A blue armband for autism: protection or stigma?

Direct. Coronavirus, last minute “We refuse to go out with our children with the stigma of the blue scarf. All those selfish and unhuman people who insult children with autism spectrum disorder are forever portrayed” (Alfanhui, Madrid). “Stigma? No. This is a social disability and must be made visible. All we want is for our […]

A new Perera emerges between Morante’s bullfighter and El Juli’s teacher

GONZALO I. WELCOME Rodrigo City (Salamanca) Updated Tuesday, 25 February 2020 –21:01 Manuel Perera offers El Capea, El Juli, Morante, Padilla and ManzanaresM.HERNNDEZCULTURE I already warnedMorante de la Puebla to Zabala de la Sernain this newspaper a few weeks ago that bullfighting should return to the purity of the capeas and talanqueras. From the eighties […]