Doctors adopt medicine promoted by Trump to combat Covid-19

Faced with the numbers and in the absence of known effective treatments, front-line doctors said they started using hydroxychloroquine and related chloroquine in patients who are deteriorating, because some small studies suggest a possible benefit.

Some said they had been pressured by patients to use the therapies widely touted by Trump and some of his supporters.

“I could take it,” Trump said Saturday, referring to hydroxychloroquine, although it has tested negative for the coronavirus twice, according to the White House. “We only hear really positive things and continue to collect the data.”

Possible side effects of hydroxychloroquine include vision loss and heart problems.

However, doctors interviewed by Reuters said they were comfortable prescribing the drug for a short time for patients with coronavirus, because the risks are relatively low and the therapies are inexpensive and generally available.

However, the protocols that indicate how these drugs should be used vary from hospital to hospital, including when to prescribe them and whether to combine them with other medications.

In addition, some studies with promising results involved patients who used therapy for mild or early-stage disease, so many of those people are likely to have recovered on their own. Patients admitted to hospitals in the United States are generally much sicker than the mild cases cited in the studies. According to doctors, these factors have made it difficult for them to determine if medications are making a difference.

“I have seen hundreds of patients with severe COVID and most of these people take hydroxychloroquine,” Dr. Mangala Narasimhan, regional director of critical care for Northwell Health, a system of 23 hospitals in New York, said in an email.

“In my opinion, although it is very early, I don’t see a dramatic improvement in hydroxychloroquine in these patients.”

Dr Daniel McQuillen, an infectious disease specialist at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, said he has so far prescribed a course of hydroxychloroquine for about 30 COVID-19 patients because the drug has shown “a little bit of antiviral activity ” But he has not seen “marked improvement in patients.”

“Anecdotally, it may have had a limited effect in patients with milder disease,” said McQuillen. The therapy “has had no effect in limiting or slowing the progression of our patients who were at or near the ICU level when they arrived.”



Panic shopping leaves lupus patient without medicine

MEXICO.- Because the drug Hydroxychloroquine was mistakenly associated as a curative or preventive treatment against covid-19, the shortage was already present and those who really need it have not been able to buy it.

“There is a shortage of hydroxychloroquine and they don’t know when it will arrive. My mom is running out, Monday is the last pill to take and they give her a lot of pain and she stays crippled, she can’t even sleep from the pain that they give her, “said Patricia Gomar. Mrs. Eva was diagnosed with lupus in the elderly two years ago.

The medicine has allowed him to cope with the pain in his body. Due to the lack of hydroxychloroquine in pharmacies, her daughter had to look for it outside the country and did not obtain a favorable response. “In the whole country it is scarce and they don’t have a date, they don’t have when. They don’t give me a date to find it.

I spoke to a relative that I have in Tepatitlán and there they told him, as soon as he told them the name of the medicine, that they were selling it for covid-19, ”he added.

In past days, COPRISJAL restricted the sale of medicines to the public as long as they do not present a prescription, but now it is scarce.

Hydroxychloroquine is prescribed for diseases like lupus and rheumatism. In desperation to get treatment for her mother, Patricia asks for help on camera from Milenio Jalisco.

“If there is someone who please has bought enough boxes, they will sell them to me, it doesn’t matter, they will sell them to me,” he asked.

In the event that someone has mistakenly bought this medicine, a call is made to provide it to those who do need it.

Patricia Gomar 3331089296



Jenny Iglesias shares sensual workout routines at home

Jenny Iglesias was also affected by the arrival of the ‘Coronavirus’ and it is on her social networks that she shares different exercise routines that are easy and especially at home and safe.

The beautiful host of ‘Es Show’, having stopped work such as television, personal presentations and her ‘fit’ life, is through ‘Instagram’ that fills her faithful followers with joy.


Girl murdered and baby injured in Guanajuato – Noticieros Televisa

A Armed group murdered a girl 13 years and injured a baby on the streets of Lion, authorities on Tuesday reported Guanajuato.

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The León Security Secretariat He pointed out that the events occurred minutes after 22:00 hours yesterday, on the streets of Del Cedi, on the corner of Épsilon in the Delta de Jeréz neighborhood.

This fact adds to the violent rebound in the most populous city of Guanajuato, adding 12 minors killed and 12 wounded, in similar events that occurred so far in 2020, according to data collected by civil organizations.

According to eyewitnesses, the minor Laura Elizabeth “N” he was with other infants on the street, where Susana “N” was also found. along with her one-year-old and nine-month-old son Tadeo “N”, while two men chatted outside a house.

At that time, a group of at least four armed subjects broke into the block aboard three different vehicles and addressed the two men whom they shot.

The objectives of the attack managed to take refuge, but not the women and minors present on the scene. Moments later, the attackers fled the scene.

Municipal Police officers came and found Susana N. and the minor injured, so they were transferred to the General Hospital of León where stable health conditions were reported.

Laura Elizabeth died at the scene.

With information from Notimex.



Faces man who took photos of his daughter in Guanajuato – Milenio

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Family and friends fire young woman killed in Guanajuato – Televisa

In Salamanca, Guanajuato, friends and family fired young Nadia Rodríguez Saro Martínez, a 23-year-old university student, murdered on Sunday morning when she returned home after attending a party.

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She went out with her friends was left to the first of her friends, to the second and leaving the colony is when the attack occurs, we do not know why it was or who it was, ”said her boyfriend.

Nadia was veiled at the funeral home of Section 24 of the Tankers Union.

Later a body mass was held in the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

She was a very bright young woman with a very kind heart, she had no problems with anyone, she was the most beautiful girl they could meet, she was studying International Relations, she wanted one of her plans for the future was to be part of the UN, ”said her boyfriend.

On Sunday morning, Nadia was shot dead when she returned home on the way to the Ordeña community in Salamanca.

Allegedly, armed men shot him at the height of the Lomas del Prado fractionation.

Nadia, studied in León, but returned on weekends to Salamanca, where she was originally from.

That’s how we all are scared look I thought that something was never going to happen to me and nowadays, my son’s sister will be going to bury her without having anything to do she is innocent of everything her life was truncated and everyone her plans that she had, ”said Juan José González Sánchez, Nadia’s uncle.

Prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office located at least 6 caliber 7.72 caps.

The Prosecutor’s Office has several lines of investigation, among which the assault stands out.

We have been able to collect some preliminary data from our forensic laboratories of which we have begun to shine a light on a line of investigation, we will be working very intensely until we can clarify this case, ”said Carlos Zamarripa, attorney general of Guanajuato .

The Prosecutor’s Office also investigates another crime committed against another woman in the community of San José de los Romeros, in the municipality of Silao, which also occurred on Sunday after finding Nadia lifeless.

So far this year, 53 women have died from violent events in the state of Guanajuato.

With information from Edgar Tamayo