After Hanau: Four errors about right-wing violence

NAfter the Hanau attack, many clever people wrote that one should stop talking about “xenophobia” because the word suggests that “strangers” were murdered. Even if this demand arises from noble motivation, it is linguistically naive. The harrowing terrorist attack has reignited the debate on right-wing violence in Germany. However, typical errors characterize this debate – […]

Funeral service in Hanau: “There were no strangers”

Kemal Kocak is sad, shaken, desperate, angry. And he’s scared. Since February 19, the day of the racist attack in his hometown Hanau, he has been afraid to leave the house with his children, Kocak says at the funeral service for the dead on Wednesday evening. Born in Hanau in 1974, he knew almost all […]

“Hanau is strong because it stands together”

DThe sister of one of the Hanau victims of the attack gave an emotional speech to her brother who was killed. “My brother Hamza was unexpectedly torn out of the middle of our family,” said Ajla Kurtovic at the central memorial event in Hanau on Wednesday. “What is left is boundless pain, an incredible emptiness […]

Seehofer sets up expert group against Islamophobia

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer The group of experts should research for several years on Islamophobic trends and present a general overview. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to create an independent group of experts against Islamophobia. “Hate prevention and the promotion of democracy are now further strengthened in the Federal […]

Maischberger: Jens Spahn stumbles when asked a question

Dhe assassinations in Hanau and Volksmarsen, the Hamburg elections, euthanasia and the corona virus – Sandra Maischberger discussed these topics with her guests on Wednesday evening. In addition to Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn and SPD State Secretary Sawsan Chebli, three media makers were also guests on the show: cabaret artist and presenter Micky […]

In Germany, the great fear of the Jewish community

If the Hanau attack was first directed against the Muslim population of Turkish or Kurdish origin, the Jewish community also saw it as an attack targeting them. Security checks at the entrance to the synagogue on Orianenburg Street in Berlin have become the norm. Since the Hanau attack, vigilance has increased. MAURIZIO GAMBARINI / dpa […]

The many Leipzig fans in the country were worried for no reason TIME ONLINE

content Read on one page content page 1 –The many Leipzig fans in the country were worried for no reason Page 2 –Finally chants for Jürgen Klinsmann Who played how against whom? They wanted a clear victory for Schalke, dear users. Nice try. Which game should you not miss? Schalke against Leipzig, the game in […]

Election sanction for AfD in Hamburg

Berlin This was to be a strong signal, that of a far-right party capable of exceeding the symbolic 10% mark in a large, prosperous and multicultural city in western Germany. However, the regional elections in Hamburg on Sunday turned into a sanction for the AfD. According to initial estimates, the Alternative for Germany fell below […]

Hamburg election: SPD before Greens, CDU at all-time low, AfD below five percent

Germany Election in Hamburg SPD clear ahead of Greens, CDU at all-time low, AfD below five percent Status: 7:22 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Hamburg chooses – WELT special broadcast with Robin Alexander and Michel Friedman Hamburg has chosen: march for red-green in the event of losses to the Social Democrats, the CDU loses, […]