Georges Nivat: “In Russia there is the idea that there is no truth, only opinions”

The memories of Russia are multiple. It is this plurality that the specialist of Russian culture Georges Nivat continues to explore in the monument work Sites of Russian memory, whose second volume – “History and myths of Russian memory” – was recently published by Fayard editions. On several hundred pages are listed the topoi from […]

Coronavirus: Belarus completely football

March 2020, all footballers were sent home by the Covid-19. All of them? No. Somewhere in the east of the continent, the Belarusians are still resisting the virus and the players are still snorting on the pitch, the supporters are playing the game again at the bistro. Alexander Lukashenko, their President for twenty-six years (considered […]

At war against boredom: a flight attendant, a suspended Tati and crimes in Orly

Airport-world Crazy about flight scenes, physical or magical (Catch me if you can, E.T.), Steven Spielberg was to end well in a film entirely located in an airport. He subverts the airport human condition there, which is that of waiting. Tourist disembarked from Eastern Europe at JFK airport in New York, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks, […]

“History of drug trafficking”, souls cameo

Far from being the preserve of criminal organizations alone, drug trafficking has long been an instrument in the hands of states. This geopolitical prism serves as the common thread for an exciting documentary series in three episodes broadcast on Arte from March 31, the first of which is available in preview all day this Tuesday […]

Ala Eddine Slim: “In Tunisia, the army remains this hidden monster”

Born in Sousse thirty-seven years ago, a consumer mainly of ninja or Jean-Claude Van Damme films on VHS when he was a teenager, Ala Eddine Slim came to the cinema discovering, being electrified, The Sunchaser of Michael Cimino on TV, “One Thursday evening after Correspondent“. For ten years, he has formed with a nucleus of […]