Students of the Faculty of Medicine ask to suspend exam


Third and fourth year students of the UNAM Faculty of Medicine reported inequity in the evaluation of the subject Basic Clinical Integration 1 and 2, because half of the generation, evaluated during the period of the National Healthy Distance Day, did not present departmental exam and they averaged them only with jobs. They claim that by forcing them, the second half of the generation, to take an exam, it puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to choosing their boarding school.

The fourth year students in a month we are going to make the choice of our boarding school, in the Faculty we are numbered from one to 800, that is, the entire generation is numbered based on our average, it is something that matters a lot to us, because that is how we stay in Mexico City or we have to go to another state, “said one of the students who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals.

From June 17, fourth year students sent a letter to the Faculty pointing out various concerns about the evaluation, point two was the cancellation of the exam.

Among the reasons were the lack of optimal access to the internet and computers by the entire generation, the limitations in virtual teaching, the emotional effects of the pandemic and the economic difficulties that some face due to the pandemic, reducing their availability to be 100 percent dedicated to studies.

What most outraged the students was the response of Dr. Laura Silvia Hernández, head of the Department of Integration of Medical Sciences, who, after a second letter sent on September 17, had a virtual meeting with the students and when referring to the problem of those who returned to their states due to the pandemic, she replied that it was not her fault.

We do not take you out of the city, that is clear, we do not take you out of the city and it is a pity that the University does not have branches where you live ”, is heard in the audio record that the students shared on the page of the Medical Student Front.

We are not afraid of an exam, what is unfair are the conditions in which they want to take this exam, why? Because the internet connection is not good, the platform is not good and the objective set by the Faculty of the application of these departments is the standardization of teaching and learning, ”said another of the students, who considers that such standardization would not be met when evaluating half with an exam and the other half not.

But it is not only about the access that medical students can have to computers and the internet, also young people have documented failures in the Faculty’s exam platform in previous tests.

For example, in the exam that was applied for the third year there were problems, at the time of the exam they did not load me with several images to reach the diagnosis of the cases that they requested, send a message via Telegram and in fact a bot answered me; I also could not answer some questions, but because the application did not allow it, that is, it blocked the option, I also sent them a message and the only thing they answered was do not answer it ”, said another of the students, who even has captures of Bot response screens.

When considering all these factors, the students insist on their concern for the application of the exam that is worth 50% of the final grade of the subject, failing or not finishing it due to technical problems implies taking a final exam, which is equivalent to 100% of the qualification and failure, due to these same circumstances, implies repeating the school year.

Regarding the emotional effects of the pandemic, Dr. Hernández herself replied that it was not a reason to suspend the test, in the virtual meeting on September 18.

The Faculty has the means to support all this difficulty to face this reality, difficulty of the emotional state; It is not to stay like that, really, we cannot stay in our depression, in our sadness that we have lost relatives, we cannot stay there, because it is precisely having repercussions and taking away an exam will not help that ”.

The students did not get the support of the authorities and half of the fourth-year generation is obliged to take the departmental clinical integration exam at 3 in the afternoon. Half of the generation of third-year students will do so on Saturday, October 24 at 10 a.m. There are between 400 and 500 students for each grade.

We will have to do it with resignation, hoping that we really have a good internet connection, that there are no technical failures, “said one of the students.

Those who deem it necessary can go to present the exam at the Faculty where computers will be available, even though the UNAM issued an agreement suspending academic, dissemination and cultural meetings until next January 4.

It implies that the classmates mobilize, not only the economic expense, but also an exposure to their person, that perhaps they can be asymptomatic carriers, they arrive with their relatives again and then they turn out that they too get sick ”, expressed another of the students .

Excelsior, sought a position from the Faculty of Medicine, however, no response has been obtained so far.

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England media analyze James’ first presentation with Everton – International Soccer – Sports

The arrival of James Rodriguez al Everton has generated great expectation in the English press, who followed the performance of the midfielder step by step in his first game on english soccer.

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The Times newspaper made a great report on the performance of the Colombian footballer in his debut with Everton in this Sunday’s 0-1 victory over Tottenham, ensuring that the midfielder that stood out in the 2014 World Cup was seen again. , in which he ended up being the scorer.

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“There’s a new playmaker in town. Maybe the Premier League lost Silva (David) this summer, but has won a Golden Shoe. It is still hard to believe that the player in Everton’s number 19 jersey, who shares flank with Seamus Coleman and Abdouyale Doucuré, be the same as the warrior who dazzled us at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Six years later, the cherubic face of James Rodríguez has not aged, although his career has remained in a perpetual stage doubt. Trapped in the periphery of Real Madrid and the Bayern Munich, without possibilities of realization and maturation, had become the Peter Pan of football. No player wants to spend the best years of his career at Neverland, “begins a post that highlights the importance of James as a player.

In addition, he talks about the importance that Everton gives to James and that dream reunion with the coach Carlo Ancelotti, who has always trusted the Colombian and has empowered him to have a great performance.

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Everton it offered a new beginning and a reunion with an old face. Carlo Ancelotti is a particularly skilled coach on the fine lines of the ego of Super stars who drives, and the coach who has always considered Rodríguez a talisman. At Real Madrid it inspired him to his best season, and at Bayern Munich, his paths had crossed too quickly. Now it has presented him with a new opportunity to rekindle a career that had been dormant for too long, ”the publication adds.

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Algeria does not forgive “copycats”: 1 year in prison for student for spreading exam answers | (none)

An Algerian student was sentenced to one year in prison for having disseminated the answers of an exam that allows access to upper secondary school, according to the new rules that provide strong sanctions for these frauds, announced this Saturday the Ministry of Justice.

The courts began to pronounce the “first prison sentences” for events related to leaks of the subjects of the examination of the Certificate of Secondary Education (necessary to start upper secondary school and which generally takes about 15 years) the dissemination of answers and “cheating,” the ministry said in a statement.

The court of Guelma (northeast) sentenced a student to one year in prison on Wednesday for having “disseminated the answers to the Arabic language test on his Facebook page,” according to the same source.

Another person, accused of having “leaked the subject of Arabic language by mobile phone”, is in preventive prison and will be tried on Sunday, according to the ministry.

The penal code, amended in April, criminalizes violations in exams and oppositions. Anyone involved in this type of fraud is exposed to penalties of between one and 15 years in prison.

The phenomenon of exam fraud has increased in recent years in Algeria. In 2016, dozens of people, including senior education officials, were arrested on suspicion of involvement in massive internet leaks of high school exam topics.


KPSS secondary education applications will be made this month! ÖSYM announced its exam calendar – Sözcü Gazetesi

Candidates who get the highest score from the KPSS secondary education exam held every year can work as civil servants in public institutions. The dates for applications for the KPSS secondary education exam, which is of great interest to civil servant candidates, have been announced.


According to the statement of ÖSYM, applications for the KPSS secondary education exam will be made through the candidate procedures system of ÖSYM between 15-30 September. Payments can be made online at the time of application. You can complete your transactions via the link below between the application dates.



KPSS secondary education exam candidates will be given 120 questions and 130 minutes. 60 general culture and 60 general ability questions will be presented to the candidates.


Since HES code information will be obtained when applying for the exam, candidates must have obtained the HES code before applying for the exam or going to the application centers for application. Candidates will be able to access information on how to obtain the HES code from the website of the Ministry of Health at


What is MIR and how is it prepared | Economy

Monday, July 13, 2020. Hundreds of future resident doctors flock to the Ministry of Health. The nerves are on the surface, since in the next few days those gathered there will choose what they want to specialize in. Dermatology, plastic surgery, cardiology, anesthesia … are just a handful of the 44 medical specialties, distributed among the 7,512 places, which are distributed among the nearly 16,000 opponents who have submitted to the resident internal medical exam this year. But how did they get here?

After six years of careers, future medical specialists They have to pass the MIR exam, a test that opens the doors of specialization. “The degree of medicine per se in Spain practically does not allow the practice of medicine, so it is almost essential training as a resident intern in the different hospitals or Primary Care centers ”, explains Dr. Antonio Martín Conejero, director of the MIR faculty and tutors of the academy high school CTO. Therefore, this test is nothing more than the way to order all the candidates according to their knowledge so that they can opt for the different specialization positions that are offered in Spanish hospitals.

The MIR is convened each year between the end of January and the beginning of February, in 2020 it took place on January 25, and consists of a total of 185 questions -175 plus 10 reserve questions- that candidates have to answer in no more than four hours. “This is the best model, the fairest. In fact, countries like Italy or Portugal have already imported it ”, says Dr. Borja Ruiz Mateos, director of the Amir preparatory academy.

However, the fairness of the exam does not detract one iota from its toughness. CEach square is required by at least two opponents, and this taking into account that the applicant does not have preferences neither for the specialization nor for the hospital where to train. The more desired the specialty or the center, the better the score is required. “A very good MIR exam is the 2,500 first places”, adds Ruiz Mateos. “It can be understood that the doctor” plays “everything to a letter, since the MIR represents 90% of the grade for the choice of place. This for many is unfair because “anyone can have a bad day”, but it is true that it gives all recent medical graduates the same possibilities to choose the desired position, “says Martín Conejero.

To understand the pressure on future specialists, it is enough to take a look at the allocation of places this year. Applicants with a position below 2,834 were no longer eligible for specialties such as dermatology, plastic surgery or cardiology.

To the more than remarkable competitiveness to access the best positions, we must add the detail that the MIR exam does not have an official agenda, since applicants must demonstrate that they have internalized and learned all the concepts studied in the previous six years. The evident amount of subject to review, coupled with the pressure of the exam, makes many of the future residents begin to prepare without even having finished the degree in medicine. “In sixth grade, the study of the MIR can begin to be combined with the end of the race,” explains Ruiz Mateos. In total, it would be about 18 months of study, in which both trainers agree that they require sacrifice and perseverance, in addition to the support of an academy.

Whether or not to go to a specialized center to prepare the MIR and to which one to go is one of the fundamental decisions that doctors face. “Yes, it is possible to pass the MIR without going to an academy. But it is much more complicated. We must bear in mind that the academies have years of experience preparing opponents, in addition to having the materials, specialized teachers, exams from other years … “explains Ruiz Mateos,” that’s why almost all of the aspiring resident doctors come to us ” , finishes off.

When deciding which academy to choose, it is important to know what its study methodology is and whether it is going to be adapted to the student or not. Currently most of the academies offer almost tailor-made courses for each of the students, with face-to-face, blended or distance mode; intensive courses, mock exams …

But choosing the academy that best suits you is only the first step. Students who prepare the MIR face days of 9 to 10 hours of study. “We recommend up to 10 hours of study a day, which include classes and drills. Although when they start we tell students to follow the 8-8-8 rule. Eight hours of study, eight hours of rest and eight hours of sleep ”, explains Ruiz Mateos. For his part, Martín Conejero, from CTO, is a little more specific: “in the first phases of the course, and given that the student is still in 6th grade of medicine, we ask the student to be able to take 2-3 hours of study a day MIR. We are progressively demanding more hours from the student until we reach the days before the MIR, with days of 11 hours ”.

Therefore, continuous study, together with the choice of a good academy, seem to be the bases for obtaining a good result, but they are not the only ones. Due to the unique exam modality, knowing how to temper the nerves and keep a cool head, are two fundamental qualities to face the MIR in a positive way. “It is useless that you know the entire syllabus perfectly and that you have embroidered it in the drills if before the exam you have an anxiety attack”, says Ruiz Mateos. For this reason, in recent years the academies have also focused on this fundamental part of the preparation and offer their students psychological support, and even classes of mindfulness. “I did not know what the mindfulness (full attention), until I was asked to give courses to MIR students “, confesses Ruiz Mateos, Amir’s director,” and the truth is that they give great results for the exam. “

Expert Master in Traditional Medicine

This program seeks to approach alternative pharmacy: homeopathy and phytotherapy, the constituents of medicinal plants and those most used, the administration of medicinal plants, the homeopathic formulation, the application of the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Expert Postgraduate in Diseases and Immonutrition

This postgraduate allows to know the biological bases of nutrition, immunonutrition, diets for malnutrition, diets with fat modification, diets with carbohydrates modification, diets with protein modification, diets with fiber modification, pathologies linked to poor diet and diets in different pathological states.

Master’s Degree in Emergency and Emergency Medicine from SEMES

This Master provides materials in PDF and multimedia format, videos, clinical cases and workshops, where the specialist from home can familiarize himself with the advances and controversial issues of the day to day and update his knowledge about the Hospital Emergency Services. The Master has a duration of 2 years and is organized in 14 training modules with the aim of covering the knowledge and skills of the different areas of the specialty.


Tumors: to check the cervix better the Pap test or the one for papilloma virus?

I am 47 years old and for about 30 years I have had a Pap smear once a year. Now for my gynecologist he suggested that I switch to the HPV test, with a three-year expiry. Can you help me understand the difference between the two exams? And what are the reasons why it would be better to replace one test with the other?

responds Giorgia Mangili, Head of Medical Oncological Gynecology at the Gynecological Obstetric Clinic of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

Let’s make a premise immediately: the objective of both tests is to identify the predisposing conditions for the formation of a cervical tumor. HPV (papillomavirus) plays a fundamental role in the development of neoplasms affecting the cervix. In fact, papillomavirus infection is the necessary condition for a process of carcinogenesis to begin at the level of the uterine neck, even if the infection alone is not sufficient to determine the onset of a cervical tumor. HPV infection is very common, while invasive cervical cancer is rare, this is because in most cases there is spontaneous regression of the infection. Not all papillomaviruses (there are over 150 different strains) have the ability to induce the formation of a tumor, but only those at high risk, such as strains 16 and 18 which are responsible for the development of 70% of cervical cancers, while the remaining 30% is determined by other viral strains. rare. If the HPV test does not detect the presence of a high-risk HPV infection, the danger of cervical neoplasia is very low.

What the Pap smear sees

Early diagnosis resulted in a reduction in the frequency and mortality of cervical cancer (and today there is an effective vaccine offered free in Italy to 12-year-old males and females and also in other age groups). Since the 1960s, the pap test has been the most widely used screening test and its spread over the years has allowed a reduction in invasive forms. The pap smear is an exam that can identify pretumor lesions in addition to neoplastic ones. The cytological examination performed on the cells taken during the examination identifies cellular abnormalities at various stages. Various degrees of intraepithelial lesions can thus be diagnosed from low grade (LSIL) which include cellular alterations caused by viral infection or mild dysplastic alteration (CIN1) to high grade lesions (HSIL) which include lesions with medium or severe dysplasia (CIN2 or CIN3), up to the finding of carcinoma cells.

HPV-DNA test for women after 30

Both are therefore screening tests, the difference that the HPV test allows to identify patients who have an infection potentially at risk of inducing a process of carcinogenesis, while the pap test evaluates if there are cellular alterations induced by the infection. In the plans of the Italian health system, after a cost-effectiveness analysis, cervical cancer screening is changing by inserting the test for the search for papilloma. The HPV-DNA test should be performed by women after 30 years and only if positive perform further tests, such as colposcopy and biopsy. During colposcopy the vagina and the surface of the cervix are examined under a lighted microscope (colposcope) to check for precancerous lesions or cancer. Often a biopsy is also performed at the same time, i.e. the removal of a sample of cervical tissue to be analyzed in order to determine if dysplasia is present and to establish whether it is necessary to intervene with a more specific treatment.In younger women, the screening test remains the pap test because under 30 years although the infection is very frequent, the clinical impact is less important

August 17, 2020 (change August 17, 2020 | 09:32)



Coronavirus: maxi gathering in church South Korea, 300 cases – Asia

Over 300 people linked to the Sarang Jeil church in Seoul have tested positive for the coronavirus. CNN reports it. The South Korean authorities have decided to denounce the head pastor of the Church, Jun Kwang-hoon, for having ignored the anti-Covid-19 measures and in any case organized maxi-gatherings. Over 4,066 have recently attended church, according to police, but of these 550 have not left their contacts and 495 have not answered the phone. Of the people who recently attended the Sarang Jeil Protestant Church in Seoul, 1,207 were tested for coronavirus and 305 tested positive. The others are waiting to take the exam. At a press conference today, church and reverend lawyers assured that they have always cooperated with the authorities and announced that they will sue the government for defamation. The Seoul government explained that all 7,560 churches in the capital have been banned from holding large gatherings due to the Covid pandemic, with the exception of weekly masses during which the faithful must maintain social distancing.