Craig Federighi Demo New iPad Pro and magic keyboard

Given the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. and other countries, Apple has not been able to organize an official March event to unveil its new iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and MacBook Air. Without any event, Apple’s chief of software engineering Craig Federighi created a small demonstration video showing the capabilities of the new magic […]

Apple will close all stores outside of China until March 27th

New MacBook Air possible as early as next week Last March, MacRumors received an anonymous suggestion stating that Apple would announce new iPad, iMac and iPod models with three consecutive days of press releases the following week and that the information proved to be two-thirds accurate with the new iPad Air models. and iPad mini […]

Primary primers: why Democrats could try to win Ohio this fall

While Ohio has historically been considered a fluctuating state, in the 2016 elections, The Buckeye State went against the national trend and voted for Donald Trump. Kevin Fahey closely examines how presidential elections in Ohio could take place, writing that due to COVID-19’s potential impact on the economy and the likelihood that former Vice President […]