Lufthansa closes Germanwings

Dhe Corona crisis leads to an early end for the Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings. “Germanwings flight operations will be terminated,” the group said. The move is part of an austerity program that the Lufthansa Executive Board decided on Tuesday, before discussions about possible state aid came to an end. Lufthansa is also reducing the size of […]

Plans for state entry at Lufthansa mature

AThe state of the state in airlines is not really good to speak of in the Lufthansa Group. After all, it was state-owned companies from other countries – sometimes from the Persian Gulf, sometimes from the Far East – that put the German company on international routes, sometimes with cheap tickets from the state. But […]

Dax drags itself out of the stock market week with a minus

Mag that we didn’t notice the April Fool’s joke that someone wanted to tease us with this week. It is not easy for us to see the rapidly increasing number of videos sent via WhatsApp with exercises for brain training, the latest corona shocker and old Trump jokes and to distinguish between fun and serious. […]

Some winners in a desolate quarter

Dhe view from your own four walls is not bad at the moment: bright blue sky, sunny, the meadows – if you can see them – green. For stock marketers, investors or fund managers, on the other hand, the displays on the home screens flash red. Green numbers, which stand for rising prices, have been […]

Lufthansa sends 87,000 employees on short-time work

Dhe Lufthansa Group plans to send around two thirds of its global workforce into short-time work in the corona crisis. A company spokesman confirmed in Frankfurt on Wednesday that social security benefits had been applied for in various countries for a total of 87,000 employees. Depending on the company and part of the company, this […]

How to make airplanes weatherproof

Those who park their A380 in this way expect a longer forced break. Picture: Lufthansa A plane cannot simply be parked. Lufthansa employees spend 60 hours working to make a parked jet weatherproof. Dhe quiet metallic whirring signals the forced break. The wind gently blows through the engines of the machines parked on the closed […]

Coronavirus troubles the largest passenger plane

AFor the longest time, a Lufthansa Airbus A380 aircraft landed at Frankfurt Airport on Sunday for a long time. Due to the worldwide collapse in demand in the corona crisis, the company is parking its entire fleet of 14 aircraft of this type indefinitely at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs. The farewell to the largest […]

Home office II

The second week in the home office. Men’s shaving is no longer the biggest problem. And the oh so evil industry shows its friendly face. .

Flying in Corona times

Dhe corona crisis is also putting aviation to an unprecedented test. Dozens of airlines have suspended flight operations, thousands of aircraft are on the ground. A few planes bring vacationers back home, the Lufthansa Group alone has brought back more than 25,000 vacationers in the past few days. This sometimes leads to unusual and unique […]