The famous bullfighter who ordered a ham as a requirement to fight in Madrid




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“In Madrid, that bullfights San Isidro”, they say he snappedThe War. But Guerrita, “who collected the bullfighting tradition of a century insurmountably and was in a way bullfighting made man” (El Cossío), did perform in the Madrid square. And one of the times he put one curious condition: in addition to the fees in thousands of pesetas, he demanded the delivery of a serrano ham to the businessman, Indalecio Mosquera, whom Uriarte called “the man with the golden glasses”. The thing came from the previous year, as narrated in “El Cossío”:

“In times long past when the Madrid bullring ruled -the one before Las Ventas-, Don Indalecio Mosquera required Guerrita to face a bullfight from a lot of trouble. Rafael Guerra accepted and proposed an amount of money that the businessman found excessive. He exclaimed:

-Yes, Rafael, and a ham.

The following year, Mosquera wanted to count the absent bullfighter during the season, and said:

-Well, I’m willing this year to give you the money you asked for.

Guerrita warned him:

-Don Indalecio, you have to give me money and a ham.

That season, the War charged a few thousand pesetas and a beautiful Serrano pork leg, despite the fact that he said:

-In Madrid, what does San Isidro fight! »


Gobble Up Life Against the Covid-19: Joseph Viola Ham Endives

We didn’t really see him coming, all of us confined (almost all). However, there were indications: the beginning of spring ten days ago, the sky more and more clear, the time change last weekend … April is here. As the seasons do not wait for the end of confinement to succeed, the beginning of April also means that it is the last month – before, hopefully, their return in October – to eat chicory, or chicons as they are called in the North and in Belgium.

Among the recipes in video that the Lyon chef Joseph Viola (1), best worker in France in 2004, offers these days on Instagram, we salivated before its endives with ham. For two people, you need: 4 slices of white ham, 4 endives, about 150 grams of grated Gruyère cheese, a little lemon juice (not compulsory). And for the béchamel: 150 grams of liquid cream, 350 grams of milk, 40 grams of butter, 40 grams of flour, nutmeg, salt, pepper.

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Wash the endives and place them in a casserole dish, with a little water, just “the bottom [de la cocotte], says the cook. We tend to cook vegetables too much, we distort them. ” Add coarse salt and a knob of butter, cover. Cook for about twenty minutes. During this time, prepare the béchamel: melt the butter, without letting it color, add the flour, mix quickly off the heat and put back on the heat for a little minute, still without going to the coloring. Add half the cold milk, beat well so that the preparation is smooth. Salt, pepper, nutmeg. Add the rest of the milk and the cream, mix well over the heat so that the sauce thickens a little.

With the tip of a knife, check the cooking of the endives, cook for a few more minutes if necessary by adding a little lemon juice “So that the endives stay very white”, advises Joseph Viola. Add the endive broth to the béchamel, whisk. Add half of the cheese to the béchamel.

Butter a baking dish, pour a few spoons of béchamel in the bottom. Wrap the endives in slices of ham, place them in the dish. Pour the rest of the béchamel on top – “It must be abundant and cover the ham well” – and grated cheese. The, “You have to be generous”. Bake for ten minutes, until the cheese gratin and the béchamel begins to bubble.

(1) Daniel and Denise, 156 rue de Créqui, Lyon IIIe, 8 rue Cuirre, Lyon IVe, and 36 rue Tramassac, Lyon Ve.

Kim Hullot-Guiot