Report from the University of Bonn: Hygiene Institute considers the square meter limit to be incomprehensible

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof criticizes the 800 square meter limit when shops reopen. An expert opinion commissioned by the department store group is now available. .

Corona speeds up the death of inner cities

Dusseldorf Mark Rauschen is concerned. “Around six million visitors come to our fashion and sports house every year,” says the managing partner of L&T in Osnabrück. But the attraction in …

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Many companies do not get promotional loans

Frankfurt Sparkasse President Helmut Schleweis raises the alarm. Many companies in need of help in the corona crisis could not access the support programs of the federal and state governments, …

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Suspension of rental payments: Adidas outrages customers

Munich, Dusseldorf It was the best year in our history, ”Kasper Rorsted boasted in mid-March when he presented the results for 2019. He confidently added: “We kept what we promised.” …

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Politicians criticize Adidas – Twitter users call for boycott

Adidas store in Berlin The company does not want to pay rent for its stores in April. (Photo: Reuters) new York The announcement of Adidas to stop paying rent for …

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The H&M store that looks like a ‘boutique’ on a Mallorcan farm | ICON Design

There was a time when textile giants – almost since they were born – reproduced their corporate aesthetics wherever they were installed, whether it was Milan, Barcelona, ​​Paris or Dubai, …

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