Vigil held for a man stabbed outside Guelph’s affairs

GUELPH – Two men are facing first degree murder charges after another man was stabbed during a fight in central Guelph. The police were called to Tony’s Billiards on MacDonell Street around 2am on Saturday. That’s where they found a 27-year-old man who was stabbed with a knife during the alteration on the sidewalk. He […]

Search for Alex Ottley: Police say efforts to find the boy “are complete”

KITCHEN – The search for nine-year-old Alex Ottley ended unsuccessfully. Provincial Ontario police announced the news in a tweet Tuesday evening. “Despite extensive research on Lake Erie and the shoreline, search and recovery efforts have not been successful,” reads the tweet. “Research efforts have been completed. An extremely difficult decision for #OPP.” Troubled waters and […]