Find out how many coronavirus cases are in your county – Society

The General Directorate of Health revealed this Tuesday, for the first time, the division of confirmed cases of covid-19 by each county in the country. Lisbon and Porto, which are the most populous in the country, are also the ones with the most cases and Maia is the third municipality with more than 100 people […]

Grace Made: ″ Don’t wear a mask, it’s a false sense of security ″

Sandra Alves Today at 12:57, updated at 13:18 “Do not wear a mask, it is a false sense of security”, reiterated the director-general of Health, this Sunday. And fabric masks “are not even waterproof”. The essence of protection is “social distance”, stressed Graça Freitas. The statements by the Director-General of Health were made this Sunday […]

Portugal already has 12 killed by covid-19 and will increase treatments at home

“According to the evolution of the number of covid-19 cases in Portugal, the peak of the epidemiology curve is estimated to be around April 14,” admitted the Minister of Health, in a press conference, this Saturday. Marta Temido also announced that the elderly admitted to nursing homes in the near future, as well as health […]

Truck drivers confirm lack of temperature control at the entrance of the country

Madalena Ferreira Today at 19:33 Despite the state of alert, Portugal still does not carry out border checks. In Vilar Formoso, which already has accentuated breaks in movement at the entrances and exits of the country, truck drivers comply with the mandatory breaks at the tir park and confirm total absence of control. “I arrived […]

Covid-19. New transmission chains in Portugal ″ are being investigated ″

There are six chains of transmission by covid-19 in the country, however, the new confirmed cases of patients admitted to the Hospital de Santa Maria, in Lisbon, do not integrate any of these epidemiological links, and the association with a new one is now being “investigated”. chain of transmission, as stated by the general director […]

There are 39 infected people in Portugal. A patient inspires care

There are already 39 people infected with the new coronavirus in Portugal, the Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales said this Monday. Most have a “clinically stable” situation, but there is a patient who inspires “some care” and is therefore being the subject of “close surveillance”, the official said at a press conference. […]

Covid-19. Two new cases infected by the first diagnosed patients

And on the second day there are two more confirmed cases of covid-19 in Portugal. A 60-year-old man, admitted to the São João Hospital, in Porto, and another 37, undergoing treatment at the Curry Cabral, in Lisbon. According to what the DN found, these two cases are linked to the first two diagnosed – a […]

Passenger with symptoms of coronavirus stops train at Entroncamento

JN / Agencies Today at 02:05 The international train “Sud Express” was stopped at Entroncamento station, in the district of Santarém, after a passenger claimed to have symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus. “This is a passenger from China who went to the reviewer with suspicion of being infected,” a PSP source in Santarém […]