Ilu Ros: “Piquer is respected more than Franco”

Wednesday eleven March 2020 – 02:12 The cartoonist develops a new sentimental chronicle of Spain through what she learned from her grandmother and the culture she made for two generations and that, in some way, had its difficult extension with the arrival of democracy The cartoonist Ilu Ros.JAN-DRIX Our stuff, by the cartoonist Ilu Ros […]

Science fiction authors burn the ships; Addis Orin

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 – 02:12 Doubly discriminated against, gender writers emerge with the Fourth feminist Wave. He is now recovering ‘Daughter of Blood’, by Octavia E. Butler, after the impact of Atwood and Le Guin. They have heiresses in Spain with ingenuity for other possible futures, against paralyzing dystopas Ursula K. Le Guin at […]

Gracia Querejeta: “Feminism is not synonymous with empowered women”

Monday, 9 March 2020 – 15:59 The director turns ‘Invisibles’ into her personal manifesto of the woman who never appears in the hands of a peculiar exercise in peripattic cinema Actress Adriana Ozores and director Gracia Querejeta. EFE There are probably as many ways to walk as to live. And even to die. Thoreau, for […]

Laetitia Colombani: “To be a feminist is to be a humanist”

Updated Saturday,     7     March     2020     – 21:48 He was on his way to an appointment when, suddenly, Laetitia Colombani (Bordeaux, 1976) came face to face in Paris with a gigantic, huge building. The name on the entrance of that property caught his attention: Palace of Women. And he was also surprised to see there the […]

Praise of literary magazines

As far as literature is concerned, I grew up with magazines, and perhaps for that reason it seems to me that there is nothing that can be compared with that format. No doubt come from a childhood in which I never miss even theAS COLORneitherDON BALN, help me to be fond of. At first it […]

Edward Hopper: fascination for a frozen world

Tuesday, 3 March 2020 – 02:01 ‘Railroad Sunset’ (1929), one of the most important works of Edward Hopper. Edward Hopper is one of the most renowned painters and illustrators in the history of 20th century art. His paintings of the scenes of urban life made between the 20s and 60s have been introduced in such […]

The rescue of the pioneers of Spanish journalism

Sponsorship of Biedma (1848-1927) is one of the first women to be called, and therefore accepted as such, journalist in a medium. It was in The Ibrica Illustration in 1889. It was not the first, but it was certainly uncommon in Spain for a woman, as Professor Bernardo Daz Nosty explains inVoices of women. Spanish […]

Arch, misery and glory of art fairs

Sunday, one March 2020 – 17:51 Commercial appointments of contemporary art have become exhibitors of power and money where there are no more revolutionaries, only actors who play the revolution The work ‘Franco was not as bad as they say’, Finnish artist Riiko Sakkinen, this year at Arco. EFE Californian artist John Baldessari just said […]

Mitomanas: God loves you very much

ALEJANDRO SIMN PARTAL ALEJANDRO SIMN PARTAL Saturday, 29 February 2020 – 17:34 The goddesses Minerva and Arachne, portrayed by Ren-Antoine Houasse. I learned little about Luisito before a road ran over him when he chases a ball. In Spain, in the 80s, there were more deaths from chasing a ball than a camel. I only […]