CORONAVIRUS – 118 Dominicans who were stranded in the US return to the country

Santo Domingo, RD. Some 118 Dominicans who remained stranded in US territory returned as a result of the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Dominicans arrived this Saturday from the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, on the first ferry flight organized by the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in that […]

WAS ENROLLED SINCE FRIDAY – PRM secretary general dies in New Jersey due to coronavirus

Relatives of Elvin Garabito, secretary general of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and general coordinator of the campaign in New Jersey, United States, announced that he died while receiving care at the Jersy City Medical Center hospital, where he was admitted for Coronavirus (Covid-19 ). “The Garabito García family communicates with great pain the departure […]

The US will recommend to the population to cover their faces

The government of President Donald Trump on Thursday formalized new guidelines to recommend that Americans cover their faces in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The recommendations, which are being given the last details, would apply to those who live in areas that have been plagued by a community transmission of the […]

Cadavers – US Agency requests 100,000 Pouches for corpses from the Pentagon

The leading U.S. disaster response agency has asked the Defense Department for 100,000 body bags as the death toll from the coronavirus increases in the country, the Pentagon said Thursday. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) made this request after White House experts said Tuesday that deaths from the disease in the United States, currently […]

DECESS – El Cieguito de Nagua turned off his accordion

His real name was González Alvarado Pereyra, artistically he became known as Bartolo Alvarado, El Ciego de Nagua. He was born on January 10, 1947 in La Jaguita, Cabrera municipality, María Trinidad Sánchez province. Of his ten siblings, he was the only one born without sight, but this did not limit him to developing his […]

COVID-19 – The UN donates 250,000 masks to New York to face the coronavirus

The United Nations gave this Saturday to New York City, where it has its headquarters, a donation of 250,000 masks to face the expansion of the coronavirus. The masks will go to medical professionals in the Big Apple, who have “been working with courage, altruistically and tirelessly in response to the advance of COVID-19,” explained […]

PEOPLE – Milly Quezada’s brother-in-law is in NY due to coronavirus

Milly Quezada’s brother-in-law is hospitalized for coronavirus in New York City, but not the sister of the Dominican merenguera, as circulated on social networks, said the artist’s manager, Pedro Núñez del Risco. Fausto Arias, Jocelyn’s husband, is hooked up to a ventilator in the intensive care unit of Englewood Health Hospital in New Jersey after […]

Covid-19 – Pandemic raises unemployment to a level never seen in the US

New claims for unemployment benefits in the United States are reaching levels not seen in recent history as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Some economists project that the United States could receive some 3 million new claims for unemployment benefits when the figures for the week of March 15-21 are released Thursday. That would […]

HIGH VOICE FABLES – And the well-being of the health minister, what?

The representatives of the Public Health of the countries affected by the Covid-19 have an arduous task. In addition to being human beings exposed by others to contracting the virus, they have the responsibility of responding to the situation on their shoulders. Ours, which is Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cardenas, I have hanging from my soul. […]