Coronavirus: NHS to test 25,000 hospital patients per day for Covid-19

Up to 25,000 hospital patients per day will be tested for coronavirus as part of new government plans to speed up testing for the disease. Ministers announced measures this afternoon as criticism escalates over the UK’s lack of ability to test suspicious community cases and with NHS frontline personnel forced to stop work and isolate […]

Government to set up virtual courts as part of the plan to defeat the coronavirus

Virtual courts will be established to hear criminal and civil cases under government-planned emergency laws to accelerate the UK’s efforts to defeat the coronavirus epidemic, which health secretary Matt Hancock was expected to announce on Sunday. Over three million volunteers will also have the right to leave paid work for up to four weeks to […]

Coronavirus: NHS hospitals have been banned from stocking protective masks

NHS hospitals have been banned from storage masks used to protect staff from coronavirus infection amid fears of a shortage of supply, it emerged. As stock markets around the world plummeted and parts of Italy remained stuck, NHS leaders confirmed Monday that they blocked the trusts from overly tidy respiratory masks after some hospitals were […]