Putin answered the question about the artificial origin of the coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered on the air of the Russia 1 television channel a question about the possible artificial origin of the coronavirus.

According to the Russian leader, there is no reason to argue that it was someone who specifically did something and threw it in.

“I think that if someone sticks to this version, then nothing good will come of it,” he said.

The Russian leader proposed to counteract what happened, and not “rassusolit where it came from.”

At the same time, he admitted that specialists should raise such a question when they “analyze and pretend”.

Putin reiterated that it’s important for the state to understand the essence of what is happening and build effective protection, and where it came from is another matter. He also opposed the two countries blaming each other, proposing to join forces to get rid of the threat.

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Kyrgyz singer fell into a coma after an accident

The famous singer Asel Kadyrbekova in Kyrgyzstan was put in intensive care after the accident in Bishkek.

Toyota Camry car collided with a car security agency, reports Sputnik Kyrgyzstan. The accident occurred on Friday, June 26.

Currently, the 29-year-old singer is in a coma, doctors assess her condition as serious. Asel has a damaged brain, cervical vertebrae and collarbone are broken. When the singer comes out of a coma, she must undergo surgery.

Kadyrbekova is the wife of the famous singer Narlan Nasip. There are two million followers on her Instagram, so Assel is also developing the blog.


Bankrupt Rotaru cannot get from Kiev to Russia to earn some money

Concert Director Sergey Lavrov said that 72-year-old people’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru has been hit hard financially because of the pandemic. Due to the lack of concerts every month she lost about 14 million rubles, and now the total losses amounted to more than 42 million rubles. It’s more than other artists. Rotaru waits will again be able to leave Kiev in Russia on tour, but until the borders are closed and public events is prohibited.

Lavrov said in an interview with Sobesednik that Russia moneybags now organize closed parties with the stars and recently Sophia Mihailovna was invited to Novosibirsk.

“The customer was willing to pay the fee, and all expenses of the singer and her band. But had to refuse. Sofia Mikhailovna is located in Kiev. And it is not physically possible to fly to Moscow due to the closure of the borders,” explained the Director.

He added that to think about when you go on tour, so now Rotaru denies everything, although missed the stage.

“She’d love to go on tour. We have staff to feed,” explained Lavrov.

He also said that before the pandemic Rotaru took 100 thousand euros for one performance at the party. In a month she usually went on stage 3 times, with a modest balance – 2 times.


Media: Bari Alibasov was in a psychiatric hospital

Producer Bari Alibasov was in a psychiatric hospital, as reported by “the Fifth channel”.

According to the channel, Alibasov was hospitalized with amnesic syndrome due to alcohol consumption. It is noted that prior to that, he was treated in narcological hospital.

While Bari Alibasov Jr. was unable to comment on the “360” data message, noting that no idea, where did these news.

We will remind, in the summer of 2019 Alibasov went to the hospital after he mixed up the bottles and drank the liquid for cleaning pipes. The producer received burns of the esophagus, stomach and respiratory tract.


Domogarov explained his words in support of Ephraim

Actor Alexander Domogarov explained his position on the situation with Mikhail Efremov, which has become a party to a fatal accident on Smolensk square in Moscow. About this he wrote in his Instagram.

Earlier Domogarov have posted a post in support of Ephraim, accusing critics of the artist that they “trample on the blood.” He noted that he had lost the desire to go on stage before the audience.

Domogarov said that his post was not about “the tragedy of the artist Ephraim”, and “terrible letters from people” who were jealous of him. The actor said that criticizing Ephraim is guilty of “cruelty, hatred and the desire to trample in the dust one of whom was silent, giggled and applauded”. He called for an end to the persecution, assuring that Yefremov will be punished, “but not yours.”


Tsiskaridze about the moral condition of Ephraim after the accident: just horrible

The rector of the Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova Nikolai Tsiskaridze, commenting on his page in Instagram the state of the actor Mikhail Yefremov after the resonant accident on Smolensk square in Moscow, which killed the courier Sergey Zakharov, said that the artist is now very bad.

Tsiskaridze called on citizens not to chipout on this terrible tragedy, and to refrain from harassment. And added that, though no friend of Michael Ephraim, he not by hearsay knows that such terrible persecution.

“I long ago lost all his family and I know what the pain of loss… once again I want to bring condolences to all family and relatives of Sergey Zakharov… Completely share their righteous anger. But I can’t watch anymore, as adjusted to very bad decisions, those of Ephraim. The guilty will answer to the law,… do not aggravate it so difficult situation. Watching Michael is not one year, I understand how terribly moral state of his heart… Let justice happen without interference” – he wrote.

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The expert suggested which the colony can get Mikhail Efremov

Lawyer Timur Marsani answered the question of journalists about how the colony can get actor Mikhail Yefremov, if the court finds him guilty of a drunken accident with the death of a person and give a real term. “It will be some kind of elite colony?”, – asked the journalist.

“No elite of the colonies does not exist,” the portal reports “TV Program” the lawyer’s response.

The lawyer noted that it is a serious crime for which the expected punishment till 12 years of imprisonment, but the court may find a mitigating circumstance. On the other hand, explained the lawyer, all this is covered by the presence of alcohol in the blood of the defendant.

“If Efremov for achievements in science and art will get a pardon from the President, in this case, the actor can get away from criminal punishment,” the lawyer said, but suggested that the President is unlikely to go to such a pardon.

Under the Amnesty, such articles, too, never fell, the lawyer said.

Efremov will serve his sentence in General terms in a penal colony or in a colony-settlement, the lawyer said, adding that this may be the Mozhaisk or Tula. If after all of Ephraim will send in a colony of strict regime, then perhaps it will be of Mordovia.


Head coach of the Russian national women’s wrestling team Aliomarov died under mechanical ventilation

The head coach of the Russian women’s wrestling team Magomed Aliomarov died. He was 67 years old.

As reported on the official website of the Russian Wrestling Federation (FSBR), he died on May 13. It is known that the last days of his life he was in the hospital. It was connected to a ventilator.

In a statement, the Russian Wrestling Federation expressed “sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.”

He was appointed head coach in February 2019. With the team for the 2019 World Cup team, he took the second team place. Also, the Russian team with him excelled at the European Championship 2020.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, he Aliomarov “made great efforts to preserve the health of the members of the Russian national team”.


The son of Sobchak and Vitorgan made his first public appearance

Plato, the son of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and actor Maxim Vitorgan, first spoke to the public. The boy is only 3.5 years old, but judging by the video that appeared on the network, he is not at all embarrassed by adults and is completely uninhibited.

As is clear from the frames that appeared on Instagram, Russian stars, despite self-isolation, threw a closed party in honor of Victory Day. Ksenia Sobchak came at the celebration with her new husband Konstantin Bogomolov. She took Plato with her, and Konstantin – the 9-year-old daughter Anna, who was born in marriage with actress Daria Moroz. Also at the gatherings were Dmitry and Stesha Malikov, designer Yana Raskovalova.

First, Anna Bogomolova spoke to the audience, who read a poem to the guests.

And then before the public appeared Plato, who also demonstrated the ability of the reader. Sobchak was proud of how calm the baby was.


In the US, the scandalous declaration of war was explained by a “lack of knowledge”

Former US military attaché to the Russian Federation, retired brigadier general Peter Zwak expressed his opinion on why the White House posted a scandalous declaration of victory over Nazism, in which the USSR was not mentioned.

Zvak firmly believed that the absence of the USSR’s mention on Friday of the White House on Twitter about Victory Day in Europe was made unintentionally.

The expert believes that this happened due to oversight. He suggested that the author of the message had knowledge of the war gained in the countries of the Western Front, therefore he simply did not fully realize “the enormous contribution and sacrifice of the USSR to our common victory of the Allies.”

“The White House did not intend to belittle the key role of the USSR in the victory over fascist Germany,” Zvak also added. He recalled that before that a joint statement had been published by Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the meeting of Soviet and American troops on the Elbe.

In turn, Peter Kuznik, professor of history at American University in Washington, also noted that most Americans are unaware of the key role of the USSR in the victory over fascist Germany in 1945. The historian stated that many Americans do not even have a clue that then the USSR and the USA were allies.