Strategy: Companies are demanding European industrial electricity prices

Berlin The EU Commission does not lack ambitious goals in its industrial strategy. Everything will be done to support companies on their way to climate neutrality and to strengthen their competitiveness, according to the paper presented on Tuesday. In practice, however, there is no trace of this. On the contrary: Well-known companies see their opportunities […]

BCG wants to measure the sustainability of network operators

radio mast In a global comparison, the telecommunications industry has a carbon footprint that is about twice as large as the aviation industry, the Boston Consulting Group has calculated. (Photo: AP) Dusseldorf Modern life can hardly be imagined without fast mobile communications and landlines. But all of this consumes electricity and resources. It is not […]

This is how expensive climate neutrality is for companies in Europe

Dusseldorf For the freshly chosen BP-Chef Bernard Looney was the first public appearance in his new position a breeze. After months of demonstrations by angry activists outside the company’s headquarters in London, the oil company’s former downstream manager was allowed to say things that his predecessor Bob Dudley would never have said. “We have to […]