In Tuscany it is head to head between Giani and Ceccardi – Politics

First and only face to face with all seven candidates for the presidency of the Tuscany Region, today in Florence at the Puccini theater, which recorded some spark between Eugenio Giani of the center-left and Susanna Ceccardi of the center-right. The event, organized by La Nazione and Rtv38, was marked by strict rules of engagement and compliance with anti-Covid regulations. The arrangement on the stage of the Puccini was in fact decided by lot, with each candidate who drew his number, after having disinfected his hands, and it happened that a Communist found himself alongside a Northern League. Thus the M5s candidate Irene Galletti found herself close to Vladimiro Spinelli, leader of the Florence 3 college for the PCI, present in the place of the candidate for governor Marco Barzanti.

Tonight the challenge between the candidates on the Nation website:

On his left sat the center-left candidate Eugenio Giani, flanked by Tiziana Vigni from the Movimento 3V (Vaccini we want truth) list and Tommaso Fattori di Toscana on the left. To close the semicircle on the stage Salvatore Catello of the Communist Party and lastly Susanna Ceccardi, League member MEP candidate for the center-right coalition. The confrontation saw the two interviewers alternate, the director of La Nazione Agnese Pini and the director of Rtv38 Nicola Vasai, who asked the candidates eight identical questions: behind them a one-minute countdown, with the right to reply on request. On the table the hot topics of the electoral campaign and current affairs: the Coronavirus emergency, the economic crisis, health, infrastructure, transport, waste and finally an appeal to vote addressed to a typical voter of about 20 years. There was some spark between Giani and Ceccardi on the Recovery fund and on the Mes and then a new round on waste. Giani attacked his rival for the idea of ​​wanting to create more waste-to-energy plants in Tuscany while he wants to focus everything on the circular economy. Jokes and digs at the penultimate question that invited candidates to indicate who they would have dinner with. Galletti made the name of Fattori for sharing ideas and projects, Giani ‘invited himself’ by supporting the closeness of ideas between the center-left, Tuscany on the left and M5s, and calling for a useful vote to save Tuscany from the advance of the center right. Idea sent back to the sender by both parties. While Ceccardi invited everyone to dinner, specifying however that the canapes “Giani brings them”. “I lost 3 kilos in this election campaign” he replied, “it’s my style, I try to be among the people”.