The government will spend almost 43 million rubles on the fight against crows on the roof. :: Society :: RBC

“If they’re going to hire falconers, that’s a great option. If this money is spent on some reasonable method of scaring away crows, and not their extermination, then this is a sensible decision, ”the expert said.

According to Schneider, killing the birds could have the opposite effect, as new birds from the wild will come to replace the killed crows.

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Elena Chernova, an employee of the coordination center of the Bird Conservation Union, told RBC that there is no such number of crows in Moscow that needs to be exterminated.

“The number of crows in Moscow has been falling for several years. Their number was reduced by five times without any extermination. They cannot harm the roof in any way if the roof is not made of plasticine, ”explained Chernov.

According to her, it makes sense to use hawks and falcons against pigeons, whose droppings can damage the roof.

Thorns will be removed from the monument to Lenin in Magadan to scare away birds

After the publication of this article, a representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources told RBC that mass crowds of crows pose a threat, since these birds are carriers of diseases, worsen the sanitary condition, harm green spaces and buildings, monuments of architecture.

“Of those used in domestic and foreign practice, an effective means of protection against unwanted accumulations of birds is the use of specially trained hawks and falcons as biorepellants. To achieve the best results, a group of working birds should ideally consist of four or five hawks and two or three falcons, with which four or six operators (falconers) should work in shifts, ”the interlocutor of RBC explained.

“The financing of these works includes the maintenance of the required number of birds of prey, veterinary services, scientific and methodological support of work and genetic control over the livestock of birds of prey, the purchase of equipment and transport support. These works will be carried out by the FGBI VNII Ecology, – he added.

In the summer of 2019 at the lobbies of Moscow metro stations appeared stickers with the image of silhouettes of predators to scare away small birds, which often shattered on the transparent glass of the lobby.

Most often, birds pose a danger to aviation infrastructure facilities. In September 2019, Zhukovsky Airport near Moscow ordered bioacoustic devices and mirror balls for scaring away birds. In 2015, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov dispersed birds at the airport in Grozny using an unmanned aerial vehicle.

In 2017, Lieutenant General of the Federal Security Service Sergei Khlebnikov statedthat the Kremlin uses noise systems and other technical means to scare away crows.


A large shopping and leisure center appeared in the south of St. Petersburg :: St. Petersburg :: RBC

Photo: website of the government of St. Petersburg

In the Slavyanka microdistrict of the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, the Green Park cultural and leisure center worth 2 billion rubles was commissioned. According to the press service of PSK Group of Companies (project investor), the area of ​​the object was 23.9 thousand square meters. m. Experts interviewed by RBC Petersburg say that, given the shortage of places for leisure in the microdistrict, Green Park may well become a “local” center of attraction, but the time for its commissioning is difficult, given the approach of the second wave of COVID-19.

Filling the areas

The two-storey leisure center is located in the central part of Slavyanka. A parking lot for 650 cars is envisaged on the territory; in the future, a park will be set up nearby. According to the investor, 40% of the commercial space of the complex will be allocated for leisure, social and sports needs. In particular, the first fitness club in Slavyanka with a swimming pool, Fitness House, will appear here. The first large supermarket in the microdistrict, clothing stores, grocery stores, and children’s stores will also open there. At the same time, there will be no traditional food court in the center (instead, there will be separate restaurants and coffee shops).

The official opening of Green Park is scheduled for December 1st. “At the time of commissioning, 80% of the area was commissioned in Green Park. We have every reason to believe that at the time of the opening of the complex there will be 100% filling, which will be a record for such projects, “says Stanislav Stupnikov, head of the retail real estate department of the Best Group of Companies (exclusive broker for the project).

According to the expert, the construction of this facility provided an opportunity to start work in Slavyanka for large federal networks. Prior to that, there were no necessary areas in the microdistrict. Stupnikov recalls that 180 thousand people live in the coverage area of ​​the leisure center. In his opinion, the audience of Green Park is not only residents of Slavyanka, but also of adjacent territories, such as Pushkin and Kolpino.

Lack of places for leisure

Andrei Kosarev, head of Colliers International in St. Petersburg, believes that since the new facility in Slavyanka has no competition, it may well become a center of attraction for residents of its microdistrict. According to the expert, the Pushkinsky district is the least provided with retail space in St. Petersburg (47 sq. M per thousand inhabitants). For comparison, in the Petrodvortsovy district, which is next, the provision is 97 sq. m per thousand inhabitants, and in Vasileostrovsky – 112 sq. m per thousand inhabitants.


Bastrykin put under control the case of the murder of a businessman in Tatarstan :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

The central office of the Investigative Committee will put under control the course and results of the investigation of the criminal case initiated into the murder of businessman Yevgeny Dedanin in the city of Bugulma in Tatarstan. Such an order was given by the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, reported on the website of the department.

“Alexander Bastrykin also instructed to ensure a thorough investigation of all the circumstances of the incident, promptly carry out the necessary investigative actions and appoint a set of required expert studies,” the message says.

Dedanin was shot dead on September 1 at the wholesale base. He was injured and later died in hospital. Investigators seized a gas pistol at the scene of the crime, which had been converted to fire live ammunition. On suspicion of murder detained A 54-year-old citizen of a foreign state who lived in Samara.

Investigative Committee showed a video from the murder of a businessman from Tatarstan

In 2018, Dedanin fought off the robbers. Three masked men broke into his house and tied a businessman, his wife and an acquaintance. Dedanin was able to free himself, after which he stabbed the attackers several times. With regard to Dedadin, there was excited criminal case, but the prosecutor’s office decision of the UK canceledbecause the businessman acted in conditions of necessary self-defense.


Foreigners canceling a visit to Russia will be reissued for free visa :: Society :: RBC

Foreign citizens who in March this year issued a visa to visit Russia, but canceled the visit due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to reissue it for free. This was stated in an interview to Kommersant by the Deputy Foreign Minister, State Secretary Yevgeny Ivanov.

According to him, Russian laws do not allow to extend a visa if it is issued. but not used because the visa is a document with a limited validity period. But ignoring the issue of canceling visits and expiring visas would be wrong.

“The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it possible to offer foreign citizens who have canceled their trips to Russia, despite previously issued single or double entry visas, the validity of which began in mid-March, to apply for new visas of the same multiplicity for free,” Ivanov said.

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visas

The deputy minister noted that it would be possible to draw up documents for entry into Russia free of charge within six months from the date of lifting restrictions on entry in the country. To do this, foreigners will need to provide documents confirming their right to obtain a visa for a new term.


Lukashenko named Russia’s only ally :: Politics :: RBC

Moscow does not want to lose Minsk either economically or politically, as this will cause a “severe blow” to Russia’s domestic policy. This was announced at a meeting with representatives of the Minsk region by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, fragments of his speech were shown by the Belarus 1 television channel.

“The only ally that remained with Russia is Belarus,” he said.

“I often [президенту России Владимиру] I’m saying this to Putin: I understand you, you cannot lose Belarus. I understand that you cannot fight to save Belarus, either, ”the Belarusian leader continued, adding that Russia was being“ pushed out of very marginal markets ”: the European Union and Ukraine.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus is the second largest consumer of Russian gas after Germany, and also buys a huge amount of Russian oil.

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