Parliament returns against a backdrop of tensions between Cach and the FCC

The September parliamentary session opens this Tuesday, September 15 in Kinshasa. Among the many topics on his table, the finance bill for 2021, but also many reforms and expected decisions, especially on issues that have created controversy between the partners in power, Cach and the FCC, such as the reform of the election framework.

The session should mainly be devoted to the budget. But pending the tabling by the government of the 2021 draft budget, and the debates that will follow, the two chambers of the Congolese Parliament should look into projects in progress.

Among the pending points, the Ceni report on the last electoral cycle, which has already been submitted to the office of the National Assembly, has not yet been examined or debated. Several deputies and senators believe that it is urgent that the parliament looks into it, before the appointment of the next officials of the electoral commission. An opinion shared by civil society.

The National Assembly, as the representation of the citizens, must play its role of control, evaluation and above all to form recommendations to improve the electoral process.

The debate on the constitutional revision which has emerged in recent weeks around a possible election of the President of the Republic by parliamentarians, as well as the still persistent controversy over the appointment of two constitutional judges to the Court of Cassation, risk of take part in the debates, as well as other bills on the fight against corruption, the supervision of people with disabilities or the fund for indigenous populations.

The other subject is the succession to the first vice-presidency of the National Assembly, a post left vacant by Jean-Marc Kabund. Appointed on June 8 by President Félix Tshisekedi from among sixteen contenders, Patricia Nseya Mulaya should be elected without problem. But the crisis within the coalition will not be resolved. And the opening of this session should be an opportunity to take the temperature of relations between the camps of the former and the new head of state.

Voltages between Cach and FCC

The opening speeches, in particular that of the President of the National Assembly, Jeanine Mabunda, are eagerly awaited by the two coalitions because they should set the tone for the state of relations between Cach and the FCC. There are particular concerns among the ranks of the presidential camp, which still fears after more than a year and a half of coalition, to see a Parliament largely dominated by pro-Kabila harm President Tshisekedi or his policies.

But on the side of the negotiators of the Head of State, like those of his predecessor, we want to be reassuring about the cordial nature of the exchanges, even if everyone recognizes that subjects of contention remain.

Some of the presidential orders, in particular those appointing new judges to the Constitutional Court, continue to annoy the FCC side, when in the ranks of Cach, we refuse to see Ronsard Malonda or any other member of the Ceni appointed without advancing on the matter. electoral reform.

Since the beginning of August, they are only eight, four negotiators on both sides, to try to smooth out the differences. Their mission was to report it to Felix Tshisekedi and Joseph Kabila, with a view to a meeting between the two men. The last dates back to July 2, but a next interview is still scheduled on the agenda, we reassure the side of the negotiators.

Among the other files under discussion, there was also the question of the reshuffle of the government, today bloated. If the principle is adopted, the substantive discussions have not yet started.