Lebanon declares itself in default on its debt

Lebanon, already plunged into a serious economic crisis, will live in even more difficult times. The government will announce exceptional austerity measures which could include a levy on bank deposits. Lebanese Prime Minister Hassane Diab addressed the people in a serious tone, late Saturday, March 7, to announce that the country, cornered financially, will stop […]

bank loans: “In the next 3 years companies may not receive Rs 2,54-L cr loans”

KOLKATA: An additional 4% of outstanding corporate debt from banks, which translates roughly into Rs 2.54 lakh crore could turn to default in the next three years if the pace of economic expansion does not recover sufficiently. A study of the top 500 private sector companies from India Rating & Research showed that around Rkh […]

DNS over HTTPS by default across the Atlantic

After an experiment and some activations since the end of 2019, Mozilla announces today that the default encryption of DNS queries for Firefox (DNS over HTTPS; DoH) is being deployed for all users in the United States. This deployment across the Atlantic is taking place gradually and will continue for the next few weeks, as […]