, where there are already 46 deaths of infected people. In addition, for several days the same cordon is maintained at various points in the Historic Center.

[Foto: Jorge Becerril]

Quintana Roo reports 14 deaths from coronavirus- 08:20 hours

The head of the Ministry of Health of Quintana Roo, Alejandra Aguirre, reported through social networks that there are already 14 deaths from the coronavirus in the entity. As of yesterday’s report from the federal agency, there were 13 deaths. In addition, he explained that 163 positive cases and 362 negative.

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Coronavirus April 9. Breaking news

In its last court tonight, the Ministry of Health reported that 194 people have died in the country from covid-19 coronavirus and 3,441 confirmed cases, although it estimated that there are more than 26,000 cases that have not been detected.

Still on MILLENNIUM minute-by-minute coverage with breaking news about the coronavirus in Mexico today, Thursday, April 9.

Coronavirus cases by state

Map of deaths in Mexico

Despite contingency for covid-19, Mercado del Mar de Zapopan looks full- 22:27

Despite the m measures established by the federal government and Jalisco for the contingency of the new coronavirus, hundreds of people came to the Mercado del Mar de Zapopan to buy fish and shellfish during Lent.

It rises to 54 cases of coronavirus in Veracruz- 22:40

The Veracruz Ministry of Health reported that five new cases of covid-19 were reported in the entity, for which there are 54 infections; while the death toll remains at three.

They watch tourist areas in Chihuahua during Easter due to coronavirus- 22:30

After starting Operation Easter 2020, but now, with the call to stay home, elements from the three levels of security in Chihuahua patrolled the mountain area and the highway sections, to avoid the scattering of people.

IMSS doctor: I am not afraid of having covid-19 but of infecting my patients- 22:16

The situation of the personnel who work in the General Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), number 72 “Vicente Santos Guajardo” in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, worsens as the days go by, as explained by doctors and nurses whose greatest fear is spreading covid-19 to the patients they see day by day.

Due to coronaviruses, they declare a dry law in Yucatan- 21:51

The Yucatan government reported that the prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages, known as the dry law, will be implemented. starting tomorrow and until April 30, as part of the measures taken by the state of emergency as a result of the covid-2019 pandemic.

“Let’s not leave López Obrador alone,” Monreal asks citizens for coronavirus- 21:40

In a new attempt to convince the opposition, Morena’s coordinator in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, affirmed that people and their families need everyone and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador cannot be left aloneTherefore, neither the cameras, the parties or the parliamentary groups can be marginalized from this unit that claims the situation.

Due to coronavirus, police guard Acapulco’s beaches- 21:26

Members of the State Police, National Guard and Federal Police carried out a prevention, security and surveillance operation on the beaches of the Diamante area of ​​Acapulco, Guerrero, to prevent tourists from arriving at the site during the coronavirus contingency.

‘This will happen’, say Gutiérrez Müller and Eugenia León with a song about covid-19- 21:13

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented on his twitter account the song “This will pass”, interpreted by the singer Eugenia León and written by his wife Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller.

In CdMx the patient is discharged with covid-19- 21:04

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that this Thursday he was discharged from the Specialty Hospital of the National Medical Center Siglo XXI, a patient who managed to recover from covid-19.

In a week, a thousand 931 cases and 144 deaths- 20:38

From Thursday, April 2 to Thursday, the country went from having 1,510 cases of coronaviruses and 50 deaths, to having 3,441 infections and 194 deaths; which it involves an increase of 1,931 infections and 144 deaths.

Dies for covid-19 emergency director of Hospital La Perla- 20:17

Thursday morning Dr. Miguel Ángel “N” passed away, director of the Emergency Department of the Hospital La Perla, in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, because of covid-19 and according to medical personnel there are at least 13 more people infected by the virus, including doctors, nurses and nurses.

Use of plasma against covid-19 is promising, but still in analysis: expert- 20:06

Jorge Trejo Gómora, director of the National Center for Blood Transfusion, reported that in Mexico, and in different parts of the world, clinical trials are being carried out to verify if the blood plasma transfusion of recovered covid-19 patients It helps in the recovery of seriously ill patients.

Two pregnant women died from covid-19 in Mexico- 19:41

At the conference on April 9 on the progress of the coronavirus epidemic in Mexico, the first two deaths of pregnant women, with what they already add 194 deaths and 3,441 positive cases, reported Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion

Topics of the health conference on covid-19 in Mexico on April 9- 19:35

In addition to the report of dead people and the cases of coronavirus in Mexico, authorities of the Ministry of Health touched on different topics during the afternoon conference. Learn about the topics of the daily report here.

In one day three people die from covid-19 in Coahuila- 19:24

Coahuila registered in just one day, three new deaths from covid-19, one in Matamoros, the other from a patient from the municipality of Monclova hospitalized in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León; and one more of a patient from that municipality who died in a clinic in Saltillo, thus accounting for 12 deaths in the state and 144 positive cases.

They report the death of 194 people by covid-19- 19:06

The Ministry of Health reported that they have died 194 people due to coronavirus in Mexico; while 3,441 confirmed cases of the disease have been detected and 10,105 suspected infections have been analyzed.

IMSS worker in Tlalnepantla accuses retaliation for reporting anomalies- 18:43

José, a worker at clinic 72 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Tlalpenantla, State of Mexico, where at least 20 doctors with covid-19 were reported, said that there are many more workers with symptoms of the disease and accused that managers of the medical center asked them “not to report the abnormalities”

Quintana Roo reports 159 cases of covid-19 and 12 deaths- 18:24

The Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo, Alejandra Aguirre, reported that so far there are 159 cases of coronavirus and 12 deaths in the entity due to the disease.

Two deaths from coronavirus are reported in Morelos- 18:18

The Morelos Health Secretariat reported two more deaths from covid-19, with which the entity has a total of seven, in addition to eight new infections, reaching a total of 39 infected.

Due to coronavirus, residents block accesses to Todos Santos, BCS- 18:03

Inhabitants of the magical town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, blocked entrances to their community, to avoid the transfer of people and to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the area.

Uber will deliver millions of face masks to its drivers before the coronavirus- 17:53

This Thursday, Uber reported that it plans to deliver dozens of millions of face masks to their drivers around the world with the aim of increasing security against the spread of the SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus.

They deliver tons of corn to tortilla producers in Guerrero- 17-38

Industriales de la Masa and Tortilla from Acapulco and Chilpancingo received the first tons of corn agreed with the state government, in the path of keeping the price of the tortilla stable and avoiding a disproportionate increase in said product.

After arriving from the US, they isolate 1,200 people in SLP- 17:23

The authorities of the Ministry of Public Health of San Luis Potisí reported that they remain in voluntary isolation for 14 days one thousand 209 people who returned from the United States.

Covid-19 vaccine could be ready in a year: expert- 17:05

Dr. Susana López Charretón, researcher at the UNAM Biotechnology Institute, explained that the coronavirus vaccine would be ready for up to a year and that so far, only prototypes of the vaccine are available.

“These prototypes already exist, we have a model that can function as a vaccine, but vaccines must go through various phases of testing, to see if they are innocuous, if they induce protective immunity and the doses to be used, the type of patients at which that can be applied, these clinical phases take at least a year.
So when we hear that there are already vaccines, what we have are prototypes and it is calculated that the shortest time for us to have a vaccine is going to be at least a year, if one of these prototypes is chosen, “he explained in a video broadcast by University.

Due to possible contagion of covid-19, 5 ISSSTE workers in Chilpancingo are isolated- 16:57

Due to a possible contagion of coronavirus, five workers from the ISSSTE Hospital Clinic in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, were quarantined, after the contact they had with a suspected case of covid-19, which was later confirmed.

UABJO withdraws interns and medicine interns from hospitals in Oaxaca- 16:43

The authorities of the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO) decided to withdraw all interns and undergraduate interns from the IMSS, ISSSTE hospitals and the entity’s Health Services at the risk of contagion and spread of coronavirus.

Restaurants take food to doctors in Acapulco in case of contingency for covid-19- 16:34

More than 15 restaurant owners and food service companies organized to bring food to the staff of the Vicente Guerrero General Hospital from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), located in Acapulco, Guerrero, in gratitude for attending to coronavirus cases in the region.

Concanaco proposes planning vacations in advance to reactivate the tourism sector- 16:27

To promote the country’s tourism sector to emerge from the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus, the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur), stated that the population buy vacation packages in advance, that the national destinations be promoted mainly, motivate the influx of visitors and thus continue to generate economic spillover

Governor of Yucatan asks schools to forgive, postpone or make discounts on tuition payments- 16:11

The governor of Yucatan, Mauricio vila, asked directors and rectors of schools in the entity to forgive, postpone or make discounts on tuition to students for the suspension of classes due to a coronavirus pandemic.

They report contagion of baby coronavirus in BC- 16:05

The Baja California Ministry of Health reported that in the last few hours four people died and 263 infections of coronavirus were reported in total, of which one corresponds to a two-month-old baby.

IMSS doctors denounce irregularities for attention of cases of covid-19- 15:47

Resident and internal doctors of the IMSS Regional General Hospital 72, they sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of Health, Jorge Alcocer and Undersecretary Hugo López-Gattel, in which they detail and expose the alleged omissions incurred by hospital authorities in the management of patients infected with covid-19, which caused a hospital outbreak.

From helicopter, priests bless Morelos and Querétaro before coronavirus-15:29

The Dioceses of Querétaro and Cuernavaca, in Morelos, held this morning an aircraft tour of the entities to ask for the end of the pandemic coronavirus, which so far has generated 3,181 infections and 141 deaths in the country.

They detect two new cases in Aguascalientes; add 60 – 15:13

During the technical report that is carried out digitally, the Secretary of Health of Aguascalientes reported that two more positive cases were confirmed, placing the state with a total of 60 positive covid-19 cases.

Four new cases are reported in BCS- 15:11

The Ministry of Health (SSA) reported four cases of coronavirus in the State of Baja California Sur. Three of the new cases were registered in La Paz and one in Los Cabos, and in total there are 71 covid-19 infections.

They order a 50% cut to federal government spending- 15:00

The Ministry of Public Function (SFP) reported that all areas of the federal government, except health, the National Guard, the armed forces and those that carry out strategic projects, must reduce spending allocated to general and operating services by at least 50 percent, in compliance with the instructions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to allocate those resources to face the epidemic by covid-19.

Grupo Modelo will donate more than 200 thousand liters of water in CdMx- 14:50

Grupo Modelo, the Belgian-Brazilian brewer Ab InBev, is in talks with the Mexico City government to deliver 210 thousand liters of drinking water in disadvantaged neighborhoods of the country’s capital, within the framework of its proposals to mitigate the impact of the spread of covid-19.

Archdiocese prays for health personnel- 14:40

As part of the celebrations for Holy Thursday, the archbishop primate of Mexico, Carlos Aguiar Retes, performed the Blessing with the Blessed Sacrament in which he gave a prayer for the health personnel attending the covid-19 pandemic.

They report another death in Chiapas- 14:26

The Chiapas Health Secretariat reported on the death of a covid-19 patient and two more new cases of this disease. In a press conference from the municipality of Ocosingo, the state’s health secretary, José Manuel Cruz Castellanos, indicated that the deceased is a man confirmed as case number 8 in recent days.

Purépecha peoples close accesses due to coronavirus- 14:12

Inhabitants of the Purepecha Plateau have made the determination to close the entrances to their towns, to avoid the spread of covid-19. With stones and trucks they obstruct the passage on roads and highways that lead to the municipalities of Tingambato, Nahuatzen and Cherán, in Michoacán.

Woman dies with covid-19 who gave birth in Coahuila- 13:56

The first pregnant woman in the country infected with covid-19, originally from Monclova, Coahuila, died this Thursday at clinic 2 in Saltillo, where she was hospitalized. However, their baby with seven days old has shown great improvementThey even removed the mechanical respirator that they put on her when she presented complications, although the Coronavirus test applied was negative.

There are 11 deaths in Chihuahua and 43 infections- 13:42

Chihuahua health authorities reported that 11 people died of coronavirus in the state and there are 43 infections. The director of the State Laboratory, Mirna Beltrán, and the deputy director of Epidemiology, Gumaro Barrios, announced that from April 8 to 9, Chihuahua went from 29 to 43 confirmed cases of covid-19.

Follow-up group to covid-19 in the Senate meets and quotes officials- 13:31

For the second time without Morena and her allies, the opposition in the coronavirus emergency monitoring group met and agreed to rotate the offices to “invite dialogue” to the heads of the secretaries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Public Credit, Economy and the Coordinating Commission of National Institutes of Health and High Specialty Hospitals.

Barbosa says that Puebla has already reached Phase 3 of the coronavirus- 13:14

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, assured that the state has already reached Phase 3 of covid-19, after mentioning that “we are already entering the critical moment” of infections.

“I am convinced that we are already entering the critical moment, it is not in weeks, we are already entering, and the contagion issues are already higher and higher […] there is already the issue of the crest, there is already the issue of the major contagion, not that it’s going to come, it’s already starting“, said.

Government reports 17 Sedena soldiers with coronavirus- 13:00

The Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) has registered 17 active military cases and retirement situation diagnosed with covid-19; the elements are located in Mexico City, Mexico State, Tamaulipas and Oaxaca. Of which, the military man who is in Tamaulipas reports serious, but stable.

The federal government document Case status of military personnel and law holder It is indicated that 15 of the confirmed elements are in their homes, while the other two receive care at the Central Military Hospital and at the Reynosa Military Hospital.

PAN in Senate requests urgent session for covid-19- 12:37

The PAN bench in the Senate demanded that meetings are urgently called of the plenary to discuss the health and economic emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic, by proposing that legal reforms be facilitated that allow remote sessions.

In a letter addressed to the President of the Senate, Mónica Fernández, the PAN members listed a package of legal reforms that would be discussed in the twenty days remaining in the ordinary period.

CdMx companies laid off 56,000 employees in March: Sheinbaum- 12:33

The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that capital companies they fired around 56 thousand workers by coronavirus during the first two weeks of March.

3 other Pueblans die in the US 12:31

The Secretary of the Interior (Segob) of Puebla, David Méndez Márquez, announced that three other people from Puebla died of the coronavirus in the United States, thereby there are 23 people from the state who die in that country, all of them residing in New York, the city that most of the people of Puebla live abroad.

“We reached a total of 23 people from Puebla who died abroad, mainly in different cities in the United States and mainly in New York,” he said.

Puebla reports 7 more deaths from coronavirus- 12:26

The Puebla government reported seven deaths and 24 more positive cases compared to the April 8 cut, so the entity reached 23 deaths and 209 infected with covid-19. According to the Secretary of Health, Jorge Humberto Uribe Téllez, of the total infected 140 were by community transmission and 69 associated with import.

Restaurant owners give away food in Acapulco hospitals- 12:15

In Guerrero, more than 15 restaurant owners and food service companies gather to bring food to staff at the “Vicente Guerrero” General Hospital of the IMSS in Acapulco. The activity will be repeated on April 10 at the ISSSTE hospital facilities in the same port.

In two weeks, IP agreement for rescue by covid-19: Coparmex- 12:00

After the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) began talks with all the country’s private initiative, civil organizations and the labor sector, the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) stated that the Agreement will be ready in two weeks at the latest National to preserve jobs and businesses against the coronavirus.

They thank the US for the repatriation of Mexicans from South Africa- 11:47

The Mexican ambassador to South Africa, Ana Luisa Fajer, thanked the United States and its embassy in that country for the repatriation of a Mexican couple, who will come from Cape Town.

Coahuila reports another death; there are already 10 in the state- 11:28

Coahuila registers one more death from covid-19, specifically in the municipality of Monclova where seven deaths accumulate for a total of 10 in the entity, which at the moment they count 132 positive cases.

At a press conference held in Saltillo, Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme anticipated the report that will be presented at 12:00 noon as part of the State Prevention Plan, which shows that in the north of the state there are 11 cases, in Carbonifera one, in southeast 21, center 80, and 19 cases in Laguna.

There is low traffic on the Mexico-Puebla highway- 11:14

This Holy Thursday morning few vehicles are seen circulating and there are no walkers like every year due to the coronavirus epidemic. In the collection plaza number 191 México-Chalco and México-Cuautla-Ixtapaluca, so far there are 20 outbound vehicles for 12 inbound per minute in this area.

Stranded, 2 thousand 830 Mexicans around the world: Ebrard- 10:40

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported that the crisis caused by the coronavirus keeps 2,830 Mexicans stranded in different countries without being able to return to Mexico and pointed out that Spain is the country with the most Mexicans waiting to be repatriated.

Among the countries that have more Mexicans waiting to return to the country are Spain (461), France (224), Germany (205), Argentina (171) and Peru (167).

Oaxaca separates prisoners and restricts exits in jails- 10:31

In Oaxaca, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) carried out an operation in prisons to prevent covid-19 infections between inmates and prison staff, which consists of separating inmates and restricting their exits to the patio, in addition to the fact that all of them were undergoing medical examinations.

Medical equipment will be for all states, says Ebrard- 10:22

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced that the medical equipment and supplies arriving in Mexico from China and other countries will be distributed throughout the 32 states of the Republic and to hospitals in the health sector.

Low influx of motorists in Mexico-Cuernavaca- 10:00

Although the Easter holidays begin today, there is a low influx of motorists in the booth of Tlalpan of the highway Mexico-Cuernavaca, due to the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, which causes covid-19. Although the National Guard He informed that he will not provide official figures on the number of cars that leave Mexico City through the collection booths, so as not to encourage vacationers to leave their homes, MILLENNIUM He was able to count that approximately two or three cars leave per minute.

The second flight from China to Mexico takes off to bring medical equipment- 09:57

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced that the advance of the airlift Mexico-China, in which planes Aeroméxico They will bring more equipment and masks to the contingency in the country. Meanwhile, the airline announced that the second flight coordinated by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already taken off to Shanghai.

Chicken, egg and meat producers will support- 09:48

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that chicken, egg and meat producers have offered to support during the coronavirus health emergency in Mexico, and stated that if necessary, products will be imported, but clarified that “there is no need.” He announced that the head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Prophecy), Ricardo Sheffield, will announce Monday on the supply and food prices to face the crisis by covid-19.

Official delivery of support program in Chihuahua- 09:45

Today the Emerging Plan for Health Support and Protection, Employment and Family Income, announced by the Governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral Jurado, to contain the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the citizens of the entity. The General Secretariat of the government published in the Official State Newspaper, Agreement 058/2020 which contains the guidelines of the strategy announced on April 3, which was created with a bag of more than three billion pesos to oxygenate the state economy.

In Colima, they restrict access to the state; they will give thermometers- 09:41

The Governor of Colima, José Ignacio Peralta Sánchez, reported that only the state will be allowed to enter those who prove that they carry out essential tasks, sanitary filters will be applied in the entity and sanitizing elements will be given to the citizens to face the pandemic by covid-19.

Invea verifies non-essential businesses in health contingency- 09:38

Staff of the Institute of Administrative Verification (Invea), the Government Secretariat and the Secretariat of Citizen Security, made a tour in the Historic Center where they reviewed 50 commercial establishments, 40 of these opticians, which were warned to avoid crowds, while the remaining 10, of various turns not essential in the health emergency, were open, but agreed to close voluntarily.

Tourist transport operators demand financial support- 08:55

About 70 tourism transport operators from Mexico City marched from Calzada San Antonio Abad to the National Palace to request financial support from the federal government in the face of the covid-19 contingency.

Segob and Governors of the South hold videoconference- 08:00

The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, and governors of the south of the country hold a videoconference to strengthen the call to attend the health emergency due to the covid-19 remembering that tourist activities are suspended this holiday.

14 of 108 Mexicans who died in the US from covid-19 will be repatriated07:54

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported that relatives of 14 of the 108 killed by covid-19 in the United States they have asked for help to repatriate bodies. He also detailed that Mexico has repatriated more than 8 thousand people for coronavirus.

They cancel projects and investments in Jalisco to attend coronavirus- 07:46

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, said that his administration is canceling projects and investments to address the health crisis due to the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease covid-19, mainly in the most vulnerable municipalities.

He plans two to four weekly flights to China to bring medical equipment- 07:41

According to the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, it is expected that two to four flights per week are carried out on the airlift to bring medical equipment from China. “There are other issues, for example, transporting fans, such as lithium batteries. Many authorizations are needed, the plane flies over or crosses the airspace of other countries,” he said.

Tomorrow, a second flight with medical supplies will arrive in Mexico07:25

The chancellor Marcelo Ebrard reported that more masks (face masks) will arrive in Mexico, as well as other medical equipment to cope with the contingency; supplies that could arrive tomorrow night. On April 7, aboard the Aeroméxico Boeing 787-8 aircraft, known as Peace Missionary, the first supplies arrived from China. The shipment included 1,184 boxes with 10.1 tons of KN95 examination gloves and face masks.

AMLO says there is an agreement with China to supply medical supplies07:00

In a morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that Mexico has with China to supply medical equipment to deal with the contingency. Meanwhile, he stressed that the sick have been cared for because “there are not many yet and we want this to continue.”

Sonora records 9 cases in one day; 5 of the same family- 06:57, April 9

Sonora reached 48 cases of coronavirus With the confirmation of 9 more patients, including five members of the same family, the Ministry of Health reported that the intra-family outbreak was registered in the municipality of Huatabampo, in the south of the state, and originated from a 43-year-old patient who gave positive for the virus on April 2, so that it would total 6 infected relatives.

The ages of the nine confirmed patients ranged from 24 to 71 years, and all correspond to community infections, hence the repeated call to stay home as a preventive measure.

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Coronavirus April 8. Breaking news

International aid reaches Mexico, in order to support the fight against coronavirus in the country. Last night, the shipment with medical supplies sent by the Chinese government landed on national territory, while minutes before Cuban authorities announced that they will send medical specialists. Even in Phase 2 of the battle against covid-19 pandemic, health authorities reported that There are already 141 deaths and 2,785 positive cases.

Still on MILLENNIUM minute-by-minute coverage with breaking news on the coronavirus in Mexico today Wednesday April 8.

Coronavirus cases in Mexico by state

Map of deaths from coronavirus in Mexico


They cancel access to public places in Saltillo- 12:15

The Saltillo government ordered the cordoning off of some public squares in the Historic Center to prevent access by the population, since recently a significant number of people were observed walking and settling on these sites. Above all, those located in the Historic Center were cordoned off.

Police die in Puebla- 12:05

The Puebla Ministry of Health reported that a Police of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) passed away on Tuesday April 7 because of covid-19 in the clinic in San Manuel of the Institute of Security and Social Services for Workers of the State of Puebla (ISSSTEP). This patient was over 60 years old and tested positive on April 1, but lost his life due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

SRE: 108 Mexicans have died from covid-19 in the US- 11:40

In recent weeks, the Mexican consular network in the United States has reported an increase in the number of compatriots who have tested positive for covid-19, as well as deaths from this disease, which to date have accumulated a total of 108 people . The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) noted that the largest number of cases have occurred in New York.

Administrative director of hospital in Monclova dies- 11:20

In Coahuila, the death of nine people has been reported, according to the Ministry of Health. The agency reported that the last death was a 43-year-old man who served as administrative director from Zone Hospital number seven based in Monclova. Currently, there are 120 cases of contagion in Coahuila.

There are 20 doctors in the Tlalnepantla clinic with covid-19; discard outbreak- 11:02

The director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, confirmed that 20 doctors from clinic 72 of Tlalnepantla are infected with coronavirus, State of Mexico, but clarified that this is not an outbreak in said hospital.

“In the study that was conducted several weeks ago that the outbreak was not hospital-based, all samples were taken from doctors, with all contact studies and indeed there are 20 confirmed doctorsYes, but not because that outbreak has started in the hospital, “he said.

Tijuana Hospital cancels emergencies and IMSS clinic suspends deliveries- 10:58

The General Hospital of Tijuana, Baja California, stopped attending emergencies to dedicate itself exclusively to covid-19 cases. Nor will IMSS clinic 1 attend. While delivery services were suspended at the IMSS Regional Hospital number 1.

17 deaths from covid-19 reported in Puebla- 10:52

The Puebla Ministry of Health reported the death of three more people by covid-19 compared to April 7, so the death toll came to 17 and the number of positive cases to 183, of which 116 were by community transmission.

According to the secretary, Jorge Humberto Uribe Téllez, the deaths occurred individually at the Cholula General Hospital, the ISSSTE clinic, and the ISSSTEP clinic in San Manuel.

Entertainment workers accuse lack of employment and income- 10:40

Workers of the entertainment industry in Mexico regretted that after the coronavirus passed, thousands will remain, for at least four months, without income and without employment, since the concerts, festivals and mass events have been canceled and will be rescheduled until the end of August.

Jesús Guevara, lighting engineer from Los Caifanes, indicated that the pandemic has been a “total disaster” for the entertainment industryIt was the first to be affected, even before the official declaration of the coronavirus outbreak.

They close the boulevard that connects two municipalities in Veracruz- 10:31

The municipality of Veracruz decided close the Manuel Ávila Camacho coastal pedestrian boulevard, which connects to the Boca del Río area, to stop the transit of people after the coronavirus pandemic. The municipal traffic police put up metal fences and patrol in the sector where banks, gas stations, hotels and restaurants are located.

Constellation Brands reduces operations in Mexican breweries-10:20

Constellation Brands, the US firm, has started the process to reduce the operation of its breweries in Mexico after the government instructed industries deemed “nonessential” to stop or minimize their production in the midst of a coronavirus emergency.

Bolsa Mexicana wins at opening; uncertainty persists-10:00

The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) started operations with a gain of 0.33 percent in an environment where the markets operate with mixed results before the iUncertainty caused by the covid-19 coronavirus. At the beginning of the day, the main indicator of the local stock market, the S&P BMV IPC, started at 34,639.84 units, which meant an advance of 113.53 units, compared to the close on Tuesday.

For every infected person who travels by public transport, five 09:52

Jorge Velasco Hernández, from the Institute of Mathematics, Juriquilla unit of UNAM, stressed that people who travel in transportation are also responsible for the spread of pathogens and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, causing the covid pandemic. 19.

They will strengthen measures in prisons- 09:16

The President informed that the sanitary measures in the country’s prisons will be reinforced to avoid infections by the covid-19 as well as to take care of the inmates during the contingency.

Taxi drivers protest in front of the National Palace; they ask for support- 08:50

Taxi drivers from the Front of Collective and Alternative Transport Organizations protest in front of the National Palace, to request financial support from the federal government, before the suspension of activities due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which causes covid-19 disease.

Segob, Foreign Ministry and health sector hold virtual meeting for coronavirus- 08:40

The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero and the Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, as well as the health sector, meet virtually to approve criteria to face the covid-19.

At the meeting, governors of the center and west of the country, give a report of their entities and immediate needs in the face of the pandemic.

Banks will not charge commissions- 08:18

The President announced that banks Banorte, Azteca Bank Y Santander They will be in charge of distributing credits to SMEs and in the event of contingencies they will not charge commissions.

AMLO thanks China for supplies of coronavirus support- 08:14

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked the Chinese government the support for the medical material that will serve to face the contingency; supplies that arrived yesterday aboard the Aeromexico Boeing 787-8 plane, known as Peace Missionary.

This is the first shipment of supplies purchased by the Mexican government from China to face the covid-19 pandemic and that will be distributed among federal and state health institutions. The shipment includes 1,184 boxes with 10.1 tons of KN95 examination gloves and face masks.

Almost 350 thousand workers have been fired due to coronavirus- 07:44

During the President’s conference, it was reported that from the first detected case of covid-19 as of March 13, there was a drop in formal employment. From March 13 to April 6, 346,878 jobs were lost. Most of them in Quintana Roo Nuevo León, Jalisco, State of Mexico, Mexico City and Tamaulipas.

“This attitude of cracking a circumstance of affecting workers is recurrent. Before the coronavirus and has a lot to do with the famous outsourcing because almost the same number of dismissed workers, who of course have much more justification for what is happening, the economy is falling, there is no consumption, “said the President.

Sonora, with 13 percent coronavirus case fatality- 07:40

With a high rate of chronic diseases among its population, Sonora registers a 13 percent case fatality rate for covid-19, more than double the national and world average of just 5 percent.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health confirmed the fifth death of a total of 39 positive cases that have been registered in the state, it was a 70-year-old woman who died in the Caborca ​​General Hospital. The five victims have been women with an average age of 54 years, and all have presented at least one disease such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, lung disease chronic obstructive or asthma, according to data of the dependency.

Owner of Maseca promised not to raise prices- 07:17

According to the President, after a meeting with businessmen, the owner of Maseca, Juan González, pledged not to raise corn flour prices, material to make tortillas in order not to affect the economy of people during this contingency.

“(Juan González) made the offer that it will not increase the price of corn flour that is the raw material for tortillas, I appreciate it. Today the inflation data is released, to see if they have it, the Inflation is due to the fact that gasoline is not increasing, on the contrary, this is helping us because a crisis situation, “he stressed at a morning press conference.

Morena gives half of her budget- 07:11

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the Morena party decided to hand over half of its budget so that it can be used in the health emergency due to the coronavirus. According to him, the amount to be allocated is 785 million pesos.

Regulate access to AMLO conference- 07:05, April 8

The Presidency of the Republic reported that media access to the President’s conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador it will be restricted to avoid crowds at the risk of contingency due to covid-19.

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Liga MX launches the eLiga, the virtual tournament of Clausura 2020

Mexican soccer is back! Yes, while Mexico still faces coronavirus under the measures of Health Emergency arranged since last March 30, the Liga MX is back virtually in esports and this Tuesday the first virtual tournament in history was announced under the name eLiga MX.

This tournament will have the Participation of players from each of the 18 First Division clubs, such as Santiago Giménez, Lucas Passerini and Jonathan Borja of Cruz Azul, Miguel Ponce and Fernando Beltrán de Chivas; Monarcas has contemplated his third with the goalkeeper Luis Malagón, Paolo Medina and César “Chino” Huerta.

It is worth mentioning that the Spanish League and Italian Serie A were the pioneers in organizing tournaments esports with professional club players before the COVID-19 pandemic, with Marco Asensio as the winner of the Spanish tournament, who as a prize received a cooking pot, same as him Real Madrid put in the trophy room.

What are esports?

The esports or electronic sports are a novelty in the field of video game. This concept is used to name the corganized events at a professional level. They are competitions multiplayer from different disciplines. Its operation is very simple: each esport it has own rules and they have access to different devices and platforms so on-line u offline.

What does a video game need to be considered e Sports?

Currently just one ten video games are considered electronic sports: League of Legends, StarCraft, Dota 2, Call of Duty, FIFA, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Smash Bros, among others. All of them have a series of common characteristics to be considered esport, the following stand out:

  • He game allows the confrontation between two or more players and they will compete on equal terms.
  • They must exist leagues and official competitions with professionalized rules, teams and players.
  • He videogame it must have reached thousands of fans that they play or follow the competitions. In this way, an information demand is born and the media broadcast and report on these official competitions.

When does the eLiga MX start?

From this one Friday, April 10 The official esports tournament of Liga MX will begin, with Date 1 having games at 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. There will also be duels on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where will the eLiga MX be broadcast?

Televisa, TV Azteca, Imagen Televisión and Chivas TV will be the four platforms through which the Liga MX. Of the 18 First Division clubs, Guadalajara will be seen on Chivas TV and the White Roosters in Image, while Televisa and TV Azteca will be divided into the remaining 16.

For a few weeks now, the League’s marketing department has met – via videoconferences – with the clubs to organize the tournament. At the beginning they had to overcome difficulties such as logistics and the issue of television rights, for which Both Fox Sports and ESPN gave up their teams’ broadcasts, since they decided not to send production teams to the places where the soccer players are as a preventive measure for the pandemic.