Maryland is now testing 7 patients for Coronavirus – NBC4 Washington

Maryland health officials announced Tuesday that seven patients are awaiting test results to find out if they have the coronavirus that has affected thousands of people around the world. No cases have been confirmed in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC since Tuesday morning. On Monday, only one person in the state was waiting for results […]

Bloomberg has donated over $ 197 million to DC – NBC4 Washington organizations

Mike Bloomberg’s Family Foundation donated $ 197 million to charity and government organizations in D.C. from 2014 to 2018, according to an analysis by the Associated Press. The D.C. Public Education Fund has received $ 16.2 million in donations. The Bloomberg Family Foundation donated more money per capita to D.C. than any other state, giving […]

Maryland-based mortgage adviser charged with 22 counts of theft – NBC4 Washington

A Maryland-based mortgage adviser is charged with theft for crime allegedly taking payments from a customer and depositing them into his staff account. A Maryland-based mortgage adviser faces charges for theft of crime for allegedly withdrawing payments from a customer and depositing them into his personal account. According to the debit documents, a homeowner made […]