The Dax 30 corporations without women on the board

HeidelbergCement Of the 25 stock exchange groups listed in the Dax-30 that will fall under the future board member quota, according to current evaluations only the building materials manufacturer, the …

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Corona crisis: Zero hour: How a responsible restart of the economy succeeds

The fight against the corona virus saves lives. But the standstill threatens the existence of many companies. Can normality return? .

How can business and health be reconciled?

The largest automobile plant in the world is dead in the April sun. No worker far and wide. Up to one million vehicles can be manufactured in the Wolfsburg halls …

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China gives the world economy new hope

Düsseldorf, Beijing Masks and face masks, virus tests and respirators: China supplies large quantities of equipment for the fight against the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 all over the world. Chinese medical teams …

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More and more factories close in the corona crisis

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart At the annual press conference on Tuesday, the board of directors of the Volkswagen-Considerably striving to keep a distance from each other – just as the …

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Coronavirus – the situation in the morning: Coronavirus kills more than 3,000 people worldwide – over 130 confirmed infections in Germany

In Germany, ten out of 16 federal states are now affected by the corona virus. The number of infected people is growing worldwide. South Korea recorded a particularly strong increase. …

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Coronavirus – the current situation: the number of infections in Germany is increasing – meanwhile 60 countries affected worldwide

The number of infected people continues to rise in Germany and worldwide. A company in Bavaria remains closed due to the infection of an employee. ,