Degree, Ricky Hollywood, Blutch … the playlist of Libé’s music book

Each weekend, Tsugi’s webradio accompanies the music book “Liberation” in one discovery and five new releases.


Degree, it’s hot

First in class, it’s always very annoying. Because obviously it comes back to its own shortcomings. So we immediately pout when we learn that this young Nantesman, only 15 years old, was discovered in 2015 by KRCW, a radio station in Los Angeles who flashed on his first title Under The Same Flag to the point of looping it. He worsens his case three years later by being selected unheard of the Printemps de Bourges then winner, also in 2018, of the Prix Nouvelles Scènes Music Machines.

Not too much need ? Well no, because by listening to your first EP, you better understand the flood of rewards. Grégoire Dugast enters through the front door in the category of these high-flying artists of which we do not know if we must first greet a voice, quite breathtaking, or else the finesse of his tense compositions which deploys skillfully between electronic and folk.

Helped in production by 20Syl (C2C), his uncle who put his foot in the stirrup by giving him an old computer to start, the young man, still a design student, displays as references Leonard Cohen, David Bowie or … Woodkid. What to direct him towards a 100% English-speaking register? Not necessarily if you listen to the very successful Fire, on which Degree is experimenting for the first time with the use of French which leads him towards a universe at the same time murky and melancholic and above all even more personal. The direction to follow? We vote for. Patrice bardot

Memories (Ippon)

The news

Ricky Hollywood, The choice

Renowned drummer, notably at Juliette Armanet, Stéphane “Ricky” Bellity always strikes the right note in his solo choices. Like here, where the sweetness of her voice, all wanting, hugs a sparkling electronic pop composition. The right decision to make is to listen to them.

GetaRoom! feat. BECAUSE., The Other Day

The Parisian duo does not only realize famous edits and sumptuous DJ-sets. They also compose quite appreciable titles. Like this leaping new disco track where Chloé Raunet does wonders in a futuristic Grace Jones register. A hit. In a perfect world.

Agoria & Jacques, Visit

The best thing about the movie Lucky ? Certainly his sound box signed by the electronic producer. Like this minimal but irresistible title, dominated by Jacques’ quivering guitar while a playful bass gives rhythm. A funny sarabande.

Prins Thomas, Bringing Mum To Panorama Bar (Diskomiks)

Specialist in a crooked disco house, the Norwegian Prins Thomas prided himself on producing a series of higher titles intended for clubs. Successful bet with a Bringing Mum To Panorama Bar both percussive, discoid and hypnotic.

Blutch, The City of Stars

Between James Holden and Rone, this Frenchman who has nothing to do with the famous designer signs five dreamy and catchy titles. The City of Stars, melodic and nostalgic, surprises with its superimposition of layers like a mille-feuilles.