«I prefer sincerity because it transcends originality»

Javier Díaz-GuardiolaFOLLOW Madrid Updated:03/03/2020 01: 47h save Related news Full name: Sandra Paula Fernández Fernández. Place and date of birth: Oviedo, January 9, 1971. Current residence: Madrid. Training: Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, a specialty in painting. Current occupation: Artist. What interests you. My main interest is that my work contributes […]

«The paper supports ideas that fall by their own weight»

Manuel Muñiz MenéndezFOLLOW Madrid Updated:02/23/2020 00: 55h save A tree will dominate this year’s ABC and Cultural ABC stand at ARC. A tree of almost three tons that bears the title “The Silent Witness” and that has been carved out of newspaper by Miler Lagos (Bogotá, 1973), an artist who uses this material – in […]