Coronavirus, masks and distance lower the viral load by a thousand times

The severity of the disease also decreases – In parallel, the severity of the disease has also decreased according to the survey, which therefore confirms, on the basis of clinical data taken from a large sample, the importance of containing exposure to the infection by wearing masks and maintaining physical distance . Lowering the transmission of the virus therefore also serves to reduce the viral load with which one can come into contact, thus decreasing the probability of the appearance of a disease with serious clinical manifestations.


Popova praised Posner’s idea of ​​fines with the phrase “countries go different ways” :: Society :: RBC

Fines for non-compliance with the rules should be preventive, not punitive, the head of Rospotrebnadzor believes. Posner previously proposed to toughen the punishment for the lack of masks and to increase the fines to 50 thousand rubles.

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

The head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, does not consider fines for lack of masks and other violations associated with coronavirus an effective way to force people to comply with measures to protect against infection. About this she stated on the air of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“The countries follow different paths here, someone punishes severely. But we see a tendency that fines are not the most effective means here, ”she said.

According to Popova, it is important to convince people to wear masks and gloves. Penalties for non-compliance with the rules should be preventive, not punitive, she added.

Moscow Central Department Store was fined one million rubles for lack of masks

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

In Moscow, in accordance with the decree of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, all citizens must wear masks and gloves in transport, shops and other public places. Violators face a fine from 4 thousand to 5 thousand rubles. Fines for legal entities for visitors without masks range from 300 thousand rubles, noted Popova.


Erdogan threw tea to the people again! Social distance ignored

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan moved to Hacı Ahmet Ziylan Training Center after attending the TEKNOFEST Award Ceremony and mass factory opening in Gaziantep.

President Erdoğan started his opening speech by warning citizens to obey the social distance rule.

Erdogan said, “Right now we have thousands of brothers and sisters from the distance. Please pay attention to this distance rule. Let’s expand the gap a little. “Let’s not make a bad thing out of it when we say, let’s do a charity in such a program that we are stuck, when there is a corona virus trouble.”


After the speech, Erdoğan got on the bus and distributed tea to the people. It was noteworthy that the people did not comply with social distance when Erdoğan threw tea.

Similar images were experienced in Giresun before. In the city where the flood disaster took place, when Erdogan distributed tea to the people over the bus, the lack of attention to social distance caused criticism.

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With “Facebook Watch Together”, it will soon be possible to watch a film with others, but from a distance

Users of “Facebook Watch”, the video service of the social network, will now be able to watch programs “together”, with the simultaneous display of a video and the faces of their friends on their smartphone screen.

Facebook announced Monday that the new feature, “Watch Together” will be rolled out wherever Messenger is available in the coming weeks. After months of pandemic and social distancing, the Californian group wants ” recreate the experience of watching a movie together », Explains Olivia Grace, product manager for Messenger.

During a video call, users will be able to choose to watch a comedy, fitness or other program available on Facebook Watch. The selected video will be displayed on the screen, next to the participants’ faces, allowing their reaction to be seen simultaneously. The option will be available for calls made via messaging (up to 8 people) as well as in “Messenger Rooms”, these “virtual rooms” where up to 50 people can meet.

Video uses exploded during the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, and in particular videoconferencing calls, both for work and for social life. ” There are over 150 million video calls on Messenger and over 200 million videos sent through Messenger every day “, Facebook specifies in a press release.

The social media giant added many features in this area during lockdown, including Messenger Rooms. These virtual pieces are used in particular by artists and content creators to give lectures or give demonstrations, including paid. With this new option, they will be able to offer their fans to watch their videos and interact with them at the same time.



First corona case: Europapark relies on introduced protective measures | South Baden

After the case of a corona-infected visitor to Europa-Park Rust, which became known on Wednesday, the health department considers the risk of infection to be very low. The management of the park is determined to prevent similar cases.

Just have fun – even when it comes to protection against infections. In the Europapark Rust (Ortenaukreis) people want to spend a nice day, despite Corona. They come in droves as early as 9 a.m. So that all these people adhere to the hygiene measures, the park uses official corona inspectors: “In all waiting areas, wherever we have a roof, the mask must be worn,” it says.

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15 checkers for 15,000 guests a day – that sounds pretty little in comparison. Ralf Stumpf, Coordinator for Covid19 Hygiene in Europapark: “Look how it is outside in the small town. The police posts are usually occupied by fewer than four people and they cannot be in every village, so that’s the case to enforce something. I think it is very important that we have contact with our visitors. ”

Europapark spent a seven-digit amount on its infection protection concept to make a visit as safe as possible. The attractions, for example, are disinfected several times an hour. This has been done since the opening in May and has not changed now – after the first corona case in the park.

What do the visitors say: Are the protective measures sufficient?

The guests seem satisfied with the measures taken by the park. Andreas Böhm and Ramona Renz say that there are distance regulations that should be adhered to everywhere. “Well, we actually feel safe here already.” Michael Schneider sees it similarly: “I think the Europapark is relatively well organized. But the best protection concept is useless if people don’t adhere to it.” Jan Oberdick says: “Maybe it would make a lot of sense if markers were already attached here, for example when you are queuing for the roller coaster. But otherwise, you can actually see for yourself that it is a bit more difficult with the crowd.”

Anyone who does not comply with the regulations will be expelled from the park

Visitors do not have to wear a mask on the paths and in open spaces if the minimum distance can be maintained. But that’s really difficult sometimes. Because it is very tight in several places in the park. And not all seem willing to adhere to the hygiene regulations, says Engelbert Gabriel, spokesman for the management: “We approach people, tell them to please keep their distance. If, after repeated requests, they unfortunately fail to implement it, then we have to They really also expel them from the park. That is a clear message: Either you stick to the regulations, or unfortunately we have to send them out of the park. ”

Because at the end of the day, Corona is a serious matter in Europa-Park.


After the Bayern Munich scandal, Barcelona reveals the truth of Messi’s request to leave

Barcelona officials revealed, on Sunday, the fact that the Catalan star Lionel Messi asked to leave after the historic defeat by Bayern Munich (2-8) in the Champions League.

A report published by the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, citing sources in the administration of the Catalan club, claimed that the club’s president, Bartomeu, CEO Oscar Grau, and technical secretary Eric Abidal, had not received any message from Messi indicating his desire to leave.

The Spanish newspaper stated that it had contacted those close to Lionel Messi, but they did not deny or confirm the request of the Argentine flea to leave Barca.

Reports claimed that Lionel Messi informed the Barcelona administration of his decision to leave the team this season after disappointing results during the last period.

According to what was published by “Football Italia”, Messi spoke with the administration about his decision to leave Camp Nou, and not wait until the expiry of his contract, which extends for next year.

And the site reported that Messi is not completely satisfied with the current management of the club, and therefore made his final decision to leave.

Barcelona lost the Spanish League title to Real Madrid, and deposited the Champions League with a resounding scandal against Bayern Munich, by losing eight to two.

Reports revealed that many clubs want to include Lionel Messi, led by Italian Inter and England’s Manchester City.

Source: Sputnik


Coronavirus El Tri unites them … and they break the distance


In any other part of the world, the pandemic and the cold would have kept people at home. Netflix, pizza, wine or chelas would have been the solution …

But yesterday, some fans of El Tri broke the healthy distance. Many of them, with the songs in the voice of Alex Lora, got into the slam and they danced pushing against each other.

The concert, at the Foro Pegaso, in the State of Mexico, also served for Lora to present Heroes in white, a topic dedicated to medical personnel fighting the new coronavirus.

This was the show that began at 9:30 at night, in which the attendees always found a combination or a solution for everything. For example, if the sky fell yesterday, it did not matter, everyone in a car to go to the Pegaso Forum to see El Tri, and if the cold numbed their toes, goodbye to the expensive glasses of coffee, some chelites frosts to enter environment and climate.

People on the hood to warm up and the tall, flashing lights to give focus to those who went out to chavorruquear with their bacachos, legal or infiltrated, while their companions recorded them on their cell phones dancing and pretending to smell a mona.

A cry asked for them. “Get her out and roll,” some girls shouted from the trunk of their truck. So they fired Black stray dog.

There were fewer cars than the debut of the auto concerts, a week ago with Moderatto and its 1,500 engines, but the laughs were not lacking. Six months after not giving a concert, Alex Lora brought the battery well charged: talking mothers, pouting at politicians, singing the National Anthem and spouting as much rudeness as he could contain during all these weeks.

He read greetings to those from Morelia and took the jokes about the green chorizo, because it was necessary to pay tribute to the land of Chorizo Power, would say the narrator Christian Martinoli, Toluca. El Tri was in the house, and the cars also returned the gesture with a mere honk. With such a warm welcome, the national rock hero felt at home and dedicated a song to those from the State of Mexico.

Taking out the copper once more, at the foot of the 360 ​​degree stage, the true fans of the group forgot the mud, the freezing wind and put together their slam. The adventurous boys kept the mask, but they broke the healthy distance in order to feel free again with a host who makes her position very clear: “What the fuck to your mother the government and long live rock and roll!”

Then he already had a throat to take some rolitas how Sara, Chilango misunderstood and the live premiere of The heroes in white, dedicated to all doctors who are fighting the new coronavirus.

Heroic composition, but not strong enough to make the incoming race see reason. vats and marijuana, which armed the despapaye and the disorder of bodies against bodies. The wise saw them from afar with astonished looks.

Until the close of this edition, many El Tri classics were missing and the claims against the epidemic were constant, but not the one caused by the coronavirus, but by the rulers who do not keep their promises.

If the Salinas de Gortari have the jacket left, let them put it on ”, because the epidemic rolls It was dedicated to them, and those who took off their shirts even in the relentless cold, could attest with their impulsive act of rebellion.


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Children killed, two mobile phones found – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, JUNE 29 – Two mobile phones were found in the bell for the collection of glass in the cable car square, a short distance from the holiday home in Margno, in Valsassina, by Mario Bressi that the night between Friday and Saturday killed his two 12-year-old twin sons and then killed himself. They probably belonged to the two children killed as the father continued to send WhatsApp messages to his wife even between 2 and 3 am before throwing himself off a bridge about ten kilometers from the house. His device, therefore, could be near the place where it crashed but has not yet been found. The telephones will be analyzed by the carabinieri who conduct the investigations directed by the Lecco prosecutor, Antonio Chiappani and the prosecutor Andrea Frigoni. Other data could come from the man’s computer while on Tuesday the autopsies will be performed on the bodies of the twins.

It will be understood even if they had been sedated before being killed.