Lack of this vitamin may complicate coronavirus

Irish scientists have found that vitamin D
can protect the body from coronavirus. Deficiency of this vitamin weakens
human immunity and makes him more susceptible to infection with COVID-19. If the sun
not enough, vitamin D can be found in foods.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the fight against
respiratory functions. In addition, the saturation of the body with vitamin allows
use less antibiotics. It should be noted that vitamin D
generally strengthens the immune system.

Irish scientists have shown that people with a deficiency of this
Vitamin A was observed susceptibility to infection with coronavirus. If in your
the terrain is not enough sun, this vitamin can be obtained in foods. Specialists
advised to eat eggs, liver, fatty fish, milk and cereals.

In addition to vitamin D deficiency, at risk
there are people suffering from asthma, obesity, chronic lung disease. Inactive
lifestyle can also help coronavirus take over the body.


The 2020 Olympics will be postponed for 1 year

More than 392,000 people worldwide – including over 46,000 people in the United States – have been infected with the new coronavirus and the number of deaths from the epidemic continues to rise. Officials are attempting to contain the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States as schools, businesses and public events are closed or canceled.

The real-time updates of Tuesday March 24 continue below:

The Tokyo Olympics have been officially postponed to 2021

March 9: 9:00 EDT Update: The Tokyo Olympics have been officially postponed to 2021.

The International Olympic Committee together with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and local organizers have decided that the Tokyo Games will not be able to continue as planned this year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The IOC says the games will be held “no later than the summer of 2021”, but will still be called the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

March 8: 8:30 AM EDT Update: The 2020 Olympics, which were to take place Japan During the summer, he was postponed for a year due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, according to several reports.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday that he had reached an agreement with the president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach to postpone the Olympics for a year, according to The Guardian and CNN.

Olympic commissions for Canada is Australia he said these days that they would not send athletes to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo because of the risk posed by the current coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus cases are the best 390,000 worldwide

8:15 EDT update of March 24: The recently updated numbers compiled by John Hopkins University show an increase in the cases reported in Spain is Germany, bringing the total number of cases worldwide to 392,331.

In Spain, 36,673 COVID-19 cases and 2,696 deaths were reported, according to the latest data. In Germany 30,150 cases were reported along with 130 deaths.

Global coronavirus deaths near 17K, worldwide cases reach 387K

Update 7:25 EDT on March 24thThe global death toll attributed to the coronavirus novel approached 17,000 on Tuesday, according to a Johns Hopkins University count.

In the three months following the first identification of the virus Wuhan, China, has infected at least 387,382 people worldwide and has caused at least 16,767 victims.

Italy confirmed 63,927 cases, causing 6,077 deaths.

• The United States reported 46,450 confirmed cases, resulting in 542 deaths.

Spain confirmed 35,212 infections, causing 2,318 deaths.

Germany reported 30,081 cases, resulting in 130 deaths.

I came across it recorded 24,811 cases, resulting in 1,934 deaths.

France confirmed 20,149 infections, causing 860 deaths.

Switzerland confirmed 9,117 cases, causing 122 deaths.

South Korea has registered 9,037 cases, resulting in 120 deaths.

• The UK reported 6,733 cases, resulting in 335 deaths.

• The Holland confirmed 4,767 cases, resulting in 213 deaths.

Self-proclaimed virus spreader arrested in Germany for licking the subway ticket machine, handrail

Update 7:12 EDT on March 24th: Authority in Monk They arrested a German man who posted an online video last week who appears to be showing him while licking the handrail of an escalator and a subway ticket machine, the Washington Post reported.

The 33-year-old man reported to the police that he wanted to spread the new coronavirus, but it was not immediately clear whether he turned out to be positive for the virus that caused a global pandemic, Post reported.

Thailand declares a state of emergency, citing a 14-fold increase in coronavirus infection in 1 month

Update 7:01 EDT on March 24th: In an attempt to allow the government more law enforcement powers to fight the new coronavirus, Thailand declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

According to The Associated Press, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s cabinet accepted the measure of the month after the nation experienced a 14-fold spike in confirmed cases during the month of March.

Prior to March 1, Thailand had reported only 42 confirmed cases, but that figure had increased to over 800 by Tuesday.

Spain turns the skating rink into a temporary morgue to manage the coronavirus volume

Update 6:33 EDT on March 24th: The Spanish regional government announced Monday in Madrid the skating rink has been revived as a temporary morgue to manage the bodies of COVID-19 victims, according to CNN reports.

The Spanish emergency military unit has already started delivering some bodies to the Ice Palace in Madrid’s Hortaleza district.

According to a statement sent to CNN, the funeral service of the government of the city of Madrid announced on Monday that it will stop collecting the bodies of those who die from coronavirus as “lacking sufficient protective material”.

The regional government called the move a “temporary and extraordinary measure” adopted to “reduce the pain of the families of the victims and the situation recorded in the hospitals of Madrid”.

Hawaii reports its first coronavirus-related death

Update 05:31 EDT on March 24th: Officials in Hawaii confirmed the first death of the state related to the novel coronavirus.

According to the Department of Health of Hawaii, “indirect exposure to travel” is probably the cause of the mortality that occurred on Friday.

“All of Hawai’i expresses its condolences to the dead person’s family and shares mourning for his loss. Everyone is encouraged to take care of themselves and loved ones during these difficult times,” the department said in a statement.

To date, Hawaii has confirmed a total of 77 infections.

The NRA cuts wages and staff while the coronavirus crisis diverts donations

5:06 AM EDT update on March 24th: The National Rifle Association announced deep wages and staff cuts on Monday as the coronavirus pandemic canceled donations, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Specifically, the organization announced a 20 percent reduction in wages and said it would lay off an unspecified number of staff.

The NRA said in a statement that the virus outbreak led to the cancellation of the annual nonprofit group meeting next month, “and caused a serious disruption to our fundraising activities,” including friends of the collection. funds from the NRA.

Amazon distributes a paid salary to all part-time employees during the coronavirus ordering crisis

Update 4:50 EDT on March 24th: In response to pressure from warehouse workers’ change requests for 2019, Inc. has begun offering a paid vacation period to all part-time employees across its U.S. logistics network, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Despite organizational efforts by employees in Sacramento, Chicago, New York and other high-profile metropolises, the global coronavirus pandemic appears to have been the push for the immediate change of rules as online orders continue to rise from domestic consumers, he said. the Journal.

Coronavirus cases rise worldwide as the pandemic tightens its hold

03:52 EDT update March 24th: A Monday tweet from a World Health Organization official did not coat sugar.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO director general, shared the incredibly high infection rate of the novel coronavirus and reminded anyone who monitored the global pandemic that each of these reported figures represents a true human being.

With over 382,000 confirmed cases worldwide – with the result of over 16,500 victims to date – infection rates in nearly a dozen countries have increased in the past 24 hours. CNN offered the following roundup:

United States: More than 100 coronavirus-related deaths – bringing the national total to at least 540 – reported in a single day for the first time since the outbreak. Of the more than 46,000 known U.S. cases, 21,689 reside in New York.

Canada: On Monday, new cases increased by nearly a third, bringing the national total to at least 2,000 confirmed cases and 23 deaths. The largest provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have seen the greatest peaks in infection activity.

Brazil: According to the South American country’s ministry of health, nearly 400 new cases were diagnosed Monday, alone, bringing the national total to 1,891.

Italy: There have been 601 new coronavirus-related deaths confirmed in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 6,077 among 63,927 cases nationwide.

Singapore: 54 new diagnoses of coronaviruses were reported on Monday, which marked the city-state’s largest one-day peak and brought the national total to 509 infections.

UK: At least 54 people have died in the UK from coronaviruses in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll nationwide to 335 among 6,700 total cases.

Spain: The ministry of health confirmed that the country’s total infections increased by 4,517 between Sunday and Monday, bringing the national total to 33,089. 2,182 people died, including 462 in the same 24-hour period.

I came acrossThe country confirmed 1,411 new cases on Monday, bringing the national total to 23,049 infections, resulting in 1,812 deaths so far.

Consumers who isolate themselves from coronavirus increase the demand for electronic payments

02:42 EDT Update March 24th: Homebound buyers around the world are fueling a worldwide surge in demand for digital payment services, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Household orders have forced consumers to rethink their sources to meet basic needs and combat boredom – from groceries and prescription drugs to online movies and audiobooks – amid the new coronavirus pandemic. In turn, many electronic payment providers appeal to contingency plans generally reserved for seasonal bursts of online shopping, such as Black Friday.

In Italy, on its own, e-commerce transactions have grown 81% since the end of February, according to the Journal citing McKinsey & Co.

The Chinese province of Hubei lifted the coronavirus blockade on Wednesday

Update 2:29 EDT on March 24thAuthorities at the original epicenter of the new coronavirus pandemic are slated to lift nearly all blocking restrictions on Wednesday, CNN reported.

The Chinese province of Hubei it has been widely regarded as ground zero for the global pandemic. Blocking restrictions are expected to continue in the provincial capital city of Wuhan, however, at least until April 8, the network reported.

To date, Hubei has confirmed 67,801 coronavirus cases, resulting in 3,160 deaths; however, the province has only experienced one new infection in the past six days.

However, the rate of new infections has been significantly reduced: the province has only reported one new infection in the past six days.

State-by-state breakdown of 42,663 coronavirus cases in the United States, 541 deaths

12:50 EDT Update March 24th: The number of new coronavirus cases in the United States exceeded 46,000 in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands on Monday evening.

According to researchers from Johns Hopkins University, there are at least 46,371 confirmed cases of viruses in the United States, which have resulted in a total of at least 541 deaths.

Of the confirmed deaths, 157 occurred in New York, 110 inches Washington been and 34 inches Louisiana.

In terms of diagnosed cases, New York it remains the hardest hit with nearly 21,000 confirmed cases – more than seven times any other state – followed by New Jersey with 2.844 e Washington with 2,221.

Five other states have now reported at least 1,000 new cases of coronavirus, including:

The figures include 21 people on board the Grand Princess cruise ship and 49 returnees. Returns include 46 sick on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship and three more recovered from the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, China.

The breakdown state by state – including presumptive cases – of the 42,597 cases found on US soil is as follows:

Arizona: 235, including 2 dead

California: 1,733, including 32 dead

Colorado: 591, including 6 dead

Connecticut: 415, including 10 dead

District of Colombia: 116, including 2 dead

Florida: 1,237, including 18 dead

Georgia: 800, including 26 dead

guam: 27, including 1 death

Illinois: 1,285, including 12 dead

Indiana: 259, including 7 deaths

Kansas: 82, including 2 deaths

Kentucky: 124, including four dead

Louisiana: 1,172, including 34 dead

Maryland: 288, including 3 deaths

Massachusetts: 777, including 9 dead

Michigan: 1,328, including 15 dead

Minnesota: 235, including 1 death

Mississippi: 249, including 1 death

Missouri: 183, including 3 dead

Nevada: 245, including 4 dead

New Hampshire: 101, including 1 death

New Jersey: 2,844, including 27 dead

New York: 20,875, including 157 dead

Ohio: 442, including 6 deaths

Oklahoma: 81, including 2 deaths

Oregon: 191, including 5 dead

Pennsylvania: 644, including 6 deaths

Puerto Rico: 31, including 2 dead

South Carolina: 298, including 5 dead

South Dakota: 28, including 1 death

Tennessee: 615, including 2 dead

Texas: 352, including 8 deaths

U.S. Virgin Islands: 17

Utah: 257, including 1 death

Vermont: 75, including 5 dead

Virginia: 254, including 6 deaths

Washington: 2,221, including 110 dead

Wisconsin: 416, including 5 dead

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


The total number of cases in the United States exceeds 46,000 while the death toll exceeds 540

At least 381,000 people worldwide – including over 46,000 people in the United States – have been infected with the new coronavirus and the death toll from the epidemic continues to rise. Officials are attempting to contain the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States as schools, businesses and public events are closed or canceled.


US CDC Admits to Misdiagnosing Coronavirus Patients

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted to misdiagnosing some patients with # COVID_19, this according to a tweet from Lijian Zhao, a Chinese politician and current deputy director of the Information Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

According to Zhao, several people were diagnosed with the flu instead of COVID-19 during the 2019 flu season.

Given this, Zhao encouraged the authorities to get patient 0 since the COVID-19 virus has been around since September of last year.

According to CDC statisticsBetween October 2019 and February 2020, the flu affected some 34 million people, of whom an estimated 12,000 died. On the other hand, the coronavirus has infected more than 300,000 and a total of 14,611 people have died. The World Health Organization (WHO) It has identified more than 150 with cases of coronavirus.


LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in Mid-South: COVID 19 at the base of Millington Navy – FOX13 Memphis

  1. LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in Mid-South: COVID 19 at Millington Navy Base FOX13 Memphis
  2. UTHSC offers drive-thru tests for COVID-19 WMC
  3. LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in Mid-South: the city of Memphis collaborates with UTHSC, the health department of the Shelby Co. FOX13 Memphis
  4. Coronavirus in Memphis: closed entertainment spaces; plan to feed students who meet on a commercial appeal
  5. Analysis of the coronavirus test for the Mid-South Memphis FOX13
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Coronavirus Update: 84 million people under house orders in the United States, Albania employs army to impose curfew


March 22, 2020 8:28:59 AM

As the number of coronavirus infections rises to over 1,000 in Australia, five major states are imposing orders in the United States by keeping 84 million citizens in their homes and Albania is using its army to impose a strict 40-hour curfew.

This story is updated regularly throughout the day.

The fifth U.S. state issues home return orders

A quarter of Americans have now been ordered to remain in their homes, with New Jersey following four other states imposing unprecedented public health restrictions.

California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut had already tightened the rules on the movement of residents. Orders now apply to 84 million people.

Trips to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and other “essential activities” are excluded.

And officials warn that life will not return to normal soon.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “I don’t think it will be a matter of weeks. I believe it will be a matter of months.”

Cuomo said the state identified 6,000 fans but needed 30,000. He said the state was sending 1 million N95 respiratory masks to New York City, where over 6,000 cases were diagnosed.

The death toll in Italy is rising again

The sad Italian account of coronavirus cases and deaths continued to rise, with officials announcing new daily highs: 793 deaths and 6,557 cases.

There are now 53,578 known cases in the country.

Over 60% of the latest deaths have occurred in the northern region of Lombardy.

The new hikes come almost two weeks into a national bloc.

Your coronavirus questions answered:

Promote the Australian economy

Australian nonprofits and small businesses will receive a tax-free cash payment of up to $ 100,000 to keep people employed as part of the government’s second economic incentive package.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is poised to unveil $ 66 billion worth of measures today, including aid to retirees and a new wage or “safety net” for workers who lose their jobs.

The loans will also be guaranteed by the government.

There will be a minimum payment of $ 20,000 for eligible companies.

The coronavirus causes an uprising in prison

At least one person was killed and four others injured during a riot in a prison in central Sri Lanka.

Police say the problem started after detainees staged a protest asking for their release due to the coronavirus epidemic.

They say some prisoners tried to take advantage of the opportunity to escape, prompting officers to open fire in the city of Anuradhapura prison.

Stay up to date on the coronavirus epidemic

Bangkok closes more stores

The authorities of the Thai capital Bangkok have introduced new measures to stem the spread of COVID-19.

ABC correspondent in Southeast Asia, Amy Bainbridge, says shopping malls in the city will close today, although supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open, and restaurants will also be able to fill takeaway orders.

Beauty salons, boxing stadiums and game rooms will also close.

The measures came when Thailand reported 89 new confirmed virus cases, bringing the tally to 411.

Most of the cases are located in Bangkok, and many are linked to previous infections from a boxing match, an entertainment complex and a religious gathering in neighboring Malaysia.

Schools are already closed and will now remain closed for another 22 days.

Orders issued earlier in the week included the closure of entertainment and sports venues, as well as massage rooms.

Thai Air Asia, Bangkok Airways and Thai Lion Air have suspended international flights.

What coronavirus experts say:

The Albanian army prepared to use force to impose a curfew

The Albanian government has deployed its army to impose a strict 40-hour curfew.

It is hoped that the curfew will slow down the spread of the coronavirus and follow people who break previous measures.

Despite travel bans and orders to stay home for most of the day, many Albanians continued jogging in a group, playing dominoes on the street and ignoring the advice to keep a distance in line.

So far, 76 people in the country have been infected and two have died.

Officials are keen to avoid a sudden spike in cases that would put limited public health services to the test.

Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha, in a rare show of unity, called on people to respect the 40-hour blockade, which began at 1pm local time on Saturday.

“Everyone will stay inside after 1pm, the police and the military will use force against anyone who breaks the law, including retirees, and if necessary use water and tear gas cannons,” said Rama.

British police catch toilet paper thieves

British police discovered a handful of stolen toilet paper and handwashing products while stopping a stolen vehicle.

Three men were arrested last Friday for burglary crimes involving dozens of parcels of toilet paper and hand sanitizer – items that have been difficult to find in British stores because of buyers who are in a hurry to stock up.

“Police officers always get a huge sense of satisfaction when we catch thieves … however we never expected to find this stolen booty in the trunk,” said the police operational support group in Essex, a county in the north. east London.

The numbers of the Australian case

The number of coronavirus infections in Australia has exceeded 1,000, with 1,073 cases confirmed by Saturday evening.

Here is a breakdown of cases state by state:

  • NSW: 436 (six dead)
  • Victoria: 229
  • Queensland: 221
  • WA: 90 (one death)
  • SA: 67
  • Tasmania: 16 years old
  • ACT: 9
  • NT: 5

The figures come from state and territorial databases of confirmed COVID-19 cases. The latest update was at 20:30 AEDT on Saturday March 21st.



breathing problems,






First published

March 22, 2020 8:04:27 AM


Coronavirus cases in India See the biggest jump in a day: 10 points

Coronavirus cases in India See the biggest jump in a day: 10 points

Coronavirus Update: People were told to stay home on Sunday


  • The Prime Minister said a days curfew will help people embrace self-isolation
  • “Unless absolutely necessary nobody should leave the house,” he said
  • Across India, 200 reported coronavirus cases

New Delhi:
The Indian railways canceled all passenger trains from midnight Saturday at 22:00 on Sunday after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked for a “Janata curfew. “BJP leader and former Rajasthani prime minister Vasundhara Raje went into solitary confinement with his son Dushyant Singh after singer Kanika Kapoor proved positive for the virus. Meanwhile, the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases more than 220 have passed in the country, with at least 50 cases reported today alone. This marks the biggest one-day jump in the epidemic. At least four deaths have been linked to the virus. The Ministry of Health has urged people to follow the request curfew of Prime Minister Modi In response to the spread of the virus, the center closed borders on international flights and suspended incoming visas, while states closed public spaces and asked people to work from home.

Here are the top 10 points in this great story:

  1. In addition to the cancellation of passenger and postal trains on Sunday, suburban services in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai will be reduced to the “bare minimum” to meet only “essential travel”. Passengers affected by cancellations will have “hassle-free refunds,” said the Railways. The national airline GoAir followed later in the day, saying they were responding to the Prime Minister’s “request for clarification”. IndiGo said it would operate only 60% of its domestic flights.

  2. Vasundhara Raje reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a dinner in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The dinner, which was held on Sunday, was attended by the famous singer Kanika Kapoor who confirmed that she had been infected. President Ram Nath Kovind was also present at the party and canceled all his appointments, as well as party MP Aam Aadmi Sanjay Singh and Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh.

  3. In a press conference held tonight, officials from the Ministry of Health of the Union reiterated the Prime Minister’s request that there was no need to panic and accumulate essential goods. Lav Agarwal, a senior official, also said that people were advised to keep away from large religious gatherings. The ministry’s comment came hours after an event at a Ram festival in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya was “suspended”.

  4. India is still testing only 10% of its capacity, said Dr Raman Gangakedhkar of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) in the briefing. Medical experts have expressed concern about the low test rate, suggesting that aggressive mass-level tests, such as that of South Korea, may be the key to containing the virus. The ICMR said on Wednesday that private laboratories could be stranded to increase testing facilities. India is still in stage 2 of the epidemic, according to the ICMR.

  5. “Under this Janata curfew (public), no one should leave their home or gather in their neighborhoods. Only those related to essential services should come out, “said the Prime Minister in his televised speech last night. The Prime Minister also said that the one-day curfew would help people get used to self-isolation, indicating that restrictions of longer periods long could be announced soon.

  6. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi also invited the elderly (those over 65) to stay home. The Prime Minister’s warning comes when medical experts say that people over 65 (and those under 10) are the most susceptible to infections. All four COVID-19 deaths in India are from the elderly.

  7. Educational institutions and other public spaces in several states have been closed. Today, Delhi’s prime minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said that shopping malls in the national capital would also be closed. Punjab has closed most of its public transportation. Shopping centers and cinemas have also been closed in Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Bengal and many other states.

  8. In a notification issued Thursday evening, the center asked its employees to work gradually from home. According to the notification, 50% of Group B and C employees will work from home, while the rest will participate in the office during staggered working hours. Government offices had already stopped biometric presence systems.

  9. A special task force, led by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, was set up to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Indian economy. The task force comes amid congressional leader Rahul Gandhi’s warnings that the outbreak will have “devastating” economic consequences. Indian equity markets, and indeed overseas ones, have reached a clean and nervous level, with millions of people invested in wealth.

  10. The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country has also extended to religious centers. This morning a member of the organizing committee of the “Ram Kot Parikrama”, which marks the beginning of Ram Navami’s celebrations in the Aydohya of Ust Pradesh next week, told NDTV that the event was suspended. In Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati’s board of directors has closed the iconic temple for virus fears. The famous Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai has already been closed. Sporting events were also affected, with the postponement of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament and the India-South Africa series canceled.

With input from PTI


Coronavirus live updates: travel ban in Australia enters into force when COVID-19 spreads worldwide

This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and BBC World Service which is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced.

AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time which is 11 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)


Coronavirus update: Italy outperforms China in COVID-19 death toll, gloomy statistics in Iran, real positive tests, airline staff to become doctors


March 20, 2020, 10:00 a.m.

Italy now has more coronavirus deaths than China, the Commonwealth Bank has warned that the economic fallout will be greater than that of the GFC and the Americans have been urged not to travel anywhere abroad.

This story is regularly updated. You can also stay informed of the latest episode of the Coronacast podcast.

The key moments on Friday

Italy exceeds China’s death toll

A total of 427 deaths have been recorded in Italy in the past 24 hours, bringing the national count to 3,405.

In comparison, 3,245 people died in China since the virus first emerged in Wuhan city late last year.

However, Italy has far fewer confirmed cases: 41,035 on Thursday against 80,907 in China.

The Italian epidemic did not come to light until it was first reported in the north of the country on February 21st.

The country’s hospitals said they were overwhelmed and the government prepared prolong emergency stop measures.

Coronavirus will have a worse impact than GFC, the bank warns

Commonwealth Bank chief Matt Comyn warned of fallout from the spread of coronavirus it will hit harder than the global financial crisis of 2008.

“There are every reason to be concerned at this particular moment,” Comyn told ABC’s The Business.

At ABC News Breakfast this morning, treasurer Josh Frydenberg was asked, “Are we going towards a large-scale depression?”

Here is how he replied:

“Well, what I can tell you is that the Australian economy has approached this health crisis, which is having a significant economic impact, from a strong position. We are using all the means at our disposal to support the economy.”

Yesterday, the Reserve Bank reduced interest rates to a record low of 0.25 percent in a year emergency move.

Banks expected to announce measures to help customers

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says banks will announce a “very significant” package of measures to help their customers who are struggling financially, saying it is in their best interest.

“They want their business, which they lend money to, they want it to survive,” he told Channel Seven’s Sunrise Seven.

Frydenberg said the federal government is also working on a second “very substantial” economic incentive package, in addition to the previously announced $ 18 billion package.

“What the second package will do is try to mitigate the blow for those Australians who may have lost their jobs and continue to support small businesses,” he said.

The Americans urged not to go anywhere abroad

The United States has raised its travel warning to the whole world the highest levelurging Americans not to go abroad and urging those already abroad to return immediately to the country due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

“If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans could be severely disrupted and you may be forced to stay outside the United States for an indefinite period of time,” said the consultant.

Australia announced similar travel tips earlier this week, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison stating that people should not “go overseas” because of the “annual event“.

All foreign travelers will be prohibited from entering Australia from 9.00pm tonight AEDT.

The UN says the world is “at war with a virus”, an almost certain global recession

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the world is “at war with a virus” and warned that a global recession, “perhaps of record size”, it’s almost a certainty.

He said that the global scale of the crisis requires “coordinated, decisive and innovative political action” by the major world economies.

“We have to recognize it the poorest and most vulnerable countries, especially women, will be most affected, “He said.

Mr Guterres welcomed the one next week emergency summit of the leaders of the group of 20 major economic powers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying: “The extent of the response must correspond to its scope”.

The virus takes a life “every 10 minutes” in Iran

Coronavirus is killing one person every 10 minutes in Iran, a ministry health spokesman said the death toll in the most affected country in the Middle East rose to 1,284.

Kianush Jahanpur, head of public relations and information from the ministry of health and medical education, also tweeted that “about 50 people are infected with the virus every hour” in the country.

Alireza Raisi, Iran’s deputy minister for health, said the total number of infections had reached 18,407 in the Islamic Republic.

The government ordered the closure of schools and universities and prohibited sports, cultural and religious encounters. Iran has also closed four sacred Shiite shrines.

The virus also dampened Iran ‘s celebrations for the Nowruz New Year starting on Friday.

AFL players get their first taste of stadiums without fans

Last night, Richmond and Carlton kicked off the AFL season in the face of an empty MCG, when in the past two seasons 90.151 (2018) and 85.016 (2019) showed up for the same appointment.

Senior ABC Forum commentator Alister Nicholson said he was “not footy as we know it”.

“The atmosphere is very different tonight,” he said.

It was a similar story in Sydney, as the second round of the NRL started with the Bulldogs hosting the Cowboys in an empty Olympic stadium in Sydney.

AFL and NRL players and supporters will have to get used to games played without crowds following the federal government’s decision ban mass gatherings during the coronavirus crisis.

The Cannes Film Festival has been postponed

The Cannes Film Festival in France has postponed its 73rd edition.

The film festival, probably the most prestigious in the world, was supposed to take place from 12 to 23 May, but the organizers claim to be thinking of moving the festival until late June or early July.

“See you soon,” said the festival in a note.

Real virus positive tests

Prince Albert of Monaco turned out to be positive for COVID-19, becoming the first monarch who was diagnosed with the disease.

A palace statement says the 62-year-old was tested for the virus earlier this week and that his health “inspires no worries.”

The prince will continue to work from his private apartments and will be carefully monitored by his personal doctor and specialist from the Princess Grace Hospital Center in Monaco.

Prince Albert urged the 39,000 inhabitants of Monaco to adhere to the quarantine rules to stop the spread of the virus.

Stay up to date on the coronavirus epidemic

Airline staff become healthcare professionals

Over a thousand redundant workers from SAS airlines are offered in Sweden accelerated health training to help Sweden’s besieged health system fight coronavirus.

SAS laid off 10,000 employees, or 90% of its workforce, temporarily because the demand for flights “more or less disappeared” after many European countries closed their borders or advised against traveling.

In late March, Sophiahemmet University will run a three-day pilot program for 30 people, hoping to extend the course to hundreds more in the near future.

“There are incredibly knowledgeable people who will be able to offer relief to our health care immediately after completing the training so that doctors and nurses can devote even more time to patient care,” said the university principal.

Students will be trained provide information to patients and their families, sterilize beds and equipment and basic administrative tasks.

In Australia, Qantas and Jetstar will temporarily cut two thirds of their 30,000 employees from late March until at least the end of May. Virgin Australia is rooting its international fleet.

Queen “ready to act”, Invictus Games announced

The queen issued a message later leaving Buckingham Palace with Prince Philip to settle at Windsor Castle, saying that she and her family “are ready to do our part” to help deal with the coronavirus crisis.

“As Philip and I arrive in Windsor today, we know that many individuals and families across the UK and around the world are entering a period of great concern and uncertainty,” reads a Buckingham Palace statement.

The queen said that the history of the nation was “shaped by people and communities coming together to work together”, and that she was “enormously grateful for the expertise and commitment of our scientists, medical professionals and emergency services and public. “

“Many of us will have to find new ways to stay in touch with each other and make sure our loved ones are safe. I am sure we are up to that challenge,” he said.

In the meantime, the Invictus Games, created by Prince Harry to help sick and injured war veterans, announced that it would be postpone the event until next year.

It was to take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in May.

African nations are a new frontier

Multiple African countries closed their borders on Thursday when the local spread of the coronavirus threatened to turn the continent of 1.3 billion people into a new alarming front for the pandemic.

The head of Africa of the World Health Organization, dr. Matshidiso Moeti, said about 10 days ago that there were five countries with the virus.

Now, 34 of Africa’s 54 countries have cases, with a total close to 650. Moeti claimed he was a “extremely rapid evolution”.

In Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni has banned the presence in bars and clubs, defining limiting “happiness” a new front in preventing viruses.

“Drunks sit close to each other. They talk with the saliva coming out of their mouth. They are a danger to themselves,” he said.

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India to try a curfew

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to citizens observe a curfew on March 22 from 7:00 to 21:00 as part of an experiment to test social isolation to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“If you think India has been spared and that everything is OK, and you won’t be affected by the pandemic, then it’s a wrong way of thinking,” he said.

In a speech to the nation, Modi also asked people to come up to their balconies on Sunday at 5pm and beat pots, clap or ring the bells to show their appreciation for those on the front lines including medical staff.

To date, India has recorded only three deaths and 176 confirmed coronavirus cases.

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