“The defector” on the ARD: This film is a serum

AWhen Siegfried Lenz submitted his second novel to the publisher at the beginning of the 1950s, his editor Otto Görner decided that the story of the refugee Walter Proska would be nothing under this title in the young Federal Republic. In 1946, Lenz heard that “The Defector” could have appeared. But not in 1952. “Today,” […]

“Crime scene” in the first: The resurrection of Lena Odenthal

media So the “crime scene” The resurrection of Lena Odenthal As of March 8, 2020 | Reading time: 2 minutes Lost: Vanessa (Lena Urzendowsky) and Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts, right) Source: SWR / Jacqueline Krause-Burberg The lost children of Ludwigshafen: “Leonessa” tells the sad legend of Leon and Vanessa, who sell themselves to limousine drivers […]

Berlinale: The tears of Lars Eidinger

UAnd then he sits there in the press conference, the supposedly omnipresent Lars Eidinger, who is always terrific above all where he can help a man in the larval stage, between tree and bark, survive. With the help of a sometimes insanely instrumentalized, musical language. What he does in “Babylon Berlin”, what he does in […]