Stock market crash: “Stop the infernal machine”

The editorial of Figaro, by Jacques-Olivier Martin. Through JACQUES OLIVIER MARTIN Le Figaro Black Monday on the world markets. The much-feared stock market crash therefore occurred: the Paris Stock Exchange collapsed by more than 8%, that of Milan 11% and that of New York opened at -7% before being suspended for a few minutes. In […]

“The ghost of the 2008 crisis and its lessons”

CHRONICLE – The crisis of 2008, by the contamination of all the bank balance sheets of the planet, resembled a financial pandemic. The comparison with what is happening today ends with this similarity of the vocabulary used. “The lessons from 2008 have been learned. They can be summed up in two words: coordination and liquidity […]

“Coronavirus, spark of the next economic crisis?”

ANALYSIS – The warnings issued by tech groups, automakers or airlines give an idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation. With the coronavirus, the global economy will face an unprecedented supply shock. CHRISTMAS CELIS / AFP Bankruptcy, tension on public debts, explosion of a housing bubble … For eighteen months, speculation has been rife in […]