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As of April 7, 2020, 8:56 p.m.

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Claudia Schröder informed on Tuesday about the status of the corona measures in Lower Saxony.

Is there a turnaround in the corona pandemic? The number of people actively infected with the coronavirus in Lower Saxony on Tuesday with 226 new infections was only marginally larger than the number of newly recovered people (221). The deputy head of the crisis team, Claudia Schröder, had said on Tuesday afternoon in Hanover that only 141 new infections had been reported. However, she did not yet want to derive a general trend reversal from these daily values ​​and continued to urge strict adherence to the contact restrictions. “We have not yet made the curve tip.”

More than 900 corona cases in hospitals

According to information from the evening, the number of infected people in Lower Saxony rose by 226 to 6,444 on Tuesday, and that of people classified as healthy to just under 2,000. More than 900 people are treated in the hospital, 228 of them in the intensive care unit. 164 of these patients require artificial ventilation. The number of people who died from the disease rose to 122 after 108 the previous day.



On Tuesday, Claudia Schröder from the crisis team announced a decrease in corona infections. However, she pointed out that these are daily values.
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Continue to minimize physical contacts

Schröder also informed about the new version of the Social Contact Restriction Ordinance effective Wednesday. Larger gatherings and celebrations should continue to be avoided, “reducing physical contacts to an absolute minimum”. However, Schröder made it clear that certain visits are not subject to the restrictions of the legal regulation. Weddings and funerals for up to ten people are possible, the accompaniment of the dying is permitted, and pregnant women and children can still be attended.

Automatic car washes are allowed to open

After intensive consultations, the state government also decided to reopen automatic car washes, said Claudia Schröder. Flower shops are likely to continue to sell goods, but flower trading on weekly markets remains prohibited. The churches are allowed to open their rooms for “silent prayer” while observing the distance rules at Easter, but worship services will only be available in digital form at Easter.

Annoyance at sharing data

There is still anger in the state government over whether data from people who have been quarantined because of the coronavirus can be passed on to the police by the health authorities. Since this practice became known in Lower Saxony through a corresponding decree sent on March 31, a violent dispute has raged between the Ministry of Health and the State Data Protection Commissioner Barbara Thiel. The Ministry of Social Affairs considers this practice “absolutely necessary”, as Claudia Schröder confirmed on Tuesday. Thiel calls the data transfer “unacceptable and unacceptable”. The “illegal and stockpiling data transmission must be stopped immediately”, she demands.

04/07/2020 08:39 PM

Editor’s note: In an older version of the article, there was talk that the number of those recovered for the first time was greater than that of the newly infected. This trend has shifted due to figures corrected by the Lower Saxony Health Office late Tuesday afternoon.

Further information

04/06/2020 07:30 p.m.

The country’s crisis team had to take a stand again on the confusion surrounding a visit ban. The press conference also dealt with the question of when easing is possible.

04/05/2020 07:30 p.m.

“Corona parties”, open washing facilities and a demo in Lüchow: The police in the country had their hands full at the weekend to enforce the ban on contacts.

04.04.2020 3:00 p.m.

Health Minister Reimann has made it clear that there is no ban on visiting one’s own apartment or property. In doing so, she corrected a different regulation.

04/03/2020 08:00 a.m.

Easter is coming soon and the weather beckons – if only this corona virus were not there. Where are excursions still possible and which destinations are blocked? A selection from Lower Saxony.

04/07/2020 07:30 p.m.

Because a new regulation overshoots the goal, Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Health is backtracking. The number of infected people has now risen to more than 6,400.

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Trump trusts this doctor

Washington It didn’t take long for a US regional newspaper to find an old quote from Deborah Birx in the archive. Vice President Mike Pence had just appointed Birx as coordinator of the White House Corona Task Force in late February. “I like rocks, they are more stable than humans,” Birx is quoted in 1972. Birx was still a teenager and had just received an award for her science project on fossils.

When the 64-year-old stands behind the lectern at the daily briefing of her task force, she actually embodies something like the rock of consistency between the other protagonists. On the one hand there is the volatile US President Donald Trump himself.

He uses the briefing, which is broadcast in the USA by all major news broadcasters, primarily as a forum for his monologues. His leitmotif: repeatedly emphasize how he, Trump, recognized the risk of corona early and resolutely combated it and how the US economy would soon flourish under him.

Then there is Pence, official head of the task force, but above all Trump’s faithful. The vice can be mocked by his boss for always holding the board with the corona rules of conduct in the camera.

Obama still used Birx

Birx is safe from such attacks by the president. This is partly due to her competence as a medical doctor – and partly due to the seriousness of the situation. For the Easter weekend, Birx expects the pandemic to culminate in the metropolises of New York, Detroit and New Orleans, the current corona epicenter in the United States.

Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Americans will die of coronavirus over the Easter weekend. Trump knows that if he attacked Birx in this situation, he would not be able to collect points.

Birx is one of the few political survivors from the Barack Obama era in the White House. Trump’s predecessor had appointed the internist with a doctorate in 2014 as the coordinator of the US government for the global fight against AIDS.

Birx had previously spent many years as a scientist and colonel in the service of the US Army looking for a vaccine and also campaigning for AIDS. She has now also taken on the job as corona coordinator.

Birx has a close relationship with another member of the Corona Task Force: the 79-year-old immunologist Anthony Fauci, for whom Birx worked in the 80s and whom she still calls her mentor.

“He understood the data”

The two achieved their masterpiece, according to reports from the US media, when they convinced Trump in his office last weekend in March to uphold the anti-corona recommendations until the end of April. Trump originally wanted to return to normality from Easter, which economic advisers had also urged him to do.

But the two doctors presented Trump with a model calculation that would then result in over two million corona deaths in the United States.

Afterwards, Fauci described the crucial moment in an interview with CNN: “Dr. Birx and I went to the Oval Office together and leaned over the desk and said, here is the data, take a look and he looked at it and understood it. “

Trump does not usually have a reputation for being too willing to listen to scientific facts or being particularly open to dissenting opinions. However, the duo Birx and Fauci have so far been surprisingly successful in convincing Trump. Conversely, Birx in particular takes great care not to contradict Trump in front of the camera.

When Birx returns to her family after a turbulent day at the White House, she can’t really hope for a quiet end of the day. The doctor lives in a household with her husband, her adult daughter, her son-in-law, her grandchildren and her elderly parents. Accordingly, Birx says he pays attention to the smallest signs of a possible corona infection.

More: Donald Trump is often criticized for his policies via social media. Now it really seems to make sense. A comment.


In two weeks to the crisis hospital

TEvery day at 9 a.m., seven days a week, the group-wide, central crisis team of the Protestant Agaplesion clinics meets in a conference call. In addition, there are senior employees who are responsible for purchasing and supply, the staff, the local situation and also communication. At regional level there are umpteen other crisis teams for the individual houses. There is also a telephone switch at 11 a.m. “Within two weeks we set up and specially equipped a complete parallel, i.e. a crisis organization,” explains Markus Horneber, CEO of the diaconal health company Agaplesion with 23 hospitals and 40 geriatric care facilities, in an interview with F.A.Z. “We also buy some satellite phones because the conference calls are often overloaded,” he says.

Ilka Kopplin

Like every hospital, they were able to fall back on a pandemic plan so that they did not start “from scratch”. They also build on the experience of their colleagues in Italian hospitals. But still: “It is a very psychologically difficult situation, for me as well as our staff: on the one hand, this threat scenario, which is coming up to us and is difficult to assess, and on the other hand, the routine everyday life for our many other patients that we want to provide peace and quiet, ”he continues.


Corona: Land prohibits hotel accommodation – News

Status: 18.03.2020 3:12 p.m.

NDR 1 Lower Saxony

  • Land prohibits operators of hotels, pensions and hostels from accepting guests
  • Crisis staff also sees restaurateurs in duty
  • The ban on going out is not off the table – if only in a nationwide vote

“A blockade would be a really tough step”: Heiger Scholz, head of the crisis team on Wednesday.

The state of Lower Saxony has instructed the health authorities to prohibit overnight stays in hotels, guest houses, campsites and private accommodation. This was announced by Heiger Scholz, head of the crisis team, at a press conference. This also applies to spa facilities. Two of the first buses have therefore already been rejected. People who have already been accommodated must leave these locations by tomorrow, but no later than March 25th. “However, recovery rehabilitation will continue,” said Scholz.

Workshops for people with disabilities are partially closed

Workshops for people with disabilities should also be closed, “provided that they do not look after people who need care because of their disability”. Workshops that produce medical products or wash laundry for clinics are excluded. In addition, a legal ordinance is published that prohibits medical non-acute operations. “So that the hospital beds remain free,” said Scholz.

Scholz sees restaurateurs as a duty

Restaurants, restaurants and cafeterias can only be opened if the risk of the spread of the corona virus is minimized, Scholz continues. For example through hygiene measures, a distance of two meters and the restriction of opening hours. When it comes to compliance with these rules, Scholz continues to see restaurateurs as a duty. “If necessary, we will once again ask the health authorities to send the city security services through the city centers again.” If necessary, catering law boundaries should be drawn if restaurateurs did not comply with health law requirements. But it is in the interest of the restaurateurs to “have usable conditions,” said Scholz.

“The issue of going out is not entirely out of the world”

“The question of the ban on going out is of course not entirely out of the world because we see that it is the case in other countries. But so far we still hope that the population is so sensible that we do not have to resort to such measures,” said Scholz . “It was a really tough step.” If there is a curfew, this would surely be done in a nationwide vote. If this is the consensus of all countries, Lower Saxony would also join, it was said.

Public life almost stands still

Last had the country 4.4 billion euros mobilized to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic. The package has yet to be decided by Parliament. The red-black state government around Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) had already ordered drastic measures:

  • Events and meetings are prohibited
  • Shops are closed – Except for everyday needs
  • Leisure and cultural facilities, discos, clubs, brothels and the like are dense
  • Sports facilities and playgrounds may not be used

New Corona test center in Hanover

Due to the increasing demand of potentially infected people is on the exhibition grounds in Hanover new Corona test center has been set up. Smears from patients who drive up directly by car are taken on eight lanes. However, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians asks unsettled citizens to contact their general practitioner first and not to drive past the test center on their own initiative.

Further information

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NDR info

The restrictions in the fight against the expansion of the corona virus affect all areas of life. There are almost 1,200 infected people in the north. The ESC in Rotterdam is canceled. More news in the live ticker.

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Schools closed, shops closed, bars closed: Lower Saxony hedgehogs in times of the corona virus. But on Tuesday it was still unclear in many places who has to close the doors now.

03/17/2020 12:00

The state government has approved a supplementary budget in response to the corona pandemic. Finance Minister Hilbers and Economics Minister Althusmann presented the billion-dollar package.

3/16/2020 7:30 p.m.

Lower Saxony is fighting the corona virus with drastic measures: shops, playgrounds, discos – many things shut down. It will be shown in about two weeks whether this will work.

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