Here snapshot table corona virus in Turkey

Ministers husband share his twitter, “Turkey’s daily coronavirus the Table, with detailed data refreshed every day, you can follow the links below I share,” he said. THIS IS AN INSTANT COVID-19 TABLE Turkey Coronavirus Table of the Day, with detailed data refreshed every day, you can follow the links I share below. ­čöŹ […]

Minister Koca announced the number of recent cases and deaths and warned

Breaking news… Minister Koca said in a statement, “The number of tests yesterday was 5,035. TODAY was 7,286. 1,196 new diagnoses were made. Patients and contact circles were isolated. We lost 16 patients. With these results, our loss of life reached 75 and the number of patients reached 3,629. I persistently invite you to implement […]

Minister Koca explained! death toll rose to 44 in Turkey

Minister Koca made a statement on the new coronavirus cases from his Twitter account. Minister Koca said, “How many people?” this is asked every day in 195 countries. not too late for Missing and Herzegovina in Turkey. The measure increases can cut the front. I made a total of 3 thousand 952 tests in the […]

Corona virus last condition Turkey: UPDATED March 17 Corona map

Last minute developments regarding the Corona virus epidemic are followed with curiosity. Finally, a critical statement came from the Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca. Turkey announced in the Minister announced that her husband did increase the number of diagnosed cases. On the other hand, the balance sheet continues to increase in the world. While the […]

New statement about coronavirus from Health Minister Fahrettin Koca!

HERE IS THE LINES OF THE MINISTER KOCA’S EXPLANATIONS – In the world coronaviruses The outbreak continues. The number of those who lost their lives has reached 2704. – measures with Turkey before undergoing the WHO has been the first country to life. – In Turkey, the virus has not been demonstrated that all our […]