Shabaka and The Ancestors, the warrior soul

From They Who Must Die (“Those who must die”), first song of the album, the music is booming and yet it’s bright. In a canter of bass, percussion and incantations, Shabaka Hutchings’ saxophone embroidered the pulsating patterns of which he has the secret, echoing images of “African time” evoked by the powerful voice of Siyabonga […]

Degree, Ricky Hollywood, Blutch … the playlist of LibĂ©’s music book

Each weekend, Tsugi’s webradio accompanies the music book “Liberation” in one discovery and five new releases. Discovery Degree, it’s hot First in class, it’s always very annoying. Because obviously it comes back to its own shortcomings. So we immediately pout when we learn that this young Nantesman, only 15 years old, was discovered in 2015 […]