Lois Hechenblaikners photo book about the madness of Ischgl

Lois Hechenblaikner of complains, but we are in the face of his powerful “J’accuse” melancholic and demand acquittal, because the Virus leaves no other choice. For a quarter of a century of the Tyrolean photographer documented the excesses of the fun tourism in the Tyrolean ski resort of Ischgl and is almost as obsessive as the celebration itself. For Hechenblaikner Ischgl is a “Delirium Alpinum”, the eyesore of his native land a Sodom and Gomorrah in the snow, in the drinking and whoring, gegrölt and vomit is what keeps the stuff. His images are shocking testimonies of abandon, excess, unconsciousness, taste. Show ridiculously-clad groups of men in the full noise and stupid grinning guys who all wear identical T-Shirts with sexist slogans such as “pussies Ischgl Where”, “pussy friends Karlsruhe” or “breast enlargement by laying on hand only 1,– “. You can see mountains of empty beer barrels and piles geköpfter champagne bottles, posters, Table-Dance in leather, and commercials for the “Schihaserl erotic show”. Sex dolls of all sorts are inserted Unappetizing in the After, guys in Lederhosen simulate with dirndl makers the sexual intercourse in front of everybody, and in every corner there is a alcohol is body.

Images range

Jakob Strobel y Serra

It is an indictment of a brutal directness is bereft of subtlety, and hard on the border of voyeurism, because Hechenblaikner can’t be badass enough. Ischgl is a place that no person of sober mind wants to be, and even after a bottle of wine everything seems disgusting and repulsive. His message to underline that in Ischgl, absolutely nothing is all well and good, sprinkled it again and again, photographs of ghostly mountains in the fog and snow-drift, between his party pictures, as the site of the desecrated nature was cursed with eternal Dimness of been punished. When he photographed, but the Smartphone is a waitress in the “Champagne Lodge” with a bill for three bottles of Montrachet on 8770 euros, running his charge in danger of leading to Small-mindedness: of Course it’s terrible a lot of money, but such prices are paid for the best wines in the world elsewhere, and in the Other we would have been in this round, very happy here, because no serious wine lovers this legendary Burgundy voluntary escape.

That Ischgl has also a magnificent ski resort with one of the best runway infrastructure in the Alps, there are a half-dozen gourmet local and civilized the champagne from the glass can drink, instead of having him on the ass to pour, not the avenging angel of the Tyrolean excess tourism. Much prefer this book provides virologic illustrative material in Abundance. Anyone who sees the pictures, you will immediately understand why a whole village to the super spreader and the Coronavirus found its way from the Après-Ski Bars in the Paznaun valley, to the half of Europe – Ischgl would have to us can save you a lot of Trouble, if they knew better how to behave. And still, you will not be angry, but nostalgic, if you look at the photographs, so nasty, so rude, your protagonists may be. Because fun will be denied for a long time, he is for the time being, history, illegal behavior in the high-risk area. We will see what we can do, and will miss it, even if we were to do it yourself never. We have to now be sensible, perhaps forever. This is the true horror.

“Ischgl” by Lois Hechenblaikner, with an afterword by Stefan Gmünder. Steidl Verlag, Göttingen 2020. 240 Pages, 205 Illustrations. Bound, 34 Euro.


Fourth year adviser to trump Russia went from the White house :: Policy :: RBC

Tom Williams held this position since late January, when his predecessor, Andrew Rush left for “administrative leave”. Two former trump’s Advisor on Russian Affairs, left the post in August and November last year

Donald Trump

(Photo: Evan Vucci / AP)

Acting senior Director for Russian and European Affairs in the national security Council (NSC) Secretary Tom Williams will go to work in the Pentagon. This was reported by Advisor to the President of Donald trump on homeland security, Robert O’brien, reports Axios.

Lately it already the fourth high-ranking official in charge in the White house the Russian direction, which leaves the position, the newspaper notes.

The predecessor of Williams Andrew Peak in January was suspended. According to Axios, he went into “administrative leave” in connection with the investigation, which is associated with security issues.

The media learned about the dismissal from work of the adviser to trump Russia

Donald Trump

Peak became the Director of Russia’s NSC in November 2019, replacing Tim Morrison. That, in turn, took this position instead of Fiona hill, who was responsible for coordinating U.S. policy towards Europe and Russia from 2017 to August 2019.


Law, at the risk of excess

The rule of law is an ideal to defend. The protection of the law is a major social achievement. Lacordaire had proclaimed it in the pulpit in 1848: “Between the strong and the weak, between the rich and the poor, between the master and the servant, it is freedom that oppresses and the law that frees. ” We should be glad that every citizen has the resource to go to justice if he feels that his rights have not been respected. However, all power faces the risk of excess, against which the judiciary is not immune either.

As in other areas, the health crisis reveals and even exacerbates these legal and judicial challenges. News is constantly proving it. The German Constitutional Court on Tuesday demanded that the European Central Bank justify itself before it on its action in the face of the economic crisis. Donald Trump wants billions of dollars in reparations from China for damage caused by the epidemic. In France, a lively debate has started on the criminal liability of mayors or employers faced with the risk of contamination.

This strengthening of the “judicialization” of public life is worrying. As for responsibilities in the epidemic, many complaints are or will be lodged which will not succeed for lack of foundation, which will only increase the frustration of those awaiting justice. This trend also leads to an increase in prudential attitudes, at the risk of slowing down the response to the crisis. We will have to find out the truth about what we are going through. Responsibilities should be highlighted. But this does not necessarily have to go through an infinite number of trials.


Zelensky awarded rescuers who put out a forest fire in Chernobyl :: Society :: RBC

Vladimir Zelensky

(Photo: president.gov.ua)

During a working visit to Chernobyl, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky presented state awards to 22 rescuers who participated in extinguishing forest fires in the exclusion zone near the nuclear power plant. This was reported by the press service of the office of the head of state.

Zelensky flew by helicopter to the affected area, after which he expressed gratitude to all the rescuers who participated in the extinguishing. Fire destroyed over 11 thousand hectares of forest.

In Kiev, recorded smoke due to fires in Chernobyl

Views of Kiev

“We are grateful to you for your great work. Now at a height, from a helicopter, we saw the real result of your work. You are heroes for us, ”Zelensky said.

In early April, a forest fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone covered an area of ​​more than 100 thousand hectares. In the center of the areas covered by fire, the Ukrainian Environmental Inspectorate recorded an excess of normal radiation levels.


Marcelo, accused of driving with excessive speed and with the card without points | sports

Marcelo Vieira, left side of Real Madrid, has been charged for driving without points on his license, as the newspaper has advanced The world and confirmed THE COUNTRY. The player was surprised on December 19 by a radar on the M-12 motorway, near the sports city of Valdebebas, when it was traveling at 134 kilometers per hour.

The player has given a statement this Monday as a defendant before the holder of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Alcobendas for the alleged commission of a crime against road safety (driving without points on the license and speeding). Judicial sources have specified that the player will be summoned for an appearance on “next dates of March”, so that the court decides whether the case follows the ordinary procedure or the current preliminary proceedings are transformed into a quick trial.

According to the known information of the appearance of this Monday, Marcelo alleged that he did not know that he had run out of points. The court of Alcobendas has cited the player, which is not the first time he falls for this infraction. In 2013 he was fined 6,000 euros also for driving with the points sold out.

Marcelo, 31, is completing his 14th white season. Although he has played 17 games, his role in the Zidane team has decreased compared to previous years. The arrival of the Frenchman Ferland Mendy is a great competition for the Brazilian side, second captain of the squad after Sergio Ramos and one of the icons of the last great winning cycle of Madrid.

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