Joe Biden wins South Carolina primary | U.S

In video, Biden’s profile. Photo: AFP | Video: EPV Joe Biden desperately needed a victory in South Carolina and got it. It hadn’t been a minute since the polling stations closed at seven in the afternoon, when the resounding triumph of former Vice President Barack Obama, the first black president in the history of the […]

Joe Biden’s time | U.S

Gone is McLeod Plantation, tragic frozen story as a souvenir from another era, of black slaves and free whites owners of cotton seas. Highway 171 begins, leaving the city of Charleston to end up in the Atlantic Ocean. Leaving and entering that almost straight asphalt line, in the populated areas on the margins of the […]

Sanders fights in South Carolina for the black vote that resisted him in 2016 | U.S

The overwhelming victory in the caucus from Nevada this past weekend seems to signal the arrival of the time of the all against Bernie Sanders in the overcrowded race for the Democratic nomination. The next stop of the primary elections will be on February 29 in southern South Carolina, where the senator enters uncertain waters […]