The government will spend almost 43 million rubles on the fight against crows on the roof. :: Society :: RBC

“If they’re going to hire falconers, that’s a great option. If this money is spent on some reasonable method of scaring away crows, and not their extermination, then this is a sensible decision, ”the expert said.

According to Schneider, killing the birds could have the opposite effect, as new birds from the wild will come to replace the killed crows.

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Elena Chernova, an employee of the coordination center of the Bird Conservation Union, told RBC that there is no such number of crows in Moscow that needs to be exterminated.

“The number of crows in Moscow has been falling for several years. Their number was reduced by five times without any extermination. They cannot harm the roof in any way if the roof is not made of plasticine, ”explained Chernov.

According to her, it makes sense to use hawks and falcons against pigeons, whose droppings can damage the roof.

Thorns will be removed from the monument to Lenin in Magadan to scare away birds

After the publication of this article, a representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources told RBC that mass crowds of crows pose a threat, since these birds are carriers of diseases, worsen the sanitary condition, harm green spaces and buildings, monuments of architecture.

“Of those used in domestic and foreign practice, an effective means of protection against unwanted accumulations of birds is the use of specially trained hawks and falcons as biorepellants. To achieve the best results, a group of working birds should ideally consist of four or five hawks and two or three falcons, with which four or six operators (falconers) should work in shifts, ”the interlocutor of RBC explained.

“The financing of these works includes the maintenance of the required number of birds of prey, veterinary services, scientific and methodological support of work and genetic control over the livestock of birds of prey, the purchase of equipment and transport support. These works will be carried out by the FGBI VNII Ecology, – he added.

In the summer of 2019 at the lobbies of Moscow metro stations appeared stickers with the image of silhouettes of predators to scare away small birds, which often shattered on the transparent glass of the lobby.

Most often, birds pose a danger to aviation infrastructure facilities. In September 2019, Zhukovsky Airport near Moscow ordered bioacoustic devices and mirror balls for scaring away birds. In 2015, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov dispersed birds at the airport in Grozny using an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In 2017, Lieutenant General of the Federal Security Service Sergei Khlebnikov statedthat the Kremlin uses noise systems and other technical means to scare away crows.


In Altai, a woman died in a gas explosion in a house :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Maria Vashchuk / Global Look Press

In the Altai Territory, a fire and gas explosion occurred in a residential building, as a result of which a person died. This was reported by the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergencies, reports TASS.

The incident occurred in a private house in the city of Kamen-on-Ob, 160 km from Barnaul. There was a fire, the cause of which, according to the preliminary version, was the careless handling of fire.

“During the fire, a popping gas bottle occurred. A woman resident of the house died, ”the Ministry of Emergencies said. The second resident of the house – presumably the spouse of the deceased – was hospitalized.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, two people were injured in the explosion of a cylinder in garages

The fire area was 60 square meters. m. Now emergency workers are working at the scene.


As a result of heavy rains in China, 12 people were killed :: Society :: RBC

At least 12 people died as a result of heavy rainstorms and a hurricane, which in recent days hit the Chinese province of Sichuan. This was reported by Xinhua News Agency.

On Sunday evening, June 28, local authorities reported that after a gale and rains in Männing County, 12 people were killed and ten more were reported missing. Ten dead and seven missing were counted in the town of Ihai after the flood.

Two more people died and three disappeared in Gaoyang County, where two cars got off the highway into a river overflowing the banks.

In Vladivostok due to incessant rains flooded the streets

In total, bad weather affected the lives of almost 10 thousand people in Sichuan – local roads are cut off from highways, water damaged houses and crops. Emergency services evacuated 7.7 thousand people from the flood area.


Two tower cranes fell in Naberezhnye Chelny due to a storm wind :: Society :: RBC

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia

In Naberezhnye Chelny on Saturday evening, two cranes fell due to a gale. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies in Tatarstan “VKontakte”.

According to the agency, the first 60 m high crane fell at a construction site on Chulman Street. He collapsed into the garage, damaging several buildings. Work at the time of the fall on the crane was not carried out, as a result of the incident no one was injured.

A second crane of the same height fell around 19:50 local time at the construction site of the Mezhdurechye residential complex. He fell into an open area without damaging other buildings. There were no casualties in this incident.

According to the Ministry of Emergencies, a storm warning was announced in Tatarstan on the evening of June 27 due to strong wind, rain and hail.