Dota Underlords is no longer able to log in earlier and better than ever

Image: Valve SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to everything related to the PC gaming service of Valve and its surroundings. For a handful of weeks last year, Equips Underlords has devoured my whole life. Then suddenly I stopped playing. At the time, Valve’s entry into the arena of suddenly crowded fighters suffered from the same problem as […]

Former PSG.LGD manager “QQQ” will lead Team Aster

Former PSG.LGD manager Yao “QQQ” Yi will leave the pension to join Team Aster to replace Tong “Mikasa” Junjie. Aster announced the move to their Weibo page on Wednesday. QQQ led PSG.LGD to great success during his tenure, which started in July 2017 and ended when he retired after the conclusion of The International 2019. […]