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What greater sacrifice than spending weeks locked up at home because of the coronavirus? The bishops of several dioceses in the United States must have asked themselves, who in recent days have lifted part of the restrictions of Lent. A bishop of New Jersey, with 600,000 faithful in his diocese of Metuchen, has allowed meat to be eaten on Fridays, except that of April 10 because it is Good Friday. The numbers of the epidemic in the United States have grown exponentially in recent days.

“Given the difficulties in obtaining some types of food and the many other sacrifices that we are suddenly undergoing, I have granted a dispensation from abstaining from eating meat on Fridays for the remainder of Lent,” Bishop James F. Checchio has published. , on the Twitter account of his diocese. Abstaining from eating meat is one of the precepts of the liturgical season that precedes Holy Week.

As collected The Washington Post, Many other bishops have granted dispensations. A Louisiana state bishop, Shelton J. Fabre, believes that the coronavirus has put “most, if not all” of its faithful in a situation that complicates making food, “including alternatives to meat.” In a pastoral message, he also pointed out that “the rise in the price of fish and shellfish, and even the risk of going shopping without putting health at risk” clearly “make it difficult” to comply with the precept, and he has so stated in the Web page from the diocese of Houma Thibodaux. Of them, those who eat meat can compensate with charity or pious works, the religious recalled.

The American newspaper details other consequences in religious practice of the coronavirus crisis, such as the concern of many priests that, by imposing ash on the foreheads of his faithful as is customary on Ash Wednesday, could facilitate contagion. Since the beginning of March, and in line with what happened in other countries, numerous Catholic churches in the United States, more than 50 million people, they stopped allowing the wine consecrated during the Eucharist to be drunk from the chalice, a practice that, in the case of the Greek Orthodox Church it has continued to be practiced.


Estopa gathers 175,000 faithful in a home concert

“It is the first time that we have been apart for so long.”Estopa immersed this Friday in social networks – “This is something new for us,” they confessed. and they had a great time doing what they do best, which is singing, joking, and also playing with the different filters that mobile applications, each with their own and each at home, have in their catalog. The Muñoz brothers tried to encourage the confinement, when two weeks of the state of alarm are celebrated, with a concert of nine songs that decided all their followers, but especially the health workers who are leaving their skin in every corner of Spain.

The initiative was a success. The Catalan duo gathered 175,000 followers in front of their devices, whether they were computers to phones or tablets. And they pulled some of their best-known songs – ‘Tu calorro’ or ‘Como Camarón’- to cheer up a Friday night that, the normal thing for them, would be to have spent it together on stage. They also used songs from their new album, ‘Fuego’, such as Despertar with which they opened the performance at 20.10.

Always with that grace that characterizes them, they were singing, and doing experiments with the filters. “Sorry we play”they laughed. And between them They also caused laughter in a performance that, of course, left some moments of lack of coordination. But it was the least of it. It was the day to bring some fun to a Friday night with nothing to do but be home. “This will happen and we will overcome it with the best possible sense of humor,” said the Muñoz brothers, who are already working to resituate the performances they had planned for April and May. “We will return when the bars open,” Estopa said, who is scheduled to perform in Bilbao for July 3.

After ‘Awakening’, ‘I no longer remember’, ‘My bed’, ‘Your calorie’, ‘When the moon falls’,’ The balloons’, ‘I return to the old ways’,’ Demons’ and ‘Like Shrimp ‘. It was at home, behind closed doors, but soon they expect it to be open, on stage. “When the bars open,” José said.


The Vatican will celebrate Easter without the faithful due to the coronavirus

The Holy Week ceremonies presided over by Pope Francis in Rome and at the Vatican will be held without the presence of the faithful This year, they will be able to follow them live through radio, television and the Internet. It is an unprecedented decision motivated by the coronavirus pandemic and that was communicated late last night with a brief notice from the Prefecture of the Pontifical House, the body of the Holy See to which parishioners have to request tickets free to participate in these events.

“Due to the current health emergency, all the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week will be carried out without the physical presence of the faithful,” said the Prefecture of the Pontifical House in a brief note. This institution also reported that the Pope will continue to celebrate the Angelus on Sunday and the general audience on Wednesday inside the library of the Apostolic Palace, at least until April 12. These ceremonies are broadcast live on the Internet so that the faithful can follow them from their homes, as also happens with the masses that the Pope celebrates every morning in the chapel of the Domus Santa Marta, the Vatican residence where he lives. The faithful do not participate in these Eucharist either.

In the Angelus that he directed this noon from inside the Apostolic Palace, Francis recalled that, at the same time, the Archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini, concluded a mass in a hospital in Milan for the “sick, doctors, nurses and volunteers” of the coronavirus. “The Archbishop is with his people,” said the Pope, thanking the “creativity” of the priests of the Lombardy region, the most affected area in Italy, who think “a thousand ways of being close to his people so that they do not feel abandoned.

At the end of the Marian prayer, the Pontiff recalled that St. Peter’s Square has been “closed for days,” so he addressed himself “directly to you who are connected through the media.” In the pandemic situation, which has forced the population of half Europe is already living “more or less isolated”, it is possible to “rediscover and deepen the value of the communion that unites all the members of the Church”.

The Vatican has yet to explain in detail how the planned Easter ceremonies will unfold, the most important liturgical moment for Catholics next to Christmas. Matteo Bruni, director of the Press Room of the Holy See, assured this Sunday in a note that all the celebrations “are confirmed” although “modes of action and participation that respect security measures are being studied to prevent the spread of the coronavirus ». These modes will be explained when they are decided later, “in line with the evolution of the epidemiological situation”. Bruni guaranteed that, in any case, the ceremonies will be broadcast live on television, radio and the Internet.

In principle, it was planned that Palm Sunday would be celebrated as every year with a morning mass in St. Peter’s Square on April 5, while four days later the Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday was set inside the Vatican Basilica. In the same place the Pope should have officiated in the afternoon of the following day, Good Friday, the Passion of the Lord, to continue with the ceremonies at night with the traditional Way of the Cross in the Colosseum, one of the most suggestive celebrations of the Week Santa On the night of Saturday, April 11, it was planned that the Basilica of Saint Peter would host the Easter Vigil to arrive in the morning of the day after the great mass on Easter Sunday in the square of the same name, which always ends with the blessing ‘Urbi et Orbi’ of the Pontiff from the central balcony of the basilica. This message from the Pope, long awaited by the faithful, is the culmination of the Easter celebrations.vxv


Can you get a refund if you cancel your flight?

Amanda Stewart was planning a big Disney World trip for her family this spring, booking flights for her family on Southwest Airlines.

But in recent days, this nervous mom has decided that she would prefer to stay home for now.

“With the coronavirus popping up in the United States, we started to worry,” he said. “So we just wanted to cancel and get a refund.”

But when he called Southwest Airlines, “we couldn’t get a refund.”

The travel agent explains what the airlines offer

Lesley Sawhook is a travel agency that these days is more of a consultant for its clients at Exclusive Travel Partners, an online agency with 30 agents nationwide.

Customers now call continuously asking to postpone cruises, European holidays and even some domestic flights.

“My email exploded, and my phone, with worried guests traveling during the spring break and beyond,” said Sawhook.

“Some of my guests who have young children are genuinely concerned and are trying to get me to cancel those dates.”

Sawhook, however, says it is almost impossible to get a refund on a flight or cruise, even with insurance.

For example, he says, “cancel for any reason“insurance can make you cancel, but typically it only gives you back 75% of your money in the form of a voucher for future travel. Some travel insurance companies do not cover cancellations related to coronavirus unless you are actually hospitalized.

Almost no airline, cruise line or travel company, Sawhook explains, will refund you in cash, unless you have purchased a fully refundable full fare ticket, which almost no pleasure passenger does.

Airlines ease the penalties

But the good news, Sawhook says, is that more airlines and cruise lines will reschedule you later this year, without the usual penalties.

“I had to make a change with Delta airlines and they waived the $ 200 penalty; American Airlines is doing the same,” he said.

As for Amanda Stewart’s next flight, we contacted Southwest, where a spokeswoman said the airline cannot give her a full refund.

However, he said, “unlike most carriers, Southwest never charges change fees and our non-refundable fares can be applied to future travel without penalty.”

In the meantime, travel agents like Sawhook are trying to bring some comfort to nervous travelers at this awkward moment.

“We don’t want to lose all business, so if that means moving things to protect everyone, we will.”

In a time of crisis, having a trusted travel agent can be helpful.

And that way you don’t waste your money.


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