How to take off a mask in public, don’t slide it under your chin or forehead

Dr. Adalja shared tips on removing masks when you want to eat, drink and exercise in public.

1. Wash hands first with water and soap or use hand sanitizer.

2. Then, remove the mask over your ear loops, making sure not to touch the part that covers your face.

3. Make a habit of carrying plastic bags or containers that can be closed. Place the mask in the container or bag after you remove the mask.

4. Clean your hands again when you want to put the mask back on your face, make sure the mask is on your mouth and nose, while wrapping the mask straps into both ears using your hands.

Regarding how to open a mask, Acting Director of Occupational Health and Sports of the Indonesian Ministry of Health Kartini Rustandi has shared ways. Kartini told to open the mask from the side.

“Opening the correct mask is from the side, by releasing any hooks or knots from the ears and back of the head. Not lowering it to the chin, “said Kartini Rustandi some time ago.

In line with Adalja, Kartini also reminded that lowering and raising the mask to and from the chin will actually contaminate the mask used.

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Mask Users Can Still Be Infected with Covid-19

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Research by Japanese researchers reveals surprising conditions about masks. Masks cannot make users 100% free from the risk of being infected with the Covid-19 corona virus which spreads in the air (airborne).

In this test scientists from the University of Tokyo placed two mannequins facing each other in a room. One mannequin head is equipped with a nebulizer, a cough simulation device using actual coronavirus particles. Others mimic natural breathing, where the virus enters through the respiratory tract.

As a result, cotton masks can block the virus by up to 40% compared to not using a mask. The surgical mask is able to block transmission of more than 50%.

N95 masks, which are used by medical professionals, are able to block the virus by up to 90%. The results of this study indicate that the N95 mask, which is considered the safest, still has the potential for users to be infected with the Covid-19 virus.

“There is a synergistic effect when the recipient of the virus and the spreader of the virus wears a mask,” wrote the University of Tokyo researchers, as quoted by Reuters, Thursday (22/10/2020).

There is a growing consensus among health experts that the Covid-19 virus can spread through the air. This month, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its guidelines and said pathogens can stay in the air for hours.

A separate Japanese research team used supercomputer simulations to show that humidity could have a significant effect on the spread of virus particles in the air.

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Banned Scuba and Buff Types, BSN Releases Standardization of Cloth Masks to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

PR DEPOK – Notice of prohibition of use face mask made from Scuba and Buff has recently become a hot topic of conversation.

It was reported that Commuter Line users in Jakarta are currently prohibited from using face mask by type fabric the.

Previously reported use face mask Scuba has become a trend among the community, especially face mask with unique motifs such as faces of world leaders and others.

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However, some time ago the expert mentioned that the public should avoid using it face mask Scuba is due to pores fabric which widen when used.

However it is currently in use face mask has been regulated by the National Standardization Agency (BSN), as quoted from the official, there is an effective way to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic when outside the home, namely by wearing face mask according to standard.

Furthermore, the standardization is contained in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI8914: 2020 Textile-face mask from fabric.

Reported setting SNI face mask fabric based on the Decree of the Head BSN Number 407 / KEP /BSN/9/2020.

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New Zealand PM apologizes, photos with supporters without wearing masks page all – Prime Minister New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, admitting to having made a mistake after taking a photo with supporters in Palmerston North.

Neither Ardern nor his supporters seemed wearing face maskand without taking any distance in the photo. In fact, New Zealand is still battling the pandemic corona virus.

Ardern also apologized for the mistake.

“In that photo I made a mistake,” Ardern said at a press conference quoted from NZ Herald, Monday (21/9/2020).

“Yes, I should have moved further forward and asked them to stay away too,” he continued.

The leader of the National Party, Judith Collins, said he was surprised to see Ardern’s photo naked face mask.

“I was shocked to see the Prime Minister clearly not keeping a distance and without a mask a few days ago in Palmerston North in a level 2 lock,” Collins said.

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Collins is not the first member of parliament to criticize Ardern for the photo.

Member of parliament, David Seymour, previously questioned Ardern’s actions, calling him disrespect for business people and small business owners affected by the level 2 restriction.

New Zealand is looking at the general election in October 2020.

Originally, elections were scheduled for 19 September 2020, but new cases in Auckland in August 2020 prompted the government to reimpose restrictions.

As cases of infection slow down, Ardern has lifted all restrictions across the country since Monday (21/9/2020).

Restrictions in some parts of Auckland have also been relaxed to allow gatherings of up to 100 people.

However, New Zealand’s largest city will need more time before all restrictions are lifted.

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“Our collective actions have succeeded in controlling the virus. This is the epicenter of the outbreak and that is why caution is needed here,” he explained. Reuters, Monday (21/9/2020).

Based on the analysis of the Ministry of Health, PM New Zealand The 40 year old says there is only a 50-50 chance of actually eliminating Covid-19 at the end of the month.

In the upcoming election, Labor’s Ardern will compete with the National Party.

In most of the opinion polls, Ardern far outperformed his rivals after getting over it pandemic Covid-19.

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US Health Officials Call Using a Mask More Effective Than Vaccine Injections

residents queuing for face masks amid the corona virus outbreak. © 2020 REUTERS / Tyrone Siu – Director of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield said, using a mask can protect individuals against the Covid-19 corona virus more than just a vaccine.

At the Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Redfield said face masks were “the most important and powerful tool of public health” and the United States could control the pandemic if all individuals wore masks for 6 to 12 weeks.

“I might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me from Covid-19 than it was when I took the vaccine, because the immunogenicity is probably 70 percent and if I don’t get an immune response it won’t protect me,” explained Redfield. .

“These face masks will protect me, we have clear scientific evidence they work,” he added, as quoted by the office news Anadolu Agency, Thursday (17/9).

Redfield said a vaccine may be available in November or December but will not be widely accessible until the second or third quarter of 2021.

Masks are mandatory in some states, and experts believe wearing masks is essential to slow the spread of the disease.

John Hopkins University tally said as of Wednesday, more than 6.6 million people had been infected with the virus and more than 196,000 in the US had died.

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No problem removing the mask when alone in the car

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Social media many with the uploads of a woman who complains of sanctions due to not imposing face mask while driving a car.

The upload also triggered a netizen response. The sanctions are considered odd because the woman is alone in her private car.

Commenting on this, pulmonary specialist Erlang Samoedro said that it is okay if you want to remove your mask when you are alone in the car. The recommendation to wear a mask in the car, he continued, was carried out to prevent transmission from other people who were in the same car.

“Wearing a mask in the car to avoid transmission from people in the car. If you are alone, hmm, no no. It’s not the real problem, “said Erlang when contacted, Thursday (17/9).

However, this condition is different when you are driver taxi or online taxi. Even if you are still alone because there are no passengers, you are required to keep a mask on.

“It can’t go away at all. That (includes) public transport,” he said.

If there is more than one person in the car, besides wearing a mask, you are also advised to keep your distance. Erlang recommends that you keep at least one meter away from people in the same car.

This will also depend on the size of the car. For a car that is large and spacious enough, it doesn’t matter if it is filled with three passengers. As for small cars, it is recommended that a maximum of two people be filled.

On the same occasion, Erlang also recommends that you use a three-layer cloth mask. “Not recommended [menggunakan masker] scuba. The pores are large, the protection is small, only 0-5 percent, only one layer, “he said.

DKI Jakarta has again imposed large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) since Monday (14/9). People are advised not to leave the house, except for urgent needs. Even if they leave the house, people are advised to comply with health protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and washing hands.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the choice of masks. Apart from scuba masks, experts also don’t recommend using them buff as personal protective equipment. Both of them only have the effectiveness of preventing the spread of the corona virus that causes Covid-19 by 0-5 percent.

Instead of using scuba masks and buffIt is recommended that you use a three-layer cloth mask with a preventive effectiveness of 50-70 percent.

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Must Wear Masks in Cars, Is There a Risk of Transmission When Driving Alone?


Recently it went viral regarding the disappearance of residents DKI Jakarta because you don’t wear a mask when you drive the car. The use of masks must be used while outside the house. According to the Traffic Director of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Sambodo Purnomo Yogo, DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 79 of 2020 requires people who use motorized vehicles to keep wearing masks properly.

“Article 4 of the Governor’s Regulation 79/2020, is the obligation to use a mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin when using a motorized vehicle,” said Sambodo to detikcom, Thursday (17/9/2020).

However, if someone is driving alone in a car, is it still necessary to wear a mask? Is there a risk of Corona transmission when alone in the car?

According to a pulmonologist from Friendship Hospital, Dr. Erlang Samoedro, SpP, the risk of contracting Corona when alone in a car is fairly small. Dr. Erlang emphasized that as long as no one else is around it means safe from exposure.

“Exposure to the virus from people, so if there are no other people, there is no exposure. So it is safe if there are no other people,” said Dr. Erlang when contacted. detikcom Thursday (17/9/2020).

Dr. Erlang explained that the display of the Corona virus from someone should be avoided. “The important thing is the exposure of the person so that the person is avoided,” continued Dr. Erlang.

Even so, it is important to make sure the surfaces around are safe from corona virus. The regulations regarding the use of masks are as follows.

Users of private passenger cars are required to follow the following conditions:

a. used only for the fulfillment of basic needs and / or other activities allowed during the PSBB.
b. disinfect vehicles after use.
c. use a mask in the vehicle
d. Do not drive if you have an above normal body temperature or are sick.
e. limit the carrying capacity of individual passenger cars to a maximum of two people per row of seats, except for passengers domiciled at the same address.

Watch Video “Valve Masks Cannot Prevent Covid-19 Transmission
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Trump campaign fined IDR 44.5 million for violating Corona Virus protocol

HENDERSON, – A Nevada company campaigning for Donald Trump inside an enclosed space, was charged fine 3.000 dollar AS (Rp.44.5 million), for violating domestic protocols regarding the corona virus.

The campaign, which was attended by thousands of people, took place on Sunday (13/9/2020) and used the facilities of Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson, Nevada, has violated state restrictions for gatherings of 50 people or more.

Launch CNN on Tuesday (9/15/2020), thousands of participants in the campaign were not required to wear face mask and just apply a little social distancing, by the team Trump campaign.

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The city of Henderson has warned Xtreme Manufacturing that it will break the rules, if the campaign continues.

“During the event, a compliance officer observed 6 violations of the directive and the City Business Operations Division has issued a Business License Breach Notification for Xtreme Manufacturing and assessed a fine of $ 3,000,” Kathleen Richards, senior public information officer for the city of Henderson, told CNN in a statement on Monday (14/9/2020).

Richards added that the company “has 30 calendar days to respond to the notification and pay a fine or dispute the notification of infringement.”

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The indoor event occurs when death results Covid-19 close to 200,000 nationwide.

Previously, a similar indoor Trump campaign was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June, which saw a spike in coronavirus cases in the city, as well as multiple diagnoses among Trump campaign staff and Secret Service agents.

When asked generally about the Trump campaign in Nevada, and whether it would limit the number of participants, Trump’s campaign team on Saturday offered only a vague explanation of the protocol to be followed.

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“Each participant will get a temperature check before entering, be given a mask that is organized for them to wear, and a lot of hand sanitier is provided,” a campaign official told CNN.

Xtreme Manufacturing owner Don Ahern declined to comment on Monday whether he intended to refute the quote.

“My goal is to continue America’s great tradition of the right to assembly and free speech,” Ahern said Monday afternoon in a brief press conference.

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Ahern, who owns a Las Vegas hotel and equipment rental business apart from Xtreme, said he considered the campaign “no different from the thousands of people allowed to gather at gaming tables, pool parties without masks and protests across the street”.

He also noted that he was not disillusioned by the city workers who provided him with a violation notification.

“You know, they have work to do. They might be directed. So we respect everyone’s position in this situation,” Ahern said.

Hotel Ahern in Las Vegas was fined after hosting an “Evangelicals for Trump” campaign in August that exceeded state boundary rules and also violated several city health restrictions.

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When Eating at Restaurants is Said to Increase the Risk of Covid-19 Transmission … Page all – A recent study from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that transmission is possible Covid-19 while eating at restaurant.

Reported ABC News, the study examined exposure to close contact that contributes to the spread of the virus.

As a result, it found that adults who tested positive for Covid-19 were twice as likely to report it eat at the restaurant within 14 days before being declared infected, compared with those who tested negative.

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Dr Kiva Fisher, lead author of the study, which looked at symptomatic outpatients from 11 US health care facilities, said that activities made it difficult to put on face mask and maintaining social distancing, such as eating at restaurants, may be a risk factor for Covid-19.

Fisher advises that customers and restaurant staff implement protective measures to reduce potential exposure COVID-19 during eating and drinking in restaurants.

These steps include:

  • Encourage sick staff to stay home
  • Require staff to wash their hands frequently
  • Require the use of masks, and
  • Offers service options delivery

“It is also important for customers to take precautions when eating outside the home, such as wearing a mask when not eating or drinking, being at least two meters away from other people and washing their hands frequently,” said Fisher.

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Make close contact

BETWEEN PHOTOS / REUTERS / Mike Blake / foc / djo Some people wear masks while walking on the pier, amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Oceanside, California, United States, Monday (6/22/2020).

Reported CNN International, a study published on Thursday (09/10/2020) included data on 314 adults with symptoms of Covid-19 in July.

Of the 314 people, 154 tested positive and 160 tested negative.

The tests were conducted at 11 different health care facilities in 10 US states: California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah and Washington.

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Researchers from the CDC and other institutions looked at how patients responded to questions about wearing masks, and various activities in the community, including whether they recently ate at restaurants, hung out at bars or went to the gym.

As a result, 42 percent of adults who tested positive reported having close contact with at least one person known to have Covid-19.

Meanwhile, most of the close contacts, namely 51 percent, were family members.

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Indication of eating in a restaurant

The researchers also found that 71 percent of people who tested positive for Covid-19 and 74 percent of those who tested negative always used a mask when in public.

There was no significant difference between those who tested positive and negative while doing shopping, hanging out with less than 10 people at home, going to the office, going to the gym, going to the salon, using public transportation or attending religious gatherings.

However, people who tested positive were more likely to report eat in a restaurant in the two weeks before they start feeling sick.

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Of note, this study has several limitations, including that more research is needed to determine whether similar findings will emerge among a larger group of patients, and questions about restaurant differences. indoor or outdoor.

“Reports of exposure in restaurants have been linked to air circulation. Direction, ventilation, and intensity of airflow can influence virus transmission, even if social distancing restrictions and use of masks are implemented according to current guidelines,” the researchers wrote.

Face mask cannot be worn effectively while eating and drinking, whereas shopping and many other indoor activities do not preclude the use of masks, “write the researchers.

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IDI PB Mitigation Team Survey
Infographics of 109 doctor deaths in Indonesia due to Covid-19


Here comes the Apple Face Mask, the mask created by iPhone designers – Pandemic Covid-19 still continuing, making technology companies, Apple continue to innovate to reduce the spread of the virus.

As recently, Apple is known to be working on two types face mask named Apple Face Mask and Apple Clear Mask, which is intended for employees, both in the office and at Apple Store outlets.

The Cupertino-based company claims that the two masks were designed entirely by iPhone and iPad product designers.

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However, currently Apple is still focusing on developing the Apple Face Mask mask.

Apple Face Mask

Apple Face Mask itself is a mask made of cloth that has three layers to filter air particles that enter and leave. Like other cloth masks, the Apple Face Mask can be washed and reused five times.

Prior to mass production, Apple said it had carried out extensive research and testing to ensure that the mask coating material properly and properly filters air particles.

From its design, the Apple Face Mask looks to have a size that follows the facial structure with longer folds for the nose and chin. Apple Face Mask

As for the hooks, this mask is equipped with an elastic band, so it can be adjusted according to the user’s ear size.

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That said, the Apple Face Mask will be distributed to all Apple employees in the next two weeks, as compiled KompasTekno of Bloomberg, Friday (11/9/2020).

Apart from employees, these masks will also be distributed directly to customers who visit Apple Store outlets.

Apple Clear Mask

Apple Clear Mask has reportedly been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Different from the Face Mask, the Apple Clear Mask uses a transparent material designed so that users can recognize each other’s faces.

Later, this mask is also intended for students at Gallaudet University in the US, especially for those with speech and hearing problems.

However, the company has yet to confirm when the Apple Clear Mask will start being distributed en masse.