Polanski rewarded, feminist collectives reassembled

On the cheeks of feminist activists, Friday evening, tears. Not those caused by tear gas, dispersed all over the place by the police when they tried to invite themselves on the red carpet, but those of anger. Sensation of not having been heard, of having been despised, reduced to silence by the plebiscite of Roman […]

Caesars: the great family broken down

Every winter, it starts all over again: while the Salon de l’Agriculture medals are awarded to the most deserving Charolais cows and sheep cheeses, French cinema returns to the mirror stage. And the ice stretched to the sector by the 45e Caesar ceremony Friday evening, already traditionally questionable in its discounted television reflection, will no […]

Hollywood, not a boulevard for women

When it comes to equality between men and women, we may well think what we want from the taste of Hollywood and its democratic gotha ​​for preach-preach activism. At its best, the documentary produced by Geena Davis (forever the gunsling tough Thelma and Louise, but also the founder of a statistical institute on gender disparities […]