In Russia the day he died 154 cases COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

The total number of deaths in Russia reached 8.5 million were infected in the country for more than 606,8 thousand people

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The day in Russia from the coronavirus died 154 people, said operational headquarters. The total number of victims COVID-19 in the country increased to 8513.

In Moscow, which became the epicenter of mers, the day he died, 14 people. This figure was the lowest since mid-April. The same number of infected COVID-19 died in the capital on April 16. Since that day the number of deaths in Moscow grew and did not fall below 20 deaths.

Total in the country since the start of the pandemic infected 606,8 thousand. Of 229.5 thousand of them still being treated, 368,8 thousand cases have recovered.

How the amount recovered and died from the coronavirus in Russia

Recovered (new cases)

The dead (new cases)

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At the same time, those who recovered from coronavirus, can expect serious health problems in the future, said British doctors. According to their study, 30% had been ill COVID-19 in the future, may develop pulmonary fibrosis — a disease in which the light forms scar tissue that leads to disruption of respiratory function. Also half of survivors may experience physical, cognitive and psychological impairments, and 10% of patients revealed an acute lesion of the heart.


Doctors reported lifetime consequences COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Half recovered from the coronavirus in the future may experience physical, cognitive and psychological impairments. And every third recover from threatened pulmonary fibrosis, warned British doctors

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Every third patient who had recovered from coronavirus, may the rest of your life to suffer lung damage, chronic fatigue and psychological disorders. To such conclusion experts of the National health service in the UK, reports The Daily Telegraph.

According to the study, 30% recover from coronavirus infection can later develop pulmonary fibrosis. This is a disease in which the light forms scar tissue that leads to disruption of respiratory function and diminished blood oxygen saturation.

Half of the survivors may experience physical, cognitive and psychological impairments, and about 70% may suffer from delusional disorder. Every tenth patient revealed an acute lesion of the heart.

Pandemic coronavirus. The most current at 24 June

According to scientists, there is also evidence that coronavirus can cause brain damage that can later lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

That COVID-19 threatens the human body serious consequences, in April, said Russian scientists. They found that infected can cause serious brain damage, said scientist-a virologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences Felix Ershov. As influenza viruses and herpes, coronavirus can lead to the death of whole sections of the body and weakens the immune system, he said.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the world of coronavirus infection was diagnosed in more than 9.2 million people. Of them died 476,9 thousand

In Russia since the beginning of the epidemic revealed more than 599 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Died 8359 people, recovered more 356,4 thousand

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

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Lavrov said about the collapse of the concept of sovereignty of Kosovo :: Policy :: RBC

The concept of the self-proclaimed sovereignty of Kosovo has failed and does not enjoy “unanimous support” neither in the Balkans nor in Europe. This opinion was expressed by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and his Serbian counterpart Ivica Dacic in an article for the “Russian newspaper” and the newspaper “Kurir”.

“About half of the States members of the United Nations does not recognize the notorious Kosovo “statehood”, and the number of such countries is growing,” — says the publication.

According to Lavrov and Dacic, “inconsistency” of Kosovo’s independence “clearly highlights” the situation in the Republic, where “internal chaos reigns”, and state-building “turned into fiction”.

The Ministers noted that the situation with Kosovo for more than twenty years constitutes “full stabilization”, but recently “revived” discussions on the situation in the region.

“Again increasing the activity of the United States and the European Union, which seek to close the settlement”, — stated in the article. The settlement must be political and based on previously defined arrangements, said the Ministers. Key among them is the formation of a Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo (SSMK), endowed with the necessary authority, said Lavrov and Dacic.


In the UAE called the dream of the rise in oil prices above $40 :: Business :: RBC



$To 38.95


The UAE energy Minister of Those al-mazroui called the dream of the rise in oil prices above $40 a barrel after the transaction OPEC+. He said this during the webinar, the Atlantic Council (analytical center under NATO). His words, the correspondent of RBC.

According to the Minister, until a new agreement OPEC+ in the UAE expect the price of oil this year will range from $20 to $30 per barrel, and the price of $30 a barrel was considered as the maximum.

“But the price of oil rose to $43 per barrel, which was a dream, which, according to our forecasts, it was possible only next year,” said al mazrouei.

The cost of a barrel of Brent on the stock exchange in London exceeded $43 on Monday 8 June, the highest since March 6. Later, the price fell again, on 12 June it amounted to below $37 for the first time since the end of may. As of 16 June, the cost of a barrel of Brent amounted to $39,86.

The head of “Gazprom oil” Alexander Dyukov said that the price of oil could rise to $40 per barrel by the end of the year and current fall should not be a reason to change the deal, OPEC+. According to him, the recent fall in oil prices below $40 per barrel, “objective normalization” after “a certain euphoria”.


The court in London halved the salaries of the former co-owner “Trust” :: Business :: RBC

The Bank representative demanded to reduce the amount from £17 thousand to £6 thousand, indicating that Sergey Belyaev leads too “luxurious lifestyle”. The banker asked not to lower it below £10 million In the result the court chose the middle option

Photo: Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti / TASS

London’s high court decided twice to cut the amount that one of the former owners of the Bank “trust” Sergei Belyaev will be able to spend on the life and legal services. This was reported on the judicial portal Law360, writes Forbes.

The court considered that the current amount of spending Belyaeva £17 thousand per month is too large, reducing it to £8 thousand, the Representative of “Trust” and demanded that the amount was reduced to £6 million, arguing that the fact that Belyaev should not be able to continue to lead a “lavish lifestyle”, but have to get a job or reduce costs. In turn Belyaev, who defended themselves in court, said he in connection with the lack of work you need to spend monthly from the accounts of at least £10 thousand

The Central Bank will have the right to prohibit bankers from leaving the country at the revocation of licenses

Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Belyaev, along with two other former co-owners “of the Trust” Ilya Yurov and Nikolai Fetisov lost the case by $900 million in the High court of London in January of this year. The court after four years of litigation has ordered them to pay this amount for the collapse of the Bank in 2014. Five and a half years ago, “trust” became the property “Open”, which was engaged in its sanitation. In 2017, after the reorganization of “Opening” both banks were owned by the Central Bank.

In February the London court has banned Fetisov Yurov and spend money with the arrested accounts of the Russian, British, Swiss and Cypriot banks. According to the court, they may have assets, which are not reported, therefore the contents of the bankers shifted to their wives. However, Belyaeva, the court made an exception, believing that the availability of alternative sources of income is not obvious.


The media learned about the UN report about the origin of attacked Saudi Aramco missiles :: Society :: RBC

In December 2019, the UN could not prove the involvement of Iran to attack drones and missiles to the objects of Saudi Aramco, which occurred in September last year

Photo: Amr Nabil / AP

Cruise missiles and drones that attacked in September 2019 objects Sauidi Aramco, was of Iranian origin. It in the UN report pointed out the Secretary General, antónio Guterres, reported Reuters citing the document.

Guterres said that the UN studied the wreckage of the weapons that were used in the attack on Saudi Aramco facilities in Horice and Abqaiq, as well as those that remained from previous raids — the drones attack oil facility in Afif and attacks on the airport of Abha in August 2019. According to Guterres, the Iranian origin had cruise missiles and drones, which participated in all four attacks.

According to him, some weapons were inscriptions in Farsi, or it had similar characteristics to that produced in the Iranian commercial enterprises.

The mission of Iran to the United Nations failed to promptly respond to the Agency regarding the report.

The media learned about the UN report on the participation of Houthi attack on Saudi Aramco

Photo: l Hamad Mohammed / Reuters


Russians called the main problem of distance education :: Society :: RBC

Only 23% of Russians highly value distance education platforms. The vast majority are confident that distance education prevents students from preparing for the final tests

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The main fear of graduates and their parents in conditions of self-isolation was the quality of preparation for final exams. This follows from a survey conducted by the research company Wanta Group. Research materials are at the disposal of RBC.

The top 5 fears of graduates and their parents included:

  • quality of preparation for final exams (42%),
  • the risk of not entering the desired educational institution (28%),
  • postponement of final exams (22%),
  • difficulties finding a job after graduation (21%)
  • transfer of entrance tests to universities and colleges (18%).

81% of respondents believe that self-isolation prevents graduates from preparing for exams. The reason for this, first of all, was the quality of the remote platforms that students offer. Only 23% of parents and graduates stated that they highly appreciate the quality of the distance educational platform that is offered at the educational institution.

At the same time, young people rely more on the opportunity to prepare for exams in conditions of self-isolation and transfer of exam dates. 70% of respondents aged 18 to 24 believe that postponing final exams will give schoolchildren the opportunity to prepare better. Among respondents aged 45 and older, only 51% share this opinion.


Twitter allowed employees to always work remotely :: Business :: RBC

Employees may not return to offices after the pandemic and continue to work from home if they have the opportunity and desire, said Twitter head Jack Dorsey

Twitter allowed its employees not to return from the remote work mode to offices after the end of the coronavirus pandemic and always work in this mode. It is reported by CBS News with reference to a statement by the head of the company Jack Dorsey.

“The past few months have shown that we are coping with working in this mode. Therefore, if the circumstances of our employees allow them to work from home and they want to continue, we will allow it, ”said Dorsey.

He said that Twitter offices are unlikely to open to employees before September. However, when this does happen, the return to the previous mode of operation will be gradual. So, most business trips will not be resumed for some time and until the end of 2020 there will be no corporate events that involve the physical presence of employees, the head of the company said.

Google and Facebook employees offered to stay home until the end of the year

Last week, Google and Facebook informed employees that they could work remotely until the end of 2020. According to the head of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) Sundar Pichai, those who wish can return to their offices in the first half of the summer. He promised to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of workers.

Facebook may begin to open its offices on July 6, but it is not yet known how many employees will resume work in them.

The companies switched to remote work in March. Earlier this month, Twitter recommended that employees work remotely to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. In mid-March, Google made the same recommendations.

Worldwide distribution of Covid-19 coronavirus

Number of confirmed infections

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Palazzo Chigi: Earl-ministers at work for ok hours by decree Relaunch – Politics

“President Conte, the ministers and the majority forces are working tirelessly, confronting each other constructively and in a spirit of team spirit, with one goal: to give the green light to a solid network of support, aid and investments in the next few hours. protection of citizens, families and businesses facing an unprecedented crisis “. You can read it in a note from the Prime Minister referring to the relaunch dl.

In the meantime, the Council of Ministers has not yet been called to launch the 55 billion maxi maneuver, which was supposed yesterday for this afternoon: the times will also depend on the progress of the pre-CDM works.

“The government listen to us, it could skip the delivery of essential services. We would not like to find ourselves managing “dangerous gatherings” of waste along the streets of our cities “. They write it in a letter addressed to the President of the Conte Council, the president of the ANCI, the delegate for local finance, the mayors of the metropolitan cities and all the presidents of the regional ANCI, representing the entire category of Italian mayors.