Liga Santander: Eder Sarabia, a volcano on the bench of Barcelona | LaLiga Santander 2019

Setin’s assistant was caught during the classic criticizing Barcelona players

Eder Sarabia, Setin’s assistant in Barcelona.

He gives in thatQuique SetinHe was introduced as Barcelona’s new coach, a Barca manager, when he sawEder Sarabia, the coach’s assistant, asked: Isn’t he always expelled when he was at Betis? Well this is the Bara. The chascarrillo of the gerifalte, between the chanza and the suspicion, has been propagated both by the offices of the Camp Nou and by the training camps of the Joan Gamper Sports Center. The personality of Eder Sarabia, acceptable in any club that does not have the medical attention of Barcelona, ​​has returned to claim the focus after the #Vamos cameras recorded the complaints against their players on the bench of the Bernabu.Nothing that doesn’t happen on any team, a passionate coach who wants to win, they maintain sources of the Barça club, which, however, also warn: In large teams, players do not miss anything.

Let’s go back to the beginning, to the point where what we call character is molded. Eder Sarabia is the son of an Athletic legend,Manu Sarabia(382 games in 12 seasons with the rojiblancos). If Setin says he would have given a finger for playing in Bara de Cruyff,I would have shaken hands for being a soccer player, Eder says. His career was short. At 24, he had already retired and prepared to practice as a coach.

I met Quique Setin when he hadn’t reached 10 years yet. His father and Setin played at that time in the Achievements, and Eder tried to get close to training and matches. Years later, and thanks to Manu Sarabia’s relationship with the former Racing midfielder, Eder was able to work as a monitor on the summer campuses of Setin. Then he will get the opportunity to train the youth of Villarreal, where Setin used to go, accompanied by Manu, to follow the boy’s evolutions.


Until Setin, once he left Lugo, he recruited him for his experience in Las Palmas. The then coach of the subsidiary,Manolo Mrquez, remember that stage for THE WORLD. That looked like the cmic of Francisco Ibez 13 Rue del Percebe.The president had a building and he put us all to live there. Setin was on the second floor. I live in 2D, and Eder in 2C. Door with doorrecalls Mrquez, who will take over after the first team in Primera in 2017.

The relationship was daily. We got along very well. Eder is a boy who listens to you. And as for the professional aspect, in technical matters it is excellent. In Barcelona he is showing more or less the same as in Las Palmas or later in Betis.He is very nervous. It intervenes a lot, it also does it in training. Maybe sometimes it’s very vehement. But not because he has a leading role, it is more because of his way of being. l doesn’t want to figure.

An explosive that has cost him six expulsions since he shared a ship with Setin. And now Barcelona players are discovering. Nothing is new for Manolo Mrquez:We have done all this. But it is true that, more and more, the player supports less this type of criticism.Even more if they are made public. And if you are in a large team, even worse. It is possible that this bothers a player of Bara more than one of Las Palmas or Betis. But there is no bad intention. That is evident.

‘Cruyffista’, passionate about cycling and strategist

Eder Sarabia, 39, is one of the main responsible for finding solutions to the exit of the ball from the position of Ter Stegen, one of the identity of the Setin team. He has also been responsible since he arrived at Camp Nou for strategy actions. He is the one who orders in the plays to stand still while Setin waits on the bench. Admirer of Cruyff’s ‘Dream Team’, he keeps a Laudrup shirt and a Zubizarreta shirt. Although his other great passion is cycling, whose tests also continues with special attention. Images of the late Kobe Bryant or tennis player Rafa Nadal populate his active cyber profile.

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“He does nothing to do,” shouts Sarabia, the assistant of

Eder Sarabia is a volcanic type. The assistant of Quique Setién was hunted by Vamos cameras this Sunday at the Bernabéu, while he was cursing the lost opportunities. The second coach of Barça began saying that “it is not a pass to Busi, it is a pass to the interiors. ‘There!”. He was referring to one of the passes he gave Ter Stegen.

That was not, however, his biggest reason for complaint. Sarabia began to be outraged with the opportunity missed by Griezmann in the first part, still with the 0-0 on the scoreboard of the Bernabéu. “Goal … Métela Antoine, I shit on my fucking mother,” came the second Barca coach, who was much harder.

But it was not known then who he was addressing. But the shout came from the bottom of the Barca bench in the Bernabéu. “He doesn’t do anything that needs to be done,” Sarabia said, although it is unknown which player he meant. “Suddenly, he starts playing and throwing when he has to play the ball. I shit on God.”

“We cannot have the defensive line tucked so far back” (Sarabia)

Setién’s assistant analysis was then much more tactical. “We cannot have the defensive line tucked so far behind because they stretch us and then Benzema comes, receives, and creates a lot of superiority,” he told his boss. Both were sitting on the bench. Quique with his hands in his pockets and Eder addressing him very expressively. “We have to reduce space much more.”