Shows: Farina explained how she met Leslie Shaw and revealed that they are now neighbors

The Colombian singer He offered this Friday a live interview to the program “Mujeres Al Mando” to promote “A Fuego”, his most recent musical work, and also the reality show “Latin Music Queens”, with Thalía and Sofía Reyes, which premieres a new chapter every Thursday by Facebook Watch.

However, the talented artist He also spoke of his affection for our country, since his father is Peruvian, and of his relationship with , with whom she maintains a beautiful friendship that dates back to long before he invited her to record the song “I’m single”, and revealed how her participation in this collaboration was conceived.

“I have been to Peru twice. I haven’t had a chance to know much yet, but I love food. I feel that people are very loving. In fact, I have colleagues who share my idea that Peru is one of the most artist-friendly countries ”, stated.

“The second time I went to Peru I met Leslie (Shaw) and I liked him super. She is super gentle, super kind and she received me so beautiful … She told me that she had followed my entire musical career and that she wanted to do something with me and I said yes of course “added the Colombian.

Farina said that after that, she asked Leslie Shaw to send her the song. “At the time he sent me ‘I’m single’ which seemed like a hit since I listened to it. She wanted me to rap for her and champerate her and put a little bit of that street that characterizes me in my lyrics “, He said,

“A few days later she told me that Thalía was going to be there, that she is another of my colleagues-friends in the industry, so we made the video in New York. We had an incredible time and I have a very special friendship with Leslie ”, assured.

Likewise, a detail that attracted a lot of attention was during the conversation that Farina had with Giovanna Valcárcel, was that revealed that he is living in the same building where Leslie Shaw lives and told a funny anecdote of how he found out about this.

“I moved about a week ago and Leslie calls me and says: ‘Friend, I thought I saw you today’ and I said: ‘No, it’s impossible, because I’m moving.’.. And my manager, who was downstairs, told me: ‘Look, I just saw Leslie face to face’, and when I write to him he says: ‘Fari, I’m in the same building!’ “, he finished laughing.

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Leslie Shaw confesses his wishes to record a musical theme with Maluma

Leslie Shaw confesses his wishes to record a musical theme with Maluma


Farina celebrated her birthday in style with a rain of money and a virtual party

After his participation in the musical reality ‘The X factor’, the Colombian singer Farina, has been gaining recognition in different parts of the world with his talent, presenting collaborations with famous artists such as Maluma, Wyclef Jean, Bryant Myers, Ñengo Flow, Sech, Fanny Lu, among others.

Now he is enjoying the success he has worked for for several years, celebrating his 34th birthday in style, taking into account the biosecurity measures due to the pandemic, which is why, instead of reuniting with his friends, family and work team, enjoyed a virtual party that gave him a surprise.

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Through your account Instagram ‘The fine babe’, as it is also known, shared some photographs surrounded by a striking decoration with gold and white balloons, several tables with desserts and a very particular cake.

“Yesterday I had the best birthday of my life”the artist wrote in the post and added: “I feel so grateful and fortunate to have such a beautiful family, my lifelong friends and those who have come to stay, fans and the team I always dreamed of. They all virtually connected to celebrate my birthday.”

The celebration ended with a shower of bills that she threw herself into the air and then ended up walking on them.

Her followers and other colleagues joined the celebration by writing several messages of congratulations on social networks for the artist highlighting her talent and expressing their affection.

“I love you! Happy bday, baby. ” wrote Thalia.

In May 2019 Farina She appeared again on Colombian television as a special guest on ‘The voice Kids’ by the singer Fanny Lu, with whom he launched the collaboration ‘You were alone’. Viewers quickly reacted on social media surprised by the physical change it has had in recent years.

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