Boccia: ‘Guidelines on phase 2 ready, today in Regions’ – Politics

The “Phase 2” guidelines are complete and will be sent to the Regions tonight. These are indications that the government gives for rigorous and exclusive protection at work. “Minister of Autonomies Francesco Boccia said at the question time in the Chamber.” Italy is a patient in better condition than before. But he is still a patient, who cannot afford relapses. “Before June, we will not move between the Regions, stressed Boccia at the question time, stressing that, each evaluation is postponed to the end of May. In any case, he added,” it will be easier to guarantee a relationship between low risk regions, it will be much more complicated to allow the passage of citizens from a low risk region to a high risk one “.

Sileri: ‘From June 1st I think it is possible to leave Lombardy‘- “I think that from 1st June there will be the possibility of moving from one region to another. And in my opinion it will also be possible to leave Lombardy”. So Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health, at ‘Circo Massimo’ on Radio Capital. “From 18 May we will take a step forward and I am sure of this and there will be greater freedom by the end of the month”. At the moment, “there are 12 regions that have fewer than 12 infected,” he stressed. Referring then to yesterday’s Lombardy data, Sileri declares that “they were falsified”. “Obviously – the deputy minister explains – I cannot guarantee the freedom of movement between different regions today because it is a moment of observation; it is a very initial phase 2 and there are 12 regions that have less than 12 infected. It is as if Italy were a letter of resignation was given after a bad illness, she now has a two-week recovery period. ” It is a “moment of observation and preparation. We – he concludes – must be ready not to get caught by any other contagions”.

We have to work on therapy, I think the plasma one is very promising. More studies are needed, research must be invested. Italy has a unique opportunity to show the quality of the therapy abroad, if the results should confirm it, as I think “. So continued Sileri. For the vaccine, he added,” it takes more time, I think several months. I am not optimistic about a vaccine by the end of the year. “As for the hypothesis that the SarsCov2 virus was created in the laboratory, Sileri says he is skeptical:” There is some study that has analyzed the sequence of the virus, it was concluded that it was so perfect that it was unthinkable that it had been done in the laboratory. “” It is true that I am from the M5s, and that it must be done with intelligence and moderation, but from a health point of view it is like this. “Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri comments on the words of the Deputy Minister of the Misiani Economy which called the regularization of migrants “positive from a health point of view”.