Accident with hunting gun leaves young man in serious condition in Odemira – Actualidade

An INEM helicopter was activated to provide support to the victim.

A young man, 22, suffered serious injuries this Sunday following an accident with a hunting weapon near the town of Relva Grande, in the parish of São Teotónio, Odemira.

According to the CM he was told the victim was taking part in a wild boar hunt with friends when he was accidentally shot in the left shoulder area.

The victim was transported by his father from the place where he was shot to the locality of Relva Grande, where he was assisted and stabilized by firefighters.

According to a source from the Odemira Firefighters, the man “was conscious and is not at risk of life as the shot only affected the collarbone area”.

Due to the severity of the injury, the man was transported in the INEM helicopter to a hospital in Lisbon where he will undergo surgery.

The alert was given at 5:24 pm and the rescue operations were attended by 11 Odemira, GNR and INEM firefighters, supported by four vehicles and the air.

GNR was at the scene and will now investigate the causes of the accident.