Quarantine was missed … New development in the event that attracted great reaction

According to the news of Ferit Zengin from Milliyet, the deputy governor, who broke the seal and lowered the daughter of the bureaucrat of the TRNC from the quarantine bus, was dismissed.

He cut off the bus with the police

The events of 18 March Wednesday evening, brought to Turkey by the Paris-Istanbul flights because of the outbreak of a sealed leads to quarantine address Turkish citizens bus from the front cut off by police at Istanbul airport exit, seal-breaking Deputy Governor Sanli’s instructions on the bus when police Distinguished Sofi between passengers’ He took him off the bus and loaded it into Şanlı’s office car.


After the scandal incident, which was taken on mobile phones by the citizens on the bus and shared on social media, the Ministry of Interior and TRNC officials made several judicial investigations, while the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor and Gazisomanpaşa Chief Public Prosecutor.

After the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which explains that the action was a wrong action and that those responsible will be identified and necessary, the administrative investigation of the incident was carried out, while the Istanbul Airport Civil Authority Chief Deputy Governor İsmail Şanlı was seen as the responsible person for the incident. It has been changed.


While the Head of Civil Administration İsmail Şanlı, who has been on duty since the opening of Istanbul Airport, was dismissed and taken to the Governorate order, Hakan Hakyemez, who was promoted to first-class civilian administration, was brought in last November while he was working as a Property Inspector at the Ministry of Interior.


On the other hand, it was alleged that the test of Şanlı, who learned that he said “I followed the order” to his close circle and had a Covid-19 test after the discomfort he experienced a few days after the incident, was also positive and quarantined.


‘No privilege for anyone’ – Breaking News

Who were brought from Paris to Turkey by bus from the previous day Istanbul Airport quarantine He set out to be taken to the field. The bus was stopped by the police at the airport. Despite the reactions of other passengers, a female passenger, who was taken off the bus, was taken to the team vehicle and taken to the airport. It turned out that the reduced passenger was the daughter of Mustafa Sofi, General Manager of the TRNC Civil Aviation Department. It is said that Sofi is a transit passenger to go to Cyprus.

However, following the publication of the images of the incident on social media, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made a statement on Twitter and said, “Two passengers from France were transported to Cyprus by transfer but we do not have such a transit application for the last passengers. They were quarantined. We will send it to Cyprus 14 days later. Neglect is unacceptable here. No one can be granted privilege. ” Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul said, “Law will do what is necessary. Everyone is equal before the law. We are followers of the incident ”.

Gaziosmanpaşa Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Guzide Sofi and the police officers launched an investigation against the 1957 article of the Turkish Penal Code for “Acting Against Infectious Diseases.” The statement of the police and their superiors, who stopped the bus and downloaded Güzide Sofi, started to be taken. The statement of Sofi, who was taken to one of the quarantine dormitories in Istanbul, will be taken when the 14-day quarantine is full.


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Cyprus Civil Aviation Department Director General Mustafa Sofi, what happened told Hurriyet: “Turkey get it right, which was submitted to the Turkish Cypriots in Nicosia also studied abroad with their own citizens. Many students came to Nicosia as a transit passenger with Turkish Airlines flights. A few hours later, my daughter would come from Paris. He was accidentally taken to the quarantine bus from an airplane from France. My daughter is shy and shy, unable to appeal. When the error was noticed, it was taken from the bus with the support of the police and taken to the vehicle of Turkish Airlines. How can I request privileges and torpedoes from the Turkish police or the Ministry of Interior. If we have a neglect, our neck is thinner than hair in the face of justice. My daughter will stay in quarantine for 14 days in Istanbul and then in Nicosia for 14 days. ”


TRNC Transport Minister Tolga Atakan stated that as part of THY’s evacuation operation, 18 students have reached TRNC so far as transit passengers. Stating that Güzide Sofi had to be taken to the transit passenger hall, Atakan stated that she was taken to the quarantine bus as a result of an error. There is no torpedo or favoritism. ”