Breaking news: 1 hour in the heart of the corona! First warning: Don’t touch anything

coronavirus The whole world has been closed because of it. Healthcare professionals are struggling with heart to treat those who are infected. Covidien-19Only doctors and nurses are interested in the hospital. At Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital coronaviruses We contacted two patients who received treatment on quarantine days. The department used as intensive care and operating room in the hospital, coronaviruses reserved for their patients. All of the 7-storey building has patients who have a positive test result. I am only allowed 1 floor. I have the opportunity to talk to two patients lying there. When entering the floor, we wear medical clothes, masks, gloves and glasses. We are allowed to go to the door of the room. The doctors next to us warn us not to touch anywhere.

Breaking news: 1 hour in the heart of the corona First warning: Don't touch anything

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The first patient we contacted is Ayşe Ö. is happening. Ayşe Ö., 48. He tells Hürriyet about his process: “The virus first appeared on two of my daughters. First, he started to be malaise and headache. They said I got the virus in the hospital. My wife also got the virus. I am first undergoing treatment on that third floor. We talk on the phone all day long. We give each other morale. I have 4 children. My 2 daughters were not hospitalized. They were quarantined at home. The tests of my other two children were negative. This process was very tired. But my whole family will be able to defeat this virus. I miss sitting on the balcony of my house under the sun and drinking tea. We will meet the whole family on the balcony again. ”

A few days after this meeting, Ayşe Ö. He was discharged from the hospital. However, his wife is still being treated in the hospital.

Breaking news: 1 hour in the heart of the corona First warning: Don't touch anything


We go to the other patient who is being treated. Safiye A., the 49-year-old patient we talked about, said that the test was positive on April 5, Safiye A. describes the disease process: “First I had a lung film in a hospital. It turned out clean. Then I came to the emergency department of Cerrahpaşa. Here I was immediately quarantined and started my treatment. I was very scared when my illness was first diagnosed. I have another relative who is being treated here. My relative is old and cannot meet his needs alone. Although he is well taken care of here, he may need someone more. As of today my test was negative, I said that I did not want to be discharged to look at it. I can’t leave him alone. I got better and he will get better. We will both defeat this virus and leave this hospital. When will we do not join each other nowadays? ”

Breaking news: 1 hour in the heart of the corona First warning: Don't touch anything

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Cerrahpaşa Emergency Medicine Head Professor who said that the patient burden is increasing day by day. Dr. İbrahim İkizceli said, “Our patient burden before the pandemic traffic accidents or general emergencies. Pandemic most of our cases from Covidien constitutes suspect or Covid positive patients. We take care of every patient. Patients with Covid at the entrance of the emergency room are transferred to another department, while those who are not a separate unit. The burden of our health professionals naturally increased. This causes fatigue and stress. We try to give psychological support. We get support from other units where we are not enough. ”

Breaking news: 1 hour in the heart of the corona First warning: Don't touch anything


Quarantine was missed … New development in the event that attracted great reaction

According to the news of Ferit Zengin from Milliyet, the deputy governor, who broke the seal and lowered the daughter of the bureaucrat of the TRNC from the quarantine bus, was dismissed.

He cut off the bus with the police

The events of 18 March Wednesday evening, brought to Turkey by the Paris-Istanbul flights because of the outbreak of a sealed leads to quarantine address Turkish citizens bus from the front cut off by police at Istanbul airport exit, seal-breaking Deputy Governor Sanli’s instructions on the bus when police Distinguished Sofi between passengers’ He took him off the bus and loaded it into Şanlı’s office car.


After the scandal incident, which was taken on mobile phones by the citizens on the bus and shared on social media, the Ministry of Interior and TRNC officials made several judicial investigations, while the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor and Gazisomanpaşa Chief Public Prosecutor.

After the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which explains that the action was a wrong action and that those responsible will be identified and necessary, the administrative investigation of the incident was carried out, while the Istanbul Airport Civil Authority Chief Deputy Governor İsmail Şanlı was seen as the responsible person for the incident. It has been changed.


While the Head of Civil Administration İsmail Şanlı, who has been on duty since the opening of Istanbul Airport, was dismissed and taken to the Governorate order, Hakan Hakyemez, who was promoted to first-class civilian administration, was brought in last November while he was working as a Property Inspector at the Ministry of Interior.


On the other hand, it was alleged that the test of Şanlı, who learned that he said “I followed the order” to his close circle and had a Covid-19 test after the discomfort he experienced a few days after the incident, was also positive and quarantined.