The simple upgrade turns the whole house into a mini golf course

After only a week of quarantine, you’re probably already on the verge of running out of business in your home. Whatever will be a welcome distraction forward, how to easily turn every floor of your home into a miniature golf course—Minus water hazards and those frustrating rotating windmills. The Puttacup is designed for replace the […]

The Google Coronavirus website is nothing as described by Trump

President Donald Trump supports a Google tweet print. The tweets claim that Google is working with the United States to develop a national website that includes information on covid-19 symptoms, risk information and tests.Photo: Jim Watson (AFP via Getty Images) Today Google has finally unveiled its coronavirus website. Yup, that website, what President Donald Trump […]

Google Assistant now sings you through the correct way to wash your hands

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty) As part of a collaboration with the World Health Organization, Google has announced a new Assistant command on Friday walking (or, rather, singing) users through one of the most basic but crucial defenses against the spread of potentially fatal infections: washing hands. The quite right in any case, something that most […]

The next Microsoft UI update for Windows 10 looks fantastic

Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo) Microsoft has hinted that it is working on a renewed Start menu for Windows 10. But now, to celebrate Windows 10 by hitting 1 billion users, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay has released a super fluid teaser for the next update of the Windows 10 user interface. In video posted […]

Apple plans to release the budget iPhone 9 Plus with Touch ID this spring

The code snippets in iOS 14 seem to show that Apple is working on a iPhone 9 Plus to integrate the iPhone 9 budget model it is said to be under development, 9to5Mac reported Monday. According to 9to5Mac, “the evidence indicates” that both the larger and the smaller version of the iPhone 9 (the iPhone […]

Google collaboration with Adidas, EA on Smart Insoles for football

If there is one thing that football nerds love, it’s playing FIFA. Well, for the more actively inclined, Google seems to partner with Adidas and EA Sports by offering “Adidas GMR Insoles”. Powered by Google’s second generation Jacquard tag, the insoles will monitor your way of playing on the pitch and translate it into increases […]