The confinement of the stars of Barça

Locked in their houses, the Barça players have been in the club for more than two weeks. And there are, at least, two more weeks. Waiting with their families, like millions and millions of citizens across the planet, for the terrible coronavirus pandemic to end. Assuming, although they do not say it openly through their communication channels through social networks, that football, as they have understood until now, will change. The Barca? Too. And it will change much more than imaginable.

The president expects the staff to accept the wage cut. While the wardrobe decides, the gestures of solidarity are individual

To begin with, the Barça club was the first to announce an erte (file for temporary company regulation) that affects everyone. Players, all of the sections (basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal) have already accepted, technicians, executives and non-sports personnel. 70% of the salary reduction. Whether or not there is an agreement with the professional soccer team, the last one to accept the team. And the most important. His salary mass represents 61% of the club.

The call to Bartomeu

Bartomeu he needs, more than ever, the complicity of the players to guarantee Barça’s economic viability. A complicity that has been losing over time. But the president still hopes to receive a call from the four captains (Messi, Busquets, Sergi Roberto and Piqué) to execute the much-needed team.

A call that Juventus already received when ChielliniHis captain made a pact with the sacred cows (Cristiano Ronaldo, among them) to cut his salary for four months and save the club 90 million euros. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund did it before in Germany.

Messi, supportive

The captain donated a million euros for the purchase of medical supplies destined for the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and an Argentine hospital. The star has also participated in numerous social awareness campaigns so that everyone strictly follows the confinement.

Busquets, committed

The 2nd captain has also joined the wave of solidarity by participating in the Nadal and Gasol campaign to raise 11 million for the Red Cross. “My contribution is already on the way and I wanted to thank all the health personnel and all the security forces. Their work is spectacular.”

Sergi Roberto, active

He participated as captain in the various telematic meetings they have had with President Bartomeu to negotiate the impact that Erte will have on the workforce. He had to play the virtual E-Sports League together with the other teammates in the League, but in the end, due to incompatibility of sponsorships with the club, he was unable to play.

Piqué, responsible

“It is a very difficult situation. I think it will cost, we will have difficult times, people close to us who will suffer, others will suffer it in the first person. Between all of us, we must make it through and we are all invincible,” said the fourth captain. , after also joining Nadal and Gasol’s call with the Red Cross.

Luis Suárez, applied

He continues to recover from the serious knee injury he followed at a distance, and at home, of course, the work plan of the physiotherapist JuanjoBrau. He has already donated 500 bags of basic food to Casavalle, a humble neighborhood in Montevideo, with cleaning supplies and disinfectants.

Griezmann, discreet

Homebound like everyone else, he remains absolutely aloof from all comments about his future. The French star has chosen a quiet path, surrounded by his family, without thinking about the possibility that he may not follow the next course at Camp Nou.

Rakitic, ultra-ready

“I have rarely felt as trained as I am now. I am lucky to have a gym at home and my wife is very hooked. What we all have to do is respect ourselves. We all would like to be outside, but we have to understand the situation and do it all together, ”says the Croatian midfielder.

Ter Stegen, hyperactive

He has interacted with his followers by answering all questions via Twitter and then in a chat organized by Barça last Saturday. He was the first to share teleworking with his fans by doing a training session at his home following an online course by Pinto, the Barça exporter.

Jordi Alba, generous

“I am also part of the #cruzrojaresponde campaign started by Nadal and Gasol to contribute my grain of sand. I invite everyone to join. I would like to thank the work of all medical professionals and the security forces and bodies. We must be more united than ever “, stressed the Barca left-back.

Semedo, reserved

His name appears frequently in the possible transfer market of the summer since there are several clubs interested, or were before, on the Portuguese side. It has chosen the path of moderation after the State of Alarm was decreed. His messages on social networks have been few and far between.

Braithwaite, traveler

He lived in a hotel in Barcelona that was closed when confinement was decreed. He returned to Madrid with his wife, who is pregnant. They expect the fourth child. “I have the feeling that I do more than my normal day to day. In fact, I have lost weight since all this started,” said the Danish striker.

Frenkie de Jong, emotional

He recalled that there was a key person to sign for Barça. It was ‘Appie’ Nouri, a former Ajax teammate, who has woken up from coma after almost three years. I sat down with him and then his mother entered. ‘Appie, where should Frenkie go? To Barcelona? She raised her eyebrow, it was something special, “revealed the Barca midfielder.

Quique Setién, reader and cook

“I really miss the green, the adrenaline. Now in the confinement I am reading a solidarity book written by sports journalists in Barcelona,” said the Barcelona coach. “My specialty is the potato omelette. It works great for me. Potatoes. Series? No, I don’t see many. The last one I saw was Game of Thrones.”

Eder Sarabia, student

“I am learning Catalan in an online course that he has signed up for. I also play chess and follow the You series, which I am hooked on,” said Quique Setien’s assistant, who leaves every day at eight in the morning. late, on the balcony of his house to applaud, like thousands of citizens, the work of the toilets.

Pascua Ibarrola, writer

‘Chronicles of a confinement’ is the title of the blog written by JonPasqua Ibarrola, the Barça goalkeeping coach. It had been 10 months since I wrote. “More than 20 centuries later, this pandemic shows us that Lucio Anneo Seneca’s‘ Moral Treaties ’still makes sense,” he says.

Bartomeu, teleworking

In front of a screen is the president of Barça for hours and hours. Be it in a video meeting with the executives of the club, the League, the UEFA … Bartomeu has ordered an “exceptional measure”, an effort to the staff and workers, to maintain the viability of the club in an unusual crisis.


“He does nothing to do,” shouts Sarabia, the assistant of

Eder Sarabia is a volcanic type. The assistant of Quique Setién was hunted by Vamos cameras this Sunday at the Bernabéu, while he was cursing the lost opportunities. The second coach of Barça began saying that “it is not a pass to Busi, it is a pass to the interiors. ‘There!”. He was referring to one of the passes he gave Ter Stegen.

That was not, however, his biggest reason for complaint. Sarabia began to be outraged with the opportunity missed by Griezmann in the first part, still with the 0-0 on the scoreboard of the Bernabéu. “Goal … Métela Antoine, I shit on my fucking mother,” came the second Barca coach, who was much harder.

But it was not known then who he was addressing. But the shout came from the bottom of the Barca bench in the Bernabéu. “He doesn’t do anything that needs to be done,” Sarabia said, although it is unknown which player he meant. “Suddenly, he starts playing and throwing when he has to play the ball. I shit on God.”

“We cannot have the defensive line tucked so far back” (Sarabia)

Setién’s assistant analysis was then much more tactical. “We cannot have the defensive line tucked so far behind because they stretch us and then Benzema comes, receives, and creates a lot of superiority,” he told his boss. Both were sitting on the bench. Quique with his hands in his pockets and Eder addressing him very expressively. “We have to reduce space much more.”


Gray notes of Naples

The tie to a goal allows light to penetrate the darkness of Barcelona. The marker illuminates a more dark reality. The game did not fix in Naples Template breakdowns as the troubled directive dome would have liked. Unlike. Like an augmented reality screen, in the green of San Paolo structural problems were aggravated that affected even Leo Messi, disappointing in the match of the comparison with a past that does not belong to him. Here some notes of what transcends the Neapolitan way.

A TEMPLATE THAT SHOULD UNCOVERED. “It’s what we have. We’re not going to play with 10 or 9 players,” Quique Setién said of the return at Camp Nou on March 18. Relativist by obligation, the Cantabrian coach chooses to shrug at a problem that is enlarged after each game. The injured are joined by the punished. To defeat the Gattuso team there are 10 field players and two goalkeepers of the first team, unless Alba or Sergi Roberto recover on time. Alignment could almost be sent to the Camp Nou speaker. It is not entirely bad luck. It is not remembered in the elite football of recent years such poor planning of a template. Players no longer hide their criticism. Josep Maria Bartomeu and Eric Abidal have to shake the eardrums. “We have to face it with those of us. We are a short template, unfortunately the planning was like that,” said Busquets. “Those responsible already knew that the template was short,” Rakitic said. In the Sunday classic at the Bernabéu, Setién will be able to count on Piqué, who yesterday trained without limping despite retiring with a sprained ankle, and with Braithwaite, the late incorporation. Some light

THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PLAYERS. Begins to be habitual that the players of Barça throw messages upwards. There has been a parade recently. Messi, Piqué, now Busquets, Rakitic … Regarding planning, soccer players have an easy target. The size of the disaster is monumental and those responsible cannot hide. However, knowing the problem, some did not act with the prevention that the situation claimed. Busquets He seemed almost to be shown a card. And Arturo Vidal was disillusioned to force two yellows in the same play. They lacked the necessary temper. “These are moments of nerves and tension,” he justified. Setien. What else could I say?

WHAT IS THE SETIEN PLAN? Gattuso, who in the previous one had praised Barça’s Barça evolution, said after the game that the Catalans barely “tickled” them in San Paolo. He did not miss the truth. Not a shot on goal in the entire first half, a goal of a single line break. Horizontal game, slow, flat, coagulated, without anyone trying to dribble or pass in depth. A football without creativity. The alignment conditioned this passivity. See Rakitic, in an obvious way, instead of Arthur, it didn’t help to degrease the rhythm. See Vidal from the extreme right itched in the eyes. “We don’t have players from that profile to attack,” Busquets said about the lack of dribblers. Being true, Ansu Fati’s bullet was not used. Apart from Messi, he is the only one capable of facing his defender. Setién seems to have picked up fast towards the disrespectful pragmatism of Valverde. The relief for this was not done. You must demand more courage.

SIDE SITES THAT PROGRESS LITTLE. Semedo gave the assistance of the goal of Griezmann. He redeemed him from a mediocre party. The Portuguese alternates drinking games with very gray ones. In the absence of a pure extreme, more offensive contribution is expected from him. Especially since on the other side Junior Firpo, Alba’s relay, looks like a dubious, imberbe footballer, who even escapes seemingly simple ball controls. He was signed by a good pinch (18 million plus 12 in variables) to make life more uncomfortable for Alba. There is no record that Catalan sleeps badly at night. When you recover from your injury, the left band will be yours. The same Sergi Roberto on the right

ROAD OF THE COLLISION. The results speak better than the game so far. All signs point to a frontal and virulent crash with an iceberg. For all that has been reported so far and because the signings that should increase the performance of the equipment, type From Jong or Griezmann, seem to play complexed. Messi said what he said about the nil chances of winning the Champions League this year. Right now, if you beat Naples, you can only expect a benevolent draw. At the same time of the bland San Paolo draw, Bayern disheveled Chelsea. On a screen it seemed to be a Formula 1; in the other, where Barça played, a utility car was seen circulating. The good thing is that football is changing like a whirlwind.


«Sometimes my classmates don’t see me»



Antoine Griezmann, scorer of Barcelona this Tuesday in the field of Naples (1-1) in the first leg of the round of 16 Champions LeagueHe said that one of his functions in the grass is to give depth, but sometimes they see him and sometimes they don’t.

«We wanted to win but it couldn’t be. It has been difficult for us to create spaces and we have not sucked in the first part. In the end, we played with the fatigue of them », explained the player at the end of the game in the Neapolitan stadium of San Paolo.

The player believes that his team has many options in the second leg in the Camp Nou Within three weeks (March 18). “The return will be very different, there will be spaces and in front of our people,” he said.

Griezmann said that his team had a hard time taking advantage of the domain he had: «You have to work more this. It’s my turn to go deep, sometimes they see me and sometimes they don’t see me ».

The French striker considered that they face “a very important week”, regarding the match against the Real Madrid this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu, for which they now have to prepare.

«I think we are well focused. I think we have to go game by game, we have a long way to go, we have the classic, then the return of the Champions League, to see if we pass in the quarterfinals, we will see », he concluded


Ibiza – Barcelona: Griezmann avoids the collapse | sports

Quique Setién intends to recover the Barça pulse, that style that made him a benchmark in the planet soccer, also that was the object of copies as is now Liverpool’s Klopp. Applied student of Cruyff and colleague sponge of Guardiola, Setién made a clear nod to Cruyffismo in Ibiza, since he recovered the obsolete defense of three (3-5-2 with Semedo and Ansu Fati of lanes), used sporadically by Valverde and especially in Luis Enrique’s times, when he was on the road with Jordi Alba. But it was a superlative collapse, a slap that almost becomes historical and that called into question the change of coach to the race and especially the worth of a template configured to win everything, to run over a rival like Ibiza, Second B. It was not so, quite the opposite, humiliated the Barca team because he did not put football or chances, slept on the island of the sleeplessness until Griezmann stretched the lines and avoided the elimination with two goals after two unchecks.

You Ibiza-Eivissa




  • Kike

    Yellow card

    Yellow card

  • Francisco Grima

    Yellow card

    Yellow card

  • Nuñez

    Yellow card

    Yellow card

  • Javi Lara


    Change: out for Kwasi Sibo

  • Rolled Angel


    Change: out by Diego Mendoza

  • Pep Caballe




    Change: leaves for Fran Carbià

  • Ricard Puig


    Change: out for Arthur Melo

  • Rakitic


    Change: out by Vidal

  • Ansu Fati

    Yellow card

    Yellow card

  • Griezmann




  • Carles Perez


    Change: out by Alba

Setien’s frog came out because the ball was Barca but the chances and the celestial celebrations. Barça accumulated possession with the idea of ​​building, of reaching the rival area in optimal conditions, but lacked depth and a dealer who broke down the rival block. Nor did Carles Pérez and Griezmann help, who did not fix the power stations but were delayed to absorb the ball and nobody followed them, because if they turned around they also had no one to associate with, far from being in the alien’s house the rails and stepping on the rival area Rakitic or Riqui Puig.

So disastrous was the staging that Ibiza made blood with the first arrival. Raí, technically exquisite, picked up a pass behind Semedo’s back and away from Sergi Roberto’s performance radius – the risk involved in Setién’s system – stepped on the bottom line and put the death pass for the arrival of Javi Pérez, who hit him inside to beat Neto. It could be greater humiliation with another against, with a bit of Rodado annulled for lack of Lenglet or with that arrival on the right that Raí resolved with a dry shoe that only the post dared to spit, then prolonged by Rodado and deviated in last instance by a great intervention of Neto.

“Where is Leo Messi? Leo Messi where is he? ”, He sang the grandstand, already raging. More than anything because Setién decided to dispense with capital players such as Piqué and Busquets, in addition to 10, who enjoyed a day of rest because it awaits him in larger endeavors. In return, players entered to do, such as Junior, Carles Pérez and Ansu Fati, also Riqui Puig, an insult without spaces or pass lines. With the exception of Ansu Fati, none gave the stature, scarce of ideas before the pressing intermediate pressure of Ibiza, which took the duel as the opportunity of his life because he did not negotiate with the effort, fed by the jarana of the fans and the opportunity to stay in the books of the Cup.

The entrance of Jordi Alba

He tried to correct the club after the intermission with the entry of Jordi Alba and Arthur, although Setién persisted with his idea and the team with his disconnection, unable to baste football in the three-quarter zone. Until De Jong made one of his conduits and found the corridor for the unchecking of Griezmann, who stood before Germán to beat him by satin, to hit the only occasion enjoyed so far after a single shot on goal that reached the game time

Relief for Barça and slapping for Ibiza, already with his tongue out and down after a very similar play, already in the 94th minute, when the extension was guessed, which Jordi Alba composed and Griezmann again, because the lane put the spherical to the Gallic race, which crossed the ball over the horn to avoid a fall that reminded of past times, when the round was a single game, similar defeats against Figueres (2000-01), Novelda (2002-03) and Gramanet (2004-05).

Disappointment to Ibiza, who tried everything and almost did not get it; Serious warning for Barça, who suffered the worst setbacks until Setién understood that he already owes Griezmann one. {Entradilla}

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