Salavat press service: “We managed to convince the KHL that if there is no broadcast, everyone will lose”

Head of the press service of “Salavat Yulaev” Ruslan Ahmedyanov commented on the club’s decision to independently show the KHL regular season match with Kunlun on the Ufa team’s YouTube channel.

– How difficult was it to organize broadcasting on a public platform, given that all broadcasts of KHL matches on the Internet are paid?

– As far as the organizational side of the issue is concerned, it cost only two dozen calls. Another thing is that everything happened in conditions of lack of time. Like all fans, on the morning of the pre-match day we were simply presented with the fact that there would be no television broadcast. Providing a high-quality TV signal with the help of MTS, even free from other filming, would cost the club a pretty penny.

The main problem was the rights to broadcast the game, which are protected very seriously. In this regard, we managed to convince the copyright holders, in the person of the KHL and the regional broadcaster, that if no one shows the game, then everyone will lose, first of all our hockey fans.

– How difficult was it to organize the broadcast, including financially? Was the club seriously spent?

– The simplest solution was to leave the situation as it is – after all, “Salavat Yulaev” was in no way involved in the disruption of television broadcast. Here the club’s management, the fans and the players themselves have shown a solidarity position: hockey exists for the audience, even with the prefix “tele”. Therefore, financial issues faded into the background, because the reputational costs would be much more tangible. As for costs, they are very modest even on the scale of daily turnovers.

– Tell us how the match will be shown.

– A company that has experience in showing KHL and MHL matches is responsible for the broadcast. Our new partners quickly got into the situation and offered the maximum level of TV product quality, which can be organized in an away game and tight deadlines. Under the agreement, we are counting on four cameras, graphic design, replays and commentators’ work, – Ruslan Akhmedyanov, head of the Salavat Yulaev press service, told GorObzor.Ru.

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“We are waiting for a letter from the Prime Minister of Latvia.” Vladislav Tretyak on the upcoming hockey World Cup – Hockey – – Sports

It is expected that the 2021 hockey championship will be hosted by Riga and Minsk, but taking into account the political situation in Belarus, its course in this country is endangered.

Tretyak, who is also a member of the IIHF, was asked in a conversation with TASS about the possible transfer of the championship from Belarus to another country.

“I will be able to answer this question after September 17. As Rene Fegel said [IIHF prezidents], who was in Moscow – we are waiting for a letter from the Prime Minister of Latvia. Official letter. If that comes, we will discuss the issue at a council meeting, “the former goalkeeper explained.

However, Tretyak believes that Belarus could retain the right to host the championship: “As Fegel said earlier, no changes are planned yet. There are no applications either. Belarus hosted a great world championship in 2014. I have no doubt that they will be able to ensure safety and order and tournament at the highest level. “

Viesturs Koziols, Secretary General of the Latvian Hockey Federation (LHF) in a conversation with TVNET explainedthat Latvia is considering the possibility of holding the upcoming hockey championship alone.

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Ant: We don’t try to be pre-season champions – KHL – Hockey

The Riga “Dinamo” team will play four test matches in Finland this week in preparation for the Continental Hockey League (KHL) season. The first two are already behind us, they suffered a loss – on Monday post-match throws, on Tuesday overtime.

“The games were quite different. In the second game, the picture on the field was better. At the moment we are more focused on what our young hockey players look like, who will give the depth of the line-up.

The coach noted that he trusts the team’s first three forwards, in which Miks Indrašis, Lauris Dārziņš and Miķelis Rēdlihs play.

“The three we have right now, with Indraši-Dārziņš-Rēdlih, we are not looking at them. They are renewing their chemistry. There is a group of young hockey players from whom we need to understand who we can count on. That is our main goal.”

The team has relatively recently started preparing for the KHL season, which will start in early September. Several legionnaires have not yet managed to join the unit for test matches.

“Unfortunately, for various reasons, we will not be able to play any test game in the optimal lineup. First, we want to see what the young hockey players can show. The games, as I said, were different. There was more chaos yesterday, today we were more organized. Hockey is definitely Every day we get better and we have to get a little better. “

Ant admitted that he expects a better performance from the young hockey players. The coach’s praise was earned by defender Jānis Jaks, who also scored in the second test game.

“Honestly, unfortunately no – no one was surprised. We want to see a more connected game from the new ones. Now the situation between the young hockey players is more sad. I want to note Jānis Jaku, who has returned from North America and has a test contract so far. He is only a couple has been training and playing two games with us for days, Jānis looks very solid, he has tactical questions, but he has not trained with us, which is a positive moment, but the young people who are given the opportunity to play these games definitely need to show better quality hockey. . “

Skudra emphasized that it is not so important to look at the scoreboard in test matches.

“We don’t care about the result at all. We don’t try to be pre-season champions. I’ve been a pre-season champion and lost a lot of test games – it has nothing to do with the regular championship. So we don’t care about the result. The downside is that there are things we’ve worked on tactically and we wanted to see something more connected.But at the same time, we realize that the work we want to do in full force is very difficult this year.We have probably done one training in full force.For various reasons, a large group of hockey players are not “Someone will come to two games, but someone won’t come and stay in Riga at all. Objectively speaking, the corps of coaches is not much more than the players. We are focusing on getting our hockey more connected every day.”


Riga “Dinamo” signs probation agreement with Latvian national team defender – Hockey – – Sports

The 25-year-old has spent the last six seasons in North America, playing the last four seasons in the U.S. Student Championship (NCAA), representing the American International College team, which has scored 63 (23 + 40) scores in 135 games.

Before going to North America, Jaks represented the team of the hockey club “Riga” in the Youth Hockey League (MHL) for two seasons.

The hockey player has represented the Latvian U-18, U-20 and adult national teams at the World Championship.

A month ago, Latvian specialist Pēteris Skudra was appointed the head coach of “Dinamo”, but he will be assisted by the head coach of the Russian Youth Hockey League (MHL) team “Rīga” last season, Raimonds Vilkoits and his assistant Aleksandrs Nizhivijs.

Last season, “Dinamo” took the penultimate place in the Western Conference and in the entire league, not qualifying for the Gagarin Cup for the sixth year in a row.

KHL’s new season is scheduled to start on September 2. The first game of the new season “Dinamo” will be played on September 3 with a game against Nursultan “Baris”, entering a series of four home matches.

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Owechkin drives home; “Islanders” and “Stars” enter the second round – Hockey

The Capitals capitulated with a 0: 4 (0: 1, 0: 1, 0: 2) game against the Islanders, recognizing the opponents’ superiority in the series to four victories for one team with 1-4.

Canadian Anthony Bovillie scored two goals for the winners, but from time to time, American Nick Ledy and Canadian Josh Bailey stood out with a precise shot.

In turn, the Russian goalkeeper Semyon Varlamov repulsed 21 opponents’ shots. For him this season it was the first “dry” game in “play-off” matches, but for the 30th time in his career as a whole (27 matches in the regular championship and three in the Stanley Cup).

Capitals leader Owechkin took three shots on the opponents’ goal and ended the game with a negative efficiency of -3. Namely, he was in the square three out of four times when Washington scored.

Oweckin scored four goals in five games against the Islanders and made one assertion, but that was not enough for the Capitals to fight for the victory in the series.

As a result, the Islanders have reached the second round of the Stanley Cup, which will compete in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference with the strongest team of the regular championship, the Boston Bruins.

It has already been reported that the Bruins beat Carolina’s Hurricanes 4-1 in the first round of the series.

Meanwhile, in another game that ended on Friday morning after Latvian time, “Stars” beat Calgary “Flames” 7: 3 (1: 3, 5: 0, 1: 0).

The Dallas club beat their opponents 4-2 in a series of four victories, reaching the Western Conference semifinals.

“Stars” played from 0: 3 in the final match of the series, scoring seven goals in a row. In the second period, Dallas threw five discs.

A great performance was demonstrated by the Russian striker Deniss Gurjanov, who scored four goals. He plays in the NHL for the third season, but for the first time in the Stanley Cup.

In the series against “Flames”, Gurjanov scored six goals in six matches and made one assists.

In the second round of the Stanley Cup, the Stars will meet the St. Louis Blues or the Vancouver Canucks.

Currently, up to four victories in the series, NHL champion Blues is in a 3-2 lead in the fight against the Canucks.

Vegas’ Golden Knights and Colorado’s Avalanche will compete in the second semifinals of the Western Conference.

In turn, the already mentioned “Bruins” and “Islanders” teams, as well as Tampabeja “Lihtning” against Philadlef’s “Flyers” or Montreal “Canadiens” will compete in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference.

Currently, the Flyers are in a 3-2 lead in the series against the Canadiens.


The rumors had a basis! Riga “Dinamo” joins the bully from AHL – Hockey – – Sports

The 27-year-old striker has spent his entire hockey career in Canada. He has also represented the Canadian U-20 national team.

In the ranks of Riga “Dinamo”, the hockey player will play with the 34th number.

In the 2013 National Hockey League (NHL) draft, the Winnipeg “Jets” team chose Lipon with the number 93, but in the world’s strongest hockey league he has only played 9 games and scored with 1 result.

Lipon has spent most of his career at AHL. His account in the regular championship has 452 games, 222 performance points (80 goals + 142 assists) and 839 penalty minutes.

Last season in the AHL, Lipon represented Manitoba’s “Moose” team, played 61 games, scored 13 goals, scored 18 assists and earned 100 penalty minutes.


Details of Vorobyov’s contract and Salavat fees in Finland. The main news about the Ufa club over the past week – Sports News

Details of Vorobyov’s contract and Salavat fees in Finland.  The main news about the Ufa club over the past week
Kirill Popenov

Everything you could have missed in the past seven days.

  • It became known how much Alexey Semenov will work in “Salavat Yulaev” in the coming season. According to, the defender will receive seven million rubles in one year.
  • Salavat Yulaev has published a preseason preparation plan. The team will gather in Ufa on July 14, and an in-depth medical examination will be held on July 15 and 16. Until July 25, hockey players will train in Ufa, and then go to the training camp in Lahti. Also in the plans of “Salavat” is participation in the Cup of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the pre-season tournament in Kazan.
  • General Director of Salavat Yulaev Alexander Kurnosov After the appearance of the training camp, he announced that the trip to Finland is still in doubt. The club may have to stay in Ufa. The functionary also spoke out about the return of the legionnaires to Russia.
  • Defender of Salavat Yulaev Shakir Muhammadullin In a large interview GorObzor.Ru talked about how his debut season in the KHL turned out, when he was going to leave the ocean and who helped him gain confidence at the adult level in Salavat.
  • Attack Mikhail Vorobyov signed a three-year contract with Salavat Yulaev. Earlier GorOzzor. Roux has already announced an agreement between the hockey player and the club. According to our publication, the hockey player’s salary for one year will be 40 million rubles, excluding bonuses.

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Igor Grigorenko – about the work of Kurnosov and Chizhov: “Everyone sees everything. Read the comments everywhere and you will understand everything yourself. I have the same opinion ”- Sports News

Sergo Gagloev, photo: HC Salavat Yulaev

Former striker of Salavat Yulaev Igor Grigorenko commented on the arrival in the coaching staff of Ufa Victor Kozlov and Mikhail Vasiliev, and also appreciated the work of the club’s general manager Alexandra Kurnosova and sports director Vasily Chizhova.

– How do you evaluate the work of the general manager of Salavat Alexander Kurnosov and sports director Vasily Chizhov?

“I will not answer that.” Everyone sees it all. Read the comments everywhere and you will understand everything yourself. I have the same opinion.

– What is your attitude to the fact that Viktor Kozlov will enter the coaching staff?

“I’m good at it.” I played with Victor together. In Magnitogorsk I was a coach. A good specialist, smart, pleasant to talk to.

– What were his strengths as a player?

– He was a leader, captain of the team. We won the cup. A strong man who could always tell. He is the smartest player, he has golden hands. Big, not afraid of the struggle, climbed to the gate and showed his young game how to act.

– What coach is he? What did he answer with you in Magnitogorsk?

– He was responsible for the majority and minority. He showed the video, explained how to act. He could find an approach to each player. Its acquisition is a plus for the team.

– He had ambitions to work as a head coach. They said that he could end up in the Torpedo. In your opinion, this can not interfere? The man was ready to become the main one, and here again the assistant.

“I don’t think so.” You are in the club system, in the coaching staff. They make decisions together. It’s just that we are all used to having only the head coach. This is not so, this is a collective. Nobody does something on their own. Therefore, I believe that the difference is not the main or assistant. All work the same. Only the main one at the press conference walks.

– The media reported the transfer of Mikhail Vasilyev to the coaching staff, watched the games of “Tolpar”?

– Yes, I’m also well acquainted with Mikhail Alexandrovich. From FHR we went to Yakutia for master classes. We talked a lot, here at the Tolpar games we talked in the locker room. A good specialist, explosive, demanding, which will benefit the team. If he asked so, then it is necessary to do as he sees it. A little harsh, but at the same time, he can joke, laugh and cheer. He is a leader, not in vain the Olympic champion.

– Will he work more with youth?

– With everyone. I think that the whole coaching staff will be one, ”Grigorenko said live on Instagram.

Read the full interview of Grigorenko at the link: Igor Grigorenko – about the “funny” coaching changes in Salavat, unknown transfers and young players

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What will Salavat look like next season? Leaders have already drawn team composition – Sports News

Denis Taipov

Ufa refuses the best role-playing player of the KHL and puts a young pupil in the second link.


By the beginning of May, the leaders of Salavat Yulaev had practically drawn the entire composition on paper. Ufa has decided on five links of attack. Until only one position is closed, there is no legionnaire in the first link. With the signing, the foreigner will be pulled to the last, while there is no clear understanding of who will be in the top three. Salavat has a shortlist with about five candidates. Among them is one defender. But there is still no specifics and clarity. While all the KHL clubs are strengthening, in Ufa they took a break. The main thing is that the managers of “Salavat” have time to find a quality hockey player, because the transfer market this season does not look so rich in choice.

The second link in the club sees two permutations. Instead of departing to Ak Bars Alexandra Burmistrova want to purchase Mikhail Vorobyov. already reported that the Ufa team offered the hockey player a contract for three years. Vorobyov will make a decision only after the NHL championship officially ends. According to our data, the probability that the striker will return to Ufa is extremely high.

Together with Soshnikov and Vorobyov, the club plans to use the young Rodion Amirov. The 18-year-old striker will be given the opportunity to reveal himself in the top 6. Amirov is truly one of the most talented players born in 2001 and the main young asset of the club. The decision is a little risky, but understandable. Give young people a chance. But there is another side. Amirov a year ago could not prove himself in the KHL, in the youth team of Russia he refused Valery Bragin, and in the middle of the season he was hindered by injuries. Rodion is now a little artificially introduced into the composition and give a place in the leading Russian three in advance. Vasily Chizhov at the beginning of the season, it is important to show that the team is trusted by young players. The sports director argued that Nikolai Tsulygin does not allow talented hockey players to develop, and after his departure from the post of head coach, everything will change. Plus, it will be possible to celebrate the work of a good friend Mikhail Vasilievwho will enter the coaching staff of the team. Previously, he led the Tolpar, and his appointment was sponsored by young players.

But in any case, if Amirov begins to play, then it will be completely unimportant how and who put him on the second link. Rodion has every chance to show his talent in the KHL if, after the NHL draft, he does not decide to go overseas. Then Ufa will remain without a forward in the leading Russian link.

Rodion Amirov / Photo: Sergey Slovohotov

Zharkov and Solodukhin may leave Salavat

Vladimir Zharkov and Vyacheslav Solodukhin in the offseason may leave Salavat Yulaev. The first to be informed about this by BST channel in their social networks, but later they deleted all publications about transfer news for the day. After a couple of hours, other media began to pick up the information. Our source reports that in Ufa, they thought about leaving Zharkov and Solodukhin two weeks ago. The club was asked to leave a place in the budget for the termination of two unilateral contracts. Now Salavat is looking for options for exchanging players. If they are not, in Ufa they are ready to break the agreement.

The decision to leave Zharkov looks most incomprehensible. Vladimir is one of the best role-playing players in the KHL, perhaps even the best. A unique checker for Russian hockey. The striker does a huge amount of work on the ice, he is the leading player of the defensive plan in the team. Link Alexandra Kadeikina, despite the general results of Salavat in the regular season, the first part of the season was excellent. Zharkov is one of the key figures in the combination. He is the second striker in terms of utility in the team (+17) and is indispensable for playing in the minority. If Ufa eventually abandons Vyacheslav Solodukhin and Vladimir Zharkov, then it will lose two minority pairs played. Will have to look for new combinations to neutralize the opponent. And you need to understand that there are no checkers of this level in Ufa.

The main trump card Zharkov – his attitude to hockey. Forward is useful not only on ice, but also in the locker room. Vladimir holds the team, directs it in the right direction. He can put any player in his place and at the same time help advice to young hockey players. Zharkov is the real leader of the team, all hockey players respect him for his directness and honesty in work. Perhaps people like Vladimir are uncomfortable with the leadership of Salavat in the current situation. He can get up and say directly about dissatisfaction with what is happening, express the opinion of the team.

There are no other options. In Ufa, there is no point in clearing a place under the salary ceiling. According to our estimates, the payroll right now is approximately 650-700 million rubles full. Enough money for the legionnaire, and to strengthen the protective line. Interestingly, in the last offseason, Salavat Yulaev re-signed the contract with the striker. According to our data, the player’s salary is 38 million rubles. This is a very reasonable price for a hockey player of this level.

In the third link, together with Alexander Kadeikin and Dmitry Kugryshev plan to play Petra Khokhryakova. And in the fourth combination they see the link Eduard GimatovVladislav KartaevIlya Baranov. According to some club leaders, Zharkov and Solodukhin have no place in the line-up next season.

Vladimir Zharkov / Photo: Sergey Slovokhotov

New to CSKA and interest in Lyamin

The moment with the possible termination of contracts with Vyacheslav Solodukhin and Vladimir Zharkov shows that the club is counting on serious financial support. Players will have to pay compensation in the event of a unilateral termination of the agreement. Now the club still has financial difficulties, but in Ufa they are confident that by June they will completely disappear. The team is almost fully staffed, it remains to purchase one legionnaire and two defenders.

According to our publication, the club is interested Kirill Lyamin. 34-year-old Lyamin plans to strengthen the third pair of defenders, putting him in one combination with Dmitry Korobov. They say that “Salavat Yulaev” is interested in Victor Baldaev. The 24-year-old defense player is not impressive at playing at Severstal, and Cherepovets can easily exchange the player. We turned to the CEO of Salavat Yulaev for comments about the possible transfer of two defenders to Ufa. Alexander Kurnosov answered, and everything immediately became clear.

“We are considering a large number of players. If you open the KHL website in the NSA section, then you can say so about everyone. I don’t know where this information came from, ”Kurnosov explained.

Already, the defender of the CSKA system will definitely replenish the team Igor Myasischev. The defender will transfer to Salavat Yulaev through an exchange. Myasischev spent most of his career playing in the VHL for Zvezda. In the last season he has good statistics – 28 (5 + 23) points in 53 matches. But you can’t rely only on indicators. You need to understand the logic of the transfer. There are talented defenders in Ufa: Shakir Muhamadullin, Pavel Elizarov, Sergey Safin-Tregubov and Sergey Varlov. Do not forget that in the VHL there is Kirill Tsulygin, Andrey Bannikov. Why in such a situation you need a 23-year-old Myasischev – it is not clear.

It is interesting that the initiator of the appearance of a player in the club system was Mikhail Vasiliev. While he has not yet officially been appointed to the coaching staff of the team. The specialist worked with the defender in the CSKA system and knows the hockey player well. The most important question in this transfer: whom did “Salavat Yulaev” give to Muscovites in return for Myasishchev? Purchasing on paper does not look so bad, but the logic of the transition and the exchange price are not clear.

Andrey Kareev / Photo: Sergey Slovohotov


In Salavat there will be a new changer Juhi Metsola. Goalkeeper Vladislav Sukhachev will move from “Tractor” to Ufa, in the opposite direction will follow the pupil of Bashkir hockey. Despite the acquisition of Sukhachev, Salavat Yulaev does not want to exchange Andrey Kareev. The goalkeeper does not plan to pursue a career in Ufa, asks to give it to another club, but the leaders of Salavat do not go towards the goalkeeper. The functionaries attribute this to the fact that a couple of years ago Kareeva acquired more than 50 million rubles. And giving it now for a small amount is extremely illogical. But then the club had other leaders, the money was spent three years ago and few people remember about it. Why does this argument look strange? “Salavat Yulaev” does not set a goal to make money on transfers, all Russian hockey depends on sponsors, not a single team can exist on its own money. For the previous amount, perhaps Ufa will never be able to exchange the goalkeeper. “Salavat” clung to Kareev, because he is afraid of losing a reliable second goalkeeper. According to our data, Andrey will continue his career in the European Championship. He will leave Russia for at least a year. In the KHL, the goalkeeper is still closed, as Salavat does not allow Kareev to pursue a career in another club.

In each off-season, team managers draw the composition of the team for the upcoming season. According to, one of the leaders of Salavat Yulaev sees him as follows:

Goalkeepers: Juha Metsola (Vladislav Sukhachev)

Defenders: Philip Larsen – Grigory Panin, Pavel Koledov – Evgeny Lisovets, Dmitry Korobov – Kirill Lyamin (transfer in doubt), Igor Myasishchev – Shakir Muhamadullin, Victor Baldaev (transfer in doubt).

Forwards: Teemu Hartikainen – Sakari Manninen, * Legionnaire for the first link *, Nikita Soshnikov – Mikhail Vorobyov (transfer in doubt) – Rodin Amirov, Dmitry Kugryshev, Alexander Kadeikin, Petr Khokhryakov, Eduard Gimatov – Vladislav Kartaev – Ilya Baranov, Danil – Alalyl Artem Pimenov – Danil Bashkirov.

* The position of the fifth legionnaire in the team is still being discussed.

Note that Vladimir Zharkov, Vyacheslav Solodukhin and Mikhail Pashnin. The defender will soon replenish the composition of Metallurg.

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Kareev wants to leave Salavat Yulaev – Sports News

Denis Taipov

Goalkeeper of “Salavat Yulaev” Andrey Kareev, according to, wants to leave the Ufa team. The player’s contract ended on April 30, and the hockey player does not accept the club’s offer.

Recall that earlier we reported that “Salavat Yulaev” expects to exchange the goalkeeper, but so far the club has not accepted a single proposal for the deal. According to our source, Kareev has several options from the European leagues. If in the near future Salavat does not decide on an exchange, Andrey will continue his career abroad.

According to our publication, another goalkeeper will fill up the Ufa team in the near future. He previously performed at another club in the Eastern Conference.

The goalkeeper has been playing in Ufa since 2017. In the current regular season of the KHL, Kareev has played 18 games, with a reliability coefficient of 2.30 and a percentage of reflected throws of 91.8. In the playoffs, the player took part in two meetings, his percentage of reflected shots was 92.9 and the reliability coefficient was 1.23.

In the KHL, the player also played for Novokuznetsk Metallurg and Neftekhimik. In total, Kareev played 141 matches in the league, with a safety factor of 2.50 and a percentage of reflected shots of 92.4.

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